035 The One with RO Expert, Wes Byrne

How To Troubleshoot With Reverse Osmosis and Why It Is A Miracle Process With Wes Byrne.

Episode 35: Show Notes.

Today on the show, we welcome one of the leading experts on the topics of reverse osmosis – Wes Byrne. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a relatively new technology whose applications are rapidly growing. Wes Byrne is the perfect guest to tackle RO as he has literally written the book on reverse osmosis titled: Reverse Osmosis: A Practical Guide For Industrial Users. Wes’s book is a go-to guide in the industry and is hugely valuable to design and process engineers working for RO equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and those who are responsible for the operation of an RO system. Wes has been working with RO for forty years in the fields of design, engineering, field support, monitoring, piloting, troubleshooting and new product development. His forte, however, is fixing troublesome RO units. In this episode, Wes explains what RO is, what we should be looking for in order to troubleshoot and why RO is a miracle process for today and the future. [0:03:05.0] Continue Reading

033 The one with the Chris Golden, CWT

Episode 33: Show Notes.

Our guest today is Taylor Technologies’ Chris Golden, CWT.  Chris is a great resource to the water treatment community as a water testing expert.  He also provides a great perspective to our industry because he was a water treater himself.

In this episode, we will hear about several articles Chris wrote that deal with the opposite of treating equipment.  He addresses what will happen if you don’t treat equipment.  Chris has found that this approach sometimes creates a better understanding when explaining how vital our services are.  He also tells us about his career as a water treater and throws in a few tips on testing. Continue Reading

032.5 The One About AWT Technical Training

032.5 The One About the AWT Technical Training

 Episode 32.5: Show Notes.

Having been a trainer for The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) for several years, I have picked up a few tips to help individuals going to a Technical Training Seminar.  This episode is a special episode of Scaling UP! where I share these tips.  Specific AWT Technical Training information can be found below. Continue Reading

032 The One with Dick Hourigan

032 The One with Dick Hourigan,  What I’ve Learned From 45 Years In The Water Treatment Industry.

Episode 32: Show Notes.

Today on the show we welcome Dick Hourigan. Dick is a Retired US Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and an Analytical Chemist who has been in the water treatment industry since 1973. After being retrenched from his job in 1992, Dick founded Richard Hourigan Inc., as an Illinois water treatment company serving Illinois and southern Wisconsin customers. In 2007, Dick also launched his own website, www.RichardHouriganInc.com and in 2009 opened www.TheWaterTreatmentStore.com to sell his water treatment products on the global market. In 2010 Dick also opened www.MissedPerceptions.com, which is a blog that serves to facilitate communication with global customers. 2018 will mark the 45th year of Dick being in the water treatment industry. He has had a lot of unique experiences and today shares the trials and the triumphs of being a water treater for the most part of his life. There is so much value in hearing the experience of others in this industry and in this episode, Dick walks us through his first jobs, the process of starting his own company and encourages us to never give up and to do whatever you do, well. Take a listen! [0:02:00.0] Continue Reading

030 The One with the 2018 AWT President

The One with the 2018 Association of Water Technologies President, Marc Vermeulen

Episode 30: Show Notes.

 On today’s show we talk to the 2018 president of the Association of Water Technologies, Marc Vermeulen.  Marc tells us about his life from becoming a water treater to becoming the AWT president.  We will also learn about specific items that you can take advantage of that the AWT is offering this year. Continue Reading

029 The One with the Submarine Captain

Turning Followers Into Leaders Through The Power Of Intent With David Marquet.

Episode 29: Show Notes.

Our guest today is Cpt. David Marquet of The United States Navy. David (now retired), was the Commander of the nuclear submarine Santa Fe – probably the most amazing job in the world! (in my opinion)  In addition to commanding nuclear powered submarines, David is also the author of Turn The Ship Around, which was written in 2013 and tells the remarkable true story of how David was able to turn the lowest performing submarine into the highest performing evaluation in the history of The Navy. David was able to do this by transforming his team with what he calls a “leader-leader” mentality, rather than the pervasive “leader-follower” mentality, which is typically how The Navy had always gotten things done! Continue Reading

027 The Other One That’s All About the CWT

What To Expect From Your CWT Designation and Why You Should Get It With Andy Morcomb and Andy Williams.

Episode 27: Show Notes.

 Today on the show, we welcome recently Certified Water Technologists, Andy Morcomb of Jaytech and Andy Williams of South Eastern Laboratories. We are continuing our series on how to become a Certified Water Technologist (CWT.)  We invited the Andys on the show to hear about their experience with the CWT process, from start to finish. As you know from our previous episode (Episode 26) there are two different ways to take your CWT examination – digitally or on good old-fashioned paper. Continue Reading