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048 Industrial Water Week is Coming

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Where there is water, there is life. Where there is life, there is water. In this vast universe there’s a galaxy called the “Milky Way”. Tucked away into an arm of a spiral galaxy. In a solar system called “Soul”. In the third orbit from the sun, within the goldilock zone where water exists in all three phases (Solid, Liquid and Gas). Lies a resource rich blue and green planet called earth.

The green exists because of the blue, life exists because of the blue. Of its 333 million cubic miles of water only two and a half million cubic miles is fresh water is residing in rivers and lakes. For most life on earth obtains its water.

There are many uses for this water. Ranging from drinking, cooking, in bathing, to agriculture, power generation, and industry. Approximately 19% of all global fresh water withdrawal is due to industrial usage. 19% for cooling, heating, cleaning, and process uses. 19% that must be managed wisely to prevent waste and other undesirable problems. 19% that falls under the ever watchful gaze of the Industrial Water Professional. Unflinchingly analyzing, diagnosing, planning, conserving, recycling and treating.

The Industrial Water Professional protects water system from corrosion, scale, unwanted microbiological activity in waste. The Industrial Water Professional, saving water drop by drop.

Celebrate INDUSTRIAL WATER WEEK during October 1-5, 2018. A grassroots opens first holiday for a noble profession of Industrial Water Treatment.

Well, Nation we are going to be celebrating Industrial Water Week Scaling UP! H₂O style. And what that means to you, the Scaling UP! Nation is each and everyday of Industrial Water Week. We are going to have a brand new show for you. And there’s going to be theme shows. There is going to be a show on Monday for Pretreatment then on Boilers, then on Cooling, then on Wastewater and then finally on Careers wrapping up Industrial Water Week for Friday.

I hope you join me as we celebrate Industrial Water Treatment Week together.