074 The One Where Every Drop Counts

074 The One Where Every Drop Counts

Episode 74: Show Notes

Water, Water everywhere…  Well, is it really?  As a Water Treatment Professional, we have a professional responsibility to look after this valuable resource.  It’s not just a responsibility, it is in the DNA of our job.  Water Treatment is the original “Green” profession.  We were Green before anybody ever thought about being Green, even Kermit. Continue Reading

073 The One at the ASHRAE EXPO

073 The One at the ASHRAE EXPO

Episode 73: Show Notes

AHSRAE and AHR combine their efforts to put on one tremendous trade show.  Many of us in the Scaling UP! Nation!  are not able to attend conferences such of this.  So, me being the nice guy that I am, take you onto the tradeshow floor via Scaling UP! H2O.  Continue Reading