046 The One About Phosphate Testing

046 The One About Phosphate Testing

Episode 46: Show Notes

If you have ever listened to my show, you know I am totally dependent on your suggestions on what I should be talking about. Today’s show is straight from the “Scaling UP! Mailbag!”  You ask for it, so here it is… Phosphate…  (Tap…Tap) Is this thing on? Continue Reading

044 The One With The Chick Fil A Guy

044 The One with The Chick Fil A Guy 

Episode 44: Show Notes   

If you’ve listened to the show for any length of time, you know I love business!  Due my love of business, I study businesses in how they conduct regular transactions and issues. This can sometimes get on my wife’s nerves since I’m always turning every customer service experience into a learning opportunity, just ask her…  In my observations, I have noticed that successful businesses seem to rally around a core set of values that you can see throughout their entire company. I’ve also noticed the opposite is true when companies lack a set of values that are followed by all. Just think back to when you had an issue with something at a place of business, it’s impossible not to see how core values are applied if you look for it. Observing this is one of my favorite things to do.  Continue Reading