043 The One with the WaterCycle Guy

043 The One with the WaterCycle Guy

Episode 43: Show Notes  

Did you know we all have something in common?  Well, I’m willing to bet that we have many things in common but the one I want to focus in on is we all start something new as someone new to starting that something. I know that is not very profound, but it’s true. In my career I have been concerned about how someone would view my presentation or recommendation because I was: too new, too young, too…  Continue Reading

042 The One That Helps Us Understand Our Test Kits

The One That Helps Us Understand Our Test Kits 

Episode 42: Show Notes  

The topic that surrounds most of the question I receive are about tests kits and testing in general.  Ever since I shared with the Scaling UP! Nation what was in my personal test kit, these types of questions keep coming.   So, I thought rather than me answer these questions, I will ask a guest to answer them for us.   Continue Reading