026 The One That’s All About the CWT

The One That’s All About the CWT and Why There’s No Reason Not To Become A Certified Water Technologist (CWT) With Angela Pike.

Episode 26: Show Notes.

Currently on the show we are doing a multi-episode series on getting your Certified Water Technologist (CWT) designation. The CWT is the highest professional designation in the water treatment industry and is administered by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT). A CWT exam is a rigorous, 200-question, four-hour exam that water technologists can take after five years of experience in the industry. It may sound daunting, but having a CWT is a sure way to bump up your career and demonstrate your knowledge, ethics and commitment to the industry. Continue Reading

025 The One On Insurance

The One On Insurance and Liability in the Water Treatment Industry and Why We Need It, with Mike Highum.

Episode 25: Show Notes.

Our guest today is Mike Highum, Vice President of McGowan Insurance Group. McGowan is a trusted provider of insurance and risk management products and services across the United States. McGowan Insurance Group just received the AWT Supplier of the Year for 2016.  Specialty protection includes Primary and Excess Liability, Pollution Liability, Professional/E&O, Executive Liability, Workers Compensation, Property and Fleet coverages. Complete risk analysis, loss prevention and claims management, as well as consulting services, are also provided. McGowan incorporates a collaborative approach that emphasizes client educational, along with delivering meaningful resources to equip clients with the necessary tools to manage risk. Continue Reading