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scaling up nation there’s a new standard
out there that you may or may not have
heard of called
a sse 12080 if you haven’t heard of it
asse 12080 is a new professional
qualification standard
for people providing water management
plans or legionella related services
now that you’ve heard about it what are
you going to
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there are other training courses out
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during my prime business hours using hc
info’s easy to use platform i can take
classes on
my schedule which for me is at night
some nights i take several classes some
i don’t take any classes the point is
i can fit it in when i’m able to the
content is straightforward
and teaches you what you need to know to
become a certified professional
don’t wait until your customers ask you
if you are certified get it done
now trust me once your customers find
out about the standard they are going to
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you can take an additional seven percent
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scaling up five already an hc
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easiest most schedule friendly and
economical way
to get your asse 12080 training today
by going to scaling up h2o.com
forward slash hc info that’s scaling up
h2o.com forward slash h-c-i-n-f-o
welcome to scaling up h2o the podcast
where we scale up on knowledge so we
don’t scale up our systems
i’m trace blackmore i get to host this
awesome podcast and we’re going to talk
about a lot of awesome
things in today’s show one of the
awesome things i want to mention
is how awesome the hang was yesterday
of course 2020 in all of its uniqueness
we have not been able to network and
new people in our industry as easily as
have in past years well the folks at awt
and i got together and we decided
that we were going to try to make that
as easy as possible for you
with creating these hangs so we did our
first ones
at the convention those were extremely
so successful many many many people
reached out to me and said please
keep these going i really felt connected
with the community i got to see people i
normally see throughout the year
and i haven’t had an opportunity to see
them well awt the association of water
technologies said the same exact
thing so my staff here at scaling up h2o
and the staff at awt decided we are
going to make this a regular
thing so our first one was yesterday
it went very well i say the first one it
was the first one
after the convention and folks it was so
good seeing you
the questions were good you meeting
people were good
the things that people are working on
that was awesome as well
so again just awesome stuff going on
in the podcast today thank you for all
of the people that attended yesterday
hopefully you’ll come back if you want
to register for the next one
it will be in january so you can go to
forward slash hang and we’ll have
information there you can register
once you register you’ll get an email
where you can click
on loading it directly into your
calendar that has all the login
so we’ll have more information as we get
closer to january so stay tuned for that
and folks if you missed the convention
if you missed yesterday
that’s okay we’re going to do it again
so register by going to scaling up
forward slash hang and you
can get on that very next one you know
all sorts of new things is what we’re
trying to do
coming up next year the hang is an
example of one of the things we’ve done
in 2020
and folks let’s face it we’ve done a lot
of new things because we’ve been forced
in 2020 but they weren’t all bad i mean
they made us think differently
we’re going to carry a lot of that stuff
the next year but we’re also thinking
what is some
brand new stuff that we can do that
helps enhance
your experience with this show with
this industry that we all love to be
in and friend of show no stranger to
scaling up h2o you’ve heard it many
our friend james mcdonald has an
idea and i would love you to listen
as he shares it with us i’m here with
james mcdonald and james i want to
welcome you to
scaling up h2o and ask how you’re doing
hi there trace i’m doing just fine and
thank you for having me on again
absolutely you’ve been a you’ve been a
great supporter of the show and
i have to tell you i am really motivated
your project that you’ve had this past
called reading with james i’m hoping you
can tell us a little bit about that and
what successes have come from that
yeah as we started off 2020 or right
before i was trying to think what
what did i want to do personally to
improve myself as an industrial water
treatment professional
for 2020 and um i would say well i need
to read more
so i was like well what what are my
goals i’ll read an article a week
and then i was thinking well if i’m
going to do this myself why don’t i
share this with my colleagues on
on linkedin and see if maybe we can go
on this journey together so i started
posting my memes each week
and the side benefit as well for me for
doing that is it made me accountable
so that would certainly read an article
a week which was my original goal
so i would hunt through the internet
each week find the article
i thought was was worthy and share it
out with a meme
and you know i’ve gotten a lot of
conversation based around
those articles i’ve shared they’ve
they’ve gotten a lot of viewership on
them and i think
i think it’s been a hit it’s been a fun
project well your original goal
was to learn more during these last 52
do you think you have yes absolutely not
just from the articles but also from the
comments from
my colleagues out there on linkedin who
posted about the articles as well
so it’s it’s it’s a win-win well with
that being such a success
i can’t wait to see what you have in
store next year
well next year i was thinking what can i
do that’s different from
my reading with james but but would
still allow us to grow together and go
on this journey together and i thought
about posting a challenge
each week a challenge may be large maybe
small but something that each of our
industrial water treatment
professionals within our audiences can
maybe do
or even at least think about that will
make them
a better water treatment professional at
the end
of 2021 so i’ve called this james’s
and so each week on scaling up and also
posted on linkedin as well you will see
james’s challenge and so the first one
starts i believe on january 1st i
believe that that’s a friday
and we’ll we will have 52 of those all
throughout the year
and hopefully by the end of the year
we’ll each be able to look back
at where we were at the beginning of the
year realize that we we have grown in
some way or another and are truly a
industrial water treatment professional
and the
topics range from anywhere from our our
water testing
to account management and communication
to our technical knowledge
so um hopefully most of them will apply
to you but even if they don’t apply to
you directly
i challenge you to put some thought into
the topic as well
so um that’s my plan trace james i’m
super excited to add this segment
to our show i know we’re gonna get
as a water treater because we’re doing
new something different every single
week so that’s 52 chances to become
and i can just think that when people
are doing that
sometimes this feels like a lonely job
we’re just in our windshield
driving from account to account and
we’re in the mechanical room
well as we’re doing these challenges we
need to remember we’re
doing them along with somebody else we
are in
a community absolutely and it’s not just
a community
in your state or in the country thanks
to you trace
it is a global community well i think
that is thanks to
all of us but uh i am sure glad to be a
part of it
and i’m really excited about this so
be sure that you tune in on january 1st
to hear
our first james’s challenge and this is
going to be a regular staple
for 2021 so we’re going to get 52
items that are is going to push us to
better water treaters each and every
week fantastic
stand up nation that’s right james
mcdonald and i
have teamed up to deliver you james’s
challenge a weekly challenge guaranteed
to help you become
a better water treater one time a week
think about it that’s 52 opportunities
for you to do something
up and above what you are regularly
one of the problems we get in is we get
stuck in our day-to-day whirlwind
and we know we need to do new things we
know we have to get better at things
but if we stay stuck in the day-to-day
it’s hard to get above the day-to-day
so we can get better to help the
so how many times have you been given an
that addresses that very thing
and makes it so easy
for you to get 10 percent better
one week at a time that’s right if you
do the math it’s almost
10 if you look at the days that you have
in a year
and you doing these james’s challenges
are going to help you get better so i
urge you to complete the challenges
each and every week but don’t keep them
to yourself
share them with the scamming up nation
we’ll have hashtags out there
please use social media so we can
continue to stay connected we can
continue to motivate each other
and we can see that we are all
raising the bar together now speaking of
raising the bar there are so many
things that you have to pay for in
our lives and there’s so many things
that we have to buy
that help run our lives better
and if we had better information when we
bought these items like lights
vehicles all these different devices
that help
us do our day-to-day life
we could potentially save a tremendous
amount of money
when it comes to the operating cost of
all of these things we just need more
so we can make better choices and that
is exactly
what our guest is here to do to help us
with today my lab partner today is
ron cayman ron how are you today
outstanding trace how are you sir
doing very well very much looking
forward to this interview
i’ve done a lot of things or some things
i would say that
i want to talk to you about and you are
the expert but before we get
into that i would love for you to tell
the scaling up nation
a bit about yourself sure well i’m a
clean energy guy i’ve been in clean
energy ever since getting out of college
believe firmly that we
are making a transition to clean energy
for a number of reasons
both environmental and climate and
breathability and livability
but even more so because energy is a big
and when you can figure out a way
of saving energy and going clean
you save green in two ways it’s the
environmental savings but it’s also in
the dollars and the pocketbook savings
the only way to be truly sustainable is
when that energy savings that energy
impact becomes
affordable and saves us money so i’ve
done that all my career for past 30
years i’ve worked in clean energy
helping people figure out ways to
save money and reduce their carbon
impact and leave a legacy
and it’s been really fun it’s uh i’ve
worked in the water sector with water
treatment plants on the public side
but also on the private side with
businesses and non-profits and all sorts
of institutions large and small
people who pay too much for electricity
heating and cooling or transportation
want to save money and have a positive
well i think you’re going to fit in
perfectly here
and in addition to all of that you also
have your own podcast can you tell us
about that
sure so when covet hit as mo
my clients uh kind of went into hiding
for a while to figure out how to survive
on the commercial side i had for a long
time wanted to reach out
one to many and uh colleague coach
actually suggested that i set up a
podcast to reach out to the masses
and so awesome earthkind is that podcast
and it’s about the
awesome forces of nature the four
elements that are us the air
water earth and sun so awes
forces that or us owes us and then the
last letters of awesome
is m e and you and me and seven
billion of us on this planet all women
and mankind
all earth kind and the fact is we’re a
fifth element now we
are a force of nature some would argue
that we became a force of nature when we
dropped that first nuclear bomb on
august 6 1945
with atomic energy but the reality is
now there’s so many people on this
planet we’re all consuming
so much and having so much of an
environmental impact on the air
water and on this planet in general so
we are a force of nature
so now we’ve joined the other four
forces of nature and
we can either have a negative impact
which you can see around us in various
different ways
or we can take this next step to
move to clean energy which is 90 of the
greenhouse gases we emit
by moving to clean energy we can not
only have a positive environmental
but we can save money and we can create
a much more prosperous
and fairer economy which is something
that is
near and dear to my heart so the podcast
awesome earthkind podcast
helps people understand the opportunity
know about the technology
see how we not only have a thousand
times more energy
surrounding us from the forces of nature
but how our technology now can
capture is capturing those forces of
nature and
turning that into applied electricity
heating and cooling and transportation
and how doing that saves us money and
creates jobs
so that’s what the podcast is all about
we interview some leading
people in the field we interview
homeowners who are doing it in their
and then all sorts of businesses and
non-profits and everyone along the
of clean energy some people who are just
taking their first step with things like
led lighting others who are much more
involved like you trace i understand
with doing solar
and doing electric vehicles and doing
clean heating and cooling as well
that’s an awesome setup and and i got to
tell you having the
acronym built in and awesome that itself
is awesome so
i i think that’s very impressive
uh you know i was surprised that no one
had come up with it before it’s just
one of those silly things i guess kind
of like peanut butter and chocolate or
something i
i don’t know but uh but yeah when you
take a look at the forces of nature
you know the air water earth and sun are
just astonishing and
that power is unbelievable we’re always
i mean every tornado every hurricane
every drought every flood every
all the burning that’s going on now the
wildfires i mean we
are just blown away by these powers that
so incredible um so yeah it’s you know
it’s awesome forces that are out there
and we are awesome ourselves you know
human beings are incredible we can do
so much in a very positive way we can do
so much in a negative way but my piece
is to help other people understand that
you all of us we are all forces of
nature and we can have a dramatic impact
my goal and my hope is to help inspire
folks to take their next step
and to do be really awesome well you
in the top of the show that we’ve got
two camps i
say this on other shows and those camps
we have people that want to reduce the
resources that they use
and make sure that whatever burden
they’re putting on the planet
is as small as possible and then we have
other people that when they think about
this stuff
they just think about saving money and i
think either camp is fine
but with that what are some things we
should be thinking about when it comes
to green energy yeah so um i agree with
it’s this folks go clean save green has
that double entendre
save green in the environment save green
in dollars
and one of my guests actually was a
conservative who
has been a conservative all his life and
found that going down this route was a
tremendous opportunity for him
for his business and for his pocketbook
and steve malink actually has a
has a book out that’s written
specifically for conservatives about how
to take this next step
fusion capitalism just came out next
this last month and it’s an
awesome book for those are on the
conservative side but i’ll tell you you
it’s it’s everyone is uh somewhere on
this clean energy
spectrum and one of the things i i
always advocate for is look don’t go
throwing stones about how you’re better
or worse than somebody else that is
somewhere along the spectrum
we’re all on the spectrum all of us that
you can’t live in this society and be
perfect with clean energy because we’re
all living in this
in this civilization and until our
civilization makes the shift
we’re all just somewhere less than
perfect so
don’t go throwing stones find out for
yourself where you are
and take that next step and by taking
that next step
save yourself money have a positive
and yeah i mean if you care about the
future and you think that this stuff is
gonna have a positive impact for your
kids and grandkids
leave a legacy for them so some of the
things that we can do
for instance um lighting led lighting
everybody knows about lighting to some
extent we all have lights it’s what
keeps us going and you know
clearly we enjoy lighting inside our
buildings and outside as well
when you have a standard incandescent
light bulb 90
of the energy that’s in that light bulb
is producing heat
that’s why when you touch a standard
incandescent light bulb you burn your
hands because 90 percent of the energy
is wasted is heat
when you have more efficient lighting
light emitting diodes
or leds now most of that energy
is producing light so less heat
same amount of light better quality
light really
and what you have is an improved
performance reduced cost
more efficiency and a step in the
direction and not only do you
wind up with all of that but yeah you
pay a little bit extra for that led
light bulb
up front compared to an incandescent but
instead of
lasting as long as an incandescent last
an led lasts 10 to 20 times longer so
when you take a look at how much money
you’re going to spend on
purchasing light bulbs you wind up
saving money over the long term
you have less energy costs so that has a
in months usually and then in addition
you have less hassle of having to change
out those light bulbs all the time
so that’s one simple easy example that
we use and you can go into the next
of for instance on a place that’s close
to water quality which is air quality
and filters and air filters and most
people don’t even realize that they have
air filters in their homes and in their
in their air conditioning systems and
those filters are very important from a
number of ways
one they take out various different
nasty substances which
are very important especially in these
days of covert and other
airborne pathogens so those filters are
important to keeping that
health there but when those filters
aren’t changed regularly they build up
that buildup creates the opportunity for
a lot of
nasty things to live on those filters
and then get spewed into the air
and it also starts backing up our
cooling and heating systems
and by backing it up that creates more
pressure that pressure means your system
has to work
harder when it works harder it uses more
and cost you more and in an hvac system
what happens is
on the cooling side is that pressure
then will also have an impact on the
and can cause your system to break down
so you have increased energy costs
you have the potential failure now of
pushing your system to
fail and then you have pathogens that
are coming out in the environment
so all those reasons are efficiency
measures that are health measures
they’re ways of saving you money up
front and that’s another
efficiency measure to take a look at
looking at your hvac
system and i know you’ve done a lot of
work trace right with hvac and the fact
that when your water system is scaling
and getting
impurities as everyone does in the water
if you don’t clean that water
your system is working harder and then
costing you much more and having
potential breakdowns
i believe that’s true in your system
right in your world absolutely i always
insulation is great in your attic but
you don’t want it in your pipes where
we’re doing the heat transfer
and that’s what all that dirt and debris
tends to become
yeah so it breaks down the heat transfer
and i i understand that you look at
yourself as a heat transfer efficiency
manager right hey you’ve been listening
to the show
so that that heat transfer is key right
and making
the the heat go where you want it to go
and not
stop and be stuck by impurities and
build up
and all that bad water stuff you know
that’s a key component of things so
so on the on the efficiency side that’s
two real simple a couple of easy
examples of where you can save money
and do yourself well and help reduce
some of your hassles over the long term
you mentioned led light bulbs and we
moved into our
current building about eight years ago
and i put fluorescence in
and fluorescence eventually that
phosphorus coating they put on the tubes
breaks down
and as those lights started dying i
started replacing those
with leds and i could not be more
amazed at the better quality light
those things put out so i can’t wait for
the rest of them to burn out now
yeah and you know there is an argument
to be made on a cost-benefit analysis
that if you change them out
before they burned out you might
actually save some money and and be able
to have a long-term benefit even sooner
i mean clearly it’s great when it burns
out to replace them with leds but
there’s there’s a whole business out
there billions of dollars worth of clean
investments just in lighting because the
cost benefit of doing it sooner than
makes so much sense so actually we’ve
worked i’ve worked with a lot of
organizations that took a look at that
and there’s even third party financing
so if you’re a commercial institution
and you haven’t changed out your light
and you want to take a look at the
energy savings
there’s the opportunities to do that
either have a great return on your
investment because you’re looking at
returns of
probably 20 or better on your investment
but if for whatever reason you don’t
have the capital
or you’re a non-profit let’s say you
can’t take advantage of some of the tax
there’s third parties that’ll come in
and do a performance contract they’ll
put it in
won’t cost you a dime and what happens
is they get paid back out of the energy
savings so it’s a
win-win-win situation for you
no capital outlay save some money the
company that puts up that gets repaid
out of your savings so you’re saving
money but you’re paying
some of that savings to the company that
put it in and meanwhile you gain the
benefits of having reduced cost
and over time the your company will be
paid off
and you’ll have 100 of the savings and
improve quality of light improve
performance reduce the energy cost
positive environmental impact less
hassle and less maintenance
boy who could ask for more there you go
well obviously if you’re working with
one of those companies they’re going to
figure out roi
for you because that’s how they’re
getting paid but for somebody that
doesn’t use one of those companies and
they’re trying to figure out roi
what are some of the things you
mentioned a couple already but what are
some of the key things
they should be looking for and then with
you working with your clients
what’s that point in time that people
say wow that’s a quick
roi payoff or that’s just too long i
don’t think it makes sense to do it
yeah so um so everybody has the
different hurdle rates about their
investment you know
and most business people would say that
if they had a 10
return on their investment that’s pretty
good um when you get up into the 15 and
20 and 25
returns which is what you usually look
at with lighting
boy it becomes really almost a
no-brainer right
so part of it is in terms of what you’re
looking at
you’re looking at how much energy do
your particular lights use so how many
are they rated at how many hours are
on and if you’re on a long the longer
your lights are on
the more and faster your payback so the
more it’s costing you and the faster
your payback is when you change them out
and then the third factor is the cost of
electricity and how much you’re paying
for your particular
kilowatt hours in your particular
and in addition to the kilowatt hours
there’s also kilowatt demand and i don’t
know if your audience is familiar with
that kilowatt demand on commercial
absolutely they are okay great so
kilowatt demand is how much energy you
use usually in any 15 minute period
during a month
some utility habits so any 15 minute
peak during the year is what you charge
but you want to keep that peak down and
by taking out the
lighting piece and reducing that
lighting load
you’re reducing that peak demand as well
as your energy usage over time so those
are the two the two
cost factors you’re looking at your kw
demand reduction
from reducing that wattage down with led
and the kilowatt hours of time usage
and then multiplying that times your
rate your utility rates
will give you what your cost is and then
what your savings opportunity is
and then the question becomes on your
labor side how are you paying to have
these replacements some people have a
contract with a lighting company
or a maintenance company who comes in
and changes it out and that costs them
so much per
fixture or so much per hour if you’re
doing it
internally that’s a cost of your own
labor to then change out those lights
and when you take a look at these leds
you’re looking at long lasting lights
that have tens of thousands or hundreds
of thousands of hours worth of usage out
of them depending upon the brand that
you’re using
so we actually did a uh a show an
earthkind podcast show with a guy who
just re-lit
the oculus which is the world trade
center right across from the freedom
tower in new york city so it’s a
multi-billion dollar facility
and actually they just had for veterans
day they just had
those led lights turned red white and
blue and they
they honored veterans with this red
white and blue lighting
and they were able to do that
specifically because they had these new
led light controls so you gain some
additional control benefits
not only with quality but also with
being able to change colors to do
various different things if you want or
in the seasons
and yesterday in the oculus they turned
on this multi-million dollar project
which was just beautiful and incredible
to honor veterans
so there’s a lot of different things you
can do with this and on the show on
on the show with bernie erickson of fsg
which is a national company that does
led lightings all across the country
they talk about some of the quality
things to look for
and how to choose the right led you want
to choose one and if you’re doing that
in your home you want to choose a long
lasting bulb
not one that’s uh you know that’s rated
for a few thousand hours what you want
to do is go for the longer lasting one
you probably want to choose one of the
major manufacturers who are now in the
field that have
a very high quality standards and good
warranties in back of those so there’s a
number of factors that you would look at
with lighting
and again one of our shows is on
specifically on led lighting so if you
want to know more
listen to awesome earthkind then fsg and
bernie erickson on led
lighting there you go and we’ll make
sure to put a link to that directly from
our show notes page
you know you were talking about
monitoring kilowatt hours and that’s
pretty much how we
sell our water treatment wares as we say
mr customer this is what you’re spending
now because we don’t have the right
to keep things efficiently flowing when
it comes to heat transfer management
if we do these things we can actually
make our program save
uh you money over time and and perhaps
even pay for itself so i think we
are spot on with how we’re looking
at either how we sell or how we upgrade
so we can get some of these better
lightings better equipment
overall less cost to run these equipment
and less impactful on the planet
exactly you know it reminds me of a
story that i told a couple
of i don’t even know when i told it it
might have been a year or so ago i was
working with one of my clients
and the chiller mechanic we were of
course treating the water inside the
but the chiller mechanic came in and
they were going to
clean it and they were going to clean it
in such a way that
they put that chiller back online at
about 4 p.m
during the peak demand during the summer
and i pointed out if they did that they
were going to be at the top
tier charge of all the electricity
that they could consume during that day
and this was a pretty big
office building they were pretty darn
close to exceeding
what they were allowed before all of
their electricity was graduated to a
higher cost tier
nobody ever considered that but because
we had that conversation they were able
to redo their schedule
and they didn’t have that impact now i
actually learned that with working with
the client
years ago where that exact same thing
and they did go over how much they were
paying electricity because they didn’t
give a thought to
when those things were coming online
especially when you have this huge
demand coming on in the peak time
during the summer and they had to suffer
those costs for an
entire year until it reset
yeah that’s one of the challenges with
different utility structures
is boy they really nail you on those
peak charges and you know there’s a
reason behind that because if you recall
when we used to have a lot of blackouts
the reason for those blackouts is when
everybody needs the power and we call
for the power
which is usually in this country during
the summer during the peak peak times of
the summer the
hottest times of the summer when all our
air conditionings are going but people
are still in the office so the lights
are all on
and we’ve got all this equipment going
during those peak times
if they can’t deliver the power that’s
when you have the blackouts
so those peak demand charges came about
to avoid that so that people would pay
attention to when their peaks were and
not bringing
all the equipment on all at the same
time so i kind of understand it but boy
you can
really suffer in some utilities it’s a
monthly thing so you get knocked into
those rates and that’s your
peak for any 15 minute that whatever
that 15-minute peak was that’s what
you’re paying for the month
but in other utilities like the one you
just said it’s for the year
and boy yeah that is a really costly
decision that people don’t even realize
that they’re making so
keeping an eye on those peaks is really
important doing things with your hvac
system and staging them and having that
run efficiently is really important and
then again lighting is also really
important because
with your lighting system if you’re
reducing from let’s say 100 watts down
to 20 watts
you’ve just knocked your peak down by
dramatically in your lighting system and
lighting is somewhere depending on the
office somewhere between
20 and 80 percent of your electricity
cost is for lighting depending upon your
setup and how much other equipment you
have etc so
can be a substantial impact not to
mention it’s taking that heat demand off
of the systems that many
of our listeners are treating meaning
that they don’t have to upgrade to a new
they can they can get by on what they
have it is so cool when you understand
all the energy that goes into things
when you
look at the new technology you can
change the older technology out for
newer technology
and then make the budget that they don’t
have the money the funds to purchase
new equipment they do have the funds
like a chiller they do have the funds to
these light bulbs or they can work with
a company it’s just
really excites me when people in my
work in that manner as an advocate
because a lot of people just think we’re
delivering chemicals to
a location what good are we are the
chemicals doing their job
what are we doing if the chemicals are
doing their job and that just
shows what a value we can be when we’re
working properly with our customers
yeah no doubt about it your your work is
really critical and
having the ability to transfer
heat effectively and then also you know
led lights
as you said they reduce the amount of
heat load so that reduces the impact on
your air conditioning system which makes
everything much more
efficient and affordable well i have
dying to talk to you about this because
this year has been
my year of research on how we could
bring our operating costs down in the
building that we own
and then also figure out how we could be
impactful on the environment and i have
really been
researching solar this year and
i wanted to do it 10 years ago when we
moved into the building
and i thought oh wow i just wasted 10
years but oh my gosh the little bit of
research that i did 10 years ago versus
all the research that i did this year i
wouldn’t have wanted that technology
back then the technology is so
amazing smaller footprints more power
so all that being said i have put solar
on our office building and we don’t have
it connected yet
we are waiting for georgia power to come
out and say the system’s okay
but the great thing about georgia power
i just mentioned how they
keep track of how much energy you’re
using and they will charge you if you go
over peak demands
and in their case for an entire year
that rate
but something great they do is they
offer net metering
so at the end of the month they see how
much we produce versus how much
we actually use and whatever
stays within our grid they give us full
price for it and that made our roi
six years when you added in the tax
it was just a no-brainer to do yeah it’s
an amazing thing tracy and you’re
absolutely right
so you know on the one hand as they say
the best time to plant the tree was 10
or 20 years ago
the second best time is now and that’s
true with solar um so on the one hand
you know you could have done it and
there were benefits then for folks who
did do it
but now the benefits are even more
amazing in terms of return on investment
ability to get more out of the system to
have an even bigger
impact and between the tax credits which
you got into
this year which means that you’re at a
certain federal tax
level compared to next year when the
levels drop and the year after when it’s
going to drop even more
so anybody that’s thinking about solar
now is absolutely a critical time to do
the price has come down so dramatically
so just like
the smartphones that we have that 10
years ago were super computers costing
millions of dollars
and taking in a taking a whole room um
those little iphone smartphones that we
have now have come down at cost
the same is true with solar is that the
costs have come down so dramatically
and the benefits are there and with net
metering in your particular locality
not everybody has it but many do the
majority of states and majority of
utilities have a net metering program
it just makes things so incredibly
in terms of an roi is your saying of uh
what’s six years it’s uh 15 return on
your investment
not bad right exactly it didn’t take me
long to write those checks
and again you know the fascinating thing
with solar and with just about all these
technologies is that there are third
parties that’ll put up the capital so if
for some reason you can’t you don’t have
the capital
you don’t have the check you can’t write
the check or you can’t borrow the money
from one of your preferred lenders
or you don’t want to take advantage of
some of the leasing programs that are
out there
there’s third parties that’ll put it in
under what’s called a power
purchase agreement and under those power
purchase agreements they put in the
it costs you nothing they do it all out
of their pocket
they take all the tax benefits and all
the other benefits but then you just
start saving money from day one
and for certain people and a number of
non-profits or especially in that where
they develop a public
private partnership where somebody else
puts up the capital
takes the tax benefits they just then
get the savings so there’s a split of
the savings
part of what happens is that you’re now
paying only for performance
so just as you pay the utility for so
much energy that you’re using
do you pay the solar company for so much
energy that they’re delivering instead
and depending upon the utility and the
deal that you strike you can save
usually at least 10
many times 20 or more in your case
you’re going to save some money over six
you’ll pay back your investment and then
of the savings is yours so that’s always
the best is to own
the next best is to get a longer-term
and if you can put it into a mortgage
type of structure which keep those loan
down so on a as a homeowner the best
thing is to put it into your mortgage
and just have a long-term mortgage at
the lowest interest rate possible
if you can’t do that as a homeowner do a
home equity loan which
gives you some of the same benefits in
terms of lower cost and longer term
and reduce cash per month and that gives
cash flow positive from day one but
under any of those ownership once you’re
done paying off however you put up the
100 of the savings is yours so over the
long term
it’s always better to own but if you
can’t for whatever reason
next best is the lease third best is a
power purchase agreement
under any scenario you save money you
have a positive impact and you gain all
those additional
benefits that you’re speaking about
that’s great advice in fact we did that
thing that you’re advising on my home
residence we’ve been here for about 10
years and
we were paying 4.75
well folks the rates i think the rate we
have now is
2.55 i mean it was just dramatically
and we rolled in the cost of doing a
array here at our house and with all of
our payment is still lower and we are
actually able to get a 15-year loan
making that you know we’re paying less
over time
for a shorter time period again didn’t
have to think long
in order to do all that right and you
know what you want to do
is just be systematic about it as
clearly you are trace
and just do your analysis you know and
figure out well if i put up the capital
this happens if i borrow the money from
and put it into a mortgage this is how
it looks or a second mortgage this is
how it looks
if i borrow the money at a low interest
rate here’s how it looks some utilities
have low interest rates
some states have low interest rate
programs for you to do it that way
and then there’s leasing options and
then again that’s the last option which
still saves you money
there’s a power purchase agreement where
you pay for the energy as it’s delivered
to you
by the solar company who puts up the
capital so there’s lots of ways to do it
all of them save you money all of them
have pros and cons depending upon your
particular tax situation
and your cash situation but they’re all
worth looking at and doing
no matter where you are really anywhere
in the country now
when you take a look at this world um 90
of the new generation over 200 gigawatts
or 200 000
megawatts an incredible amount of power
of that is now going to be solar and
wind this year according to the
international energy agency
so across the world people are doing
this and they’re doing it
yeah they want to do the right thing but
they’re doing it because it’s now become
the least
cost option the solar and the last bids
some larger solar projects out in the
west um have been the lowest cost power
ever ever seen in terms of cost of cost
and power agreements
um under three cents a kilowatt hour on
on a large scale basis so this stuff is
it’s happening faster it’s happening
bigger it’s happening
better and there’s ways to save money
when you’re doing it whether it’s you
as an individual in your home or in your
office or in your non-profit whatever
building you have
if you’re paying electricity there’s a
way of doing this now that makes sense
i totally agree and as you mentioned i
looking at the numbers i’m a an excel an
roi a dashboard
kpi kind of guy and i installed both
at my home and are building this device
called the sense and you hook it up to
your electrical service and it finds
everything that is taking power from
your panel and it creates a little game
out of it i had no idea
that our little section of our building
when everybody was home and there
shouldn’t really have been
anything running all of these little
chargers and things that people
keep plugged in was costing me
over two kilowatts just for these little
so with that i mean that’s every single
imagine that savings yeah so those are
vampire vampire loads right because they
just keep sucking
energy even though you’re not using it
so that’s one of the efficiency measures
that we
highly recommend for people so if you’ve
anything plugged in whether it’s even a
power strip
or your iphone charger your smartphone
charger that you’re not currently using
or it’s your tv or it’s your stereo or
it’s a lot of devices even though you’re
not using it
when it’s plugged in there’s still a
little bit of power that’s going
and it’s sucking that energy out of your
system and
the department of energy has found that
in a home actually that can be the
majority of energy that you’re using is
these vampire loads
from the appliances that are just
sitting there plugged in and
not even doing anything at the time so
that’s a really good point and uh
i hadn’t heard about this sense meter
that’s great yeah i’ve actually got an
affiliate link for that
it’s uh scaling up h2o.com forward slash
sense i’m so enamored with this product
several people have told about have have
bought those and said they’ve had
similar experiences but it really does
make a game out of it in fact
it taught us that our it policies that
we thought we had
weren’t really happening so when people
are off their machines and then
especially after
work hours they’re supposed to go to
sleep well half of them
weren’t and that was causing us to use
more power when nobody was using
their workstations then we had to i
don’t remember how many kilowatts we
saved on that
but when you look at all these things
and you can see exactly
what’s pulling the energy demand and you
can say well do i need this can i make
adjustment to it and because of that i
have now started all those fluorescent
lights that i told you about in the very
because of i can see the load we’re now
the most used areas so we do have leds
in our most used areas and we can see
on this sense device exactly what the
impact was it’s really made it a game
how cool is that huh just amazing
additionally it will measure solar so as
soon as we get our solar online
it’s going to be another source for us
to see
the inverters that are creating the
power from the solar panels they have
their software
and then of course georgia power is
paying us on what they say that
we are selling them and what we’re using
well now we have this other device that
makes sure that those two pieces are
communicating together
metering and monitoring right so
wonderful thing
so i also want to talk about electric
vehicles and i think a great segue to
is i drive a tesla and my favorite tesla
says because there’s only so much rotten
dinosaur to go around
i haven’t seen that one that’s great
trace but i tell you the reason
i bought the tesla is i’m a car guy
and i love that motor sound
but a friend of mine is he’s had several
teslas throughout the year
i’ve always been interested in electric
cars in fact uh back in 2005
i bought a used prius and i bought a kit
online and i turned it into a completely
electric car
had something like a 90 horsepower
engine it was not impressive at all
but i took it to high schools uh georgia
tech has an earth day
i featured it in that in that earth day
fair that they’ve had
and i got a lot of people thinking about
what are some of the things that we can
whether you think it’s something we
should do from responsibility of being
inhabitants on this planet what i was
trying to do was say this stuff is
cool you know i was able to take this
and do this myself
and look how cool it looks and that’s
what i was trying to sell people to do
but with all that the reason i bought
model s tesla is because that guy will
0 to 60 in 2.3
seconds and i don’t know of very many
normal cars normal souped-up cars
that can even hold a candle to that it’s
amazing right so
the quote that i’ve heard is you get the
performance of a porsche
for the price of a buick well in this
case maybe it’s ford since i don’t know
is are there any more buicks any left
anymore i’m not even sure
i think they’re still in buicks but but
good question yeah
yeah so anyway the performance of a
porsche for the price of a low-end car
right so
that’s amazing it’s just incredible the
performance and the opportunity
and here’s here’s the thing is that
tesla absolutely
led this new wave with electric vehicles
they are
by far out there if it wasn’t for them i
think we would be way way far
behind where we are now but the
fascinating thing to me
is that it’s not just tesla anymore
every manufacturer of
automobiles now has an electric vehicle
and most states you can get incentives
in my state of new york there’s 50
different vehicles that are incentivized
by new york state
50 different models of electric vehicles
where you get cash incentives to buy
because that helps you understand that
is a tremendous opportunity and in terms
of the sound so
for instance most people who love cars
like that mustang
and this year coming out is the mustang
which is a crossover mustang it’s really
it’s all electric it gets amazing
performance and it
reduces everything that you’d want to
think about
and you will also have the opportunity
to have your own custom
sound so you can get that room sound
with your
mustang e which is kind of fun and
a couple things with electric vehicles
so first the costs have been coming down
as you’ve noted they’re coming down to
become much more competitive and with
incentives now you can get an electric
at the same or less price that you can
get a comparable gas vehicle so first
if you think that it’s going to cost you
a tremendous amount more
not always the case and if you look at
electric vehicles in the secondary
market used electric vehicles
you can often get a tremendous deal on
them from people who have turned in
their leases
so first the costs are coming down and
with the incentives in many parts of the
you can get an electric vehicle buy it
cheaper than you can
a gas vehicle and that’s going to happen
over the next couple of years without
incentives that’s going to happen
because the
main piece of an electric vehicle is
that battery and those battery costs are
coming down
it’s solid state technology just like
solar prices have come down
just like smartphone technologies have
come down the costs have come down and
computer costs have come down
we’re getting that same cost reduction
curve happening with electric vehicles
so on the capital cost
right now you can get it the same or
cheaper with incentives
than a couple years that’s going to be
the most cost effective option in terms
of a capital purchase
and again you have all these
opportunities now it’s not just tesla
every manufacturer of ford is investing
10 billion dollars volvo is going to 100
all electric within the next four years
every manufacturer has an electric
vehicles whether you’re at the high end
with the porsche and the bmws and the
mercedes or the mid-size or down on the
lower end the nissan leafs and the chevy
and assorted other opportunities there
the hyundais etc
so there’s a lot of opportunities out
there why are people going so first
here’s an interesting statistic people
are worried usually with an electric
vehicle about
charging the fascinating part to me is
of most people’s trips in this country
are less than 50 miles so if you think
about how far do you go on an average
98 of us 98 of the time
go less than 50 miles if you go even 100
round trip an electric vehicle is an
opportunity for you because
you can just go home plug it into your
garage in a regular 110 120 volt socket
and that gives you enough charge to go
out and do it again every day
so plug it into an electric socket a
regular electric socket is all you need
if you go a step up and you have a 220
volts which is what your electric dryer
or your electric stove uses if you put
in a 220 volt charger now you can go
twice as fast in terms of charging but
if you just charge out your home
that’s good for 98 of your trips yes you
got to be concerned if you go longer
than that there’s opportunities and
options there that we can talk about in
a moment but first
people don’t realize that especially if
you have two cars
easily one for all your local trips
could be an electric
and by doing that your cost of fuel
is in many cases half to two-thirds less
per mile because electricity is so much
cheaper than gasoline
so you save on fuel and then there’s all
the maintenance costs
you save on oil there’s no oil to change
there’s no transmission fluids to change
instead of 2 000 moving parts there’s
less than 20.
so instead of explosions happening under
your hood constantly thousands of times
a minute
what you have now is a solid state
fewer moving parts much less things to
go wrong
basically what you have is a vehicle
that you just change the tires
change the windshield wipers change the
windshield wiper fluids
and that’s pretty much all your
maintenance on your electric vehicles
everyone when they take a look at this
total cost of ownership
finds that you look at the cost even if
you do pay extra for an electric vehicle
between the fuel savings and the
maintenance savings your total cost of
ownership is dramatically less
and that’s why we see so many
municipalities and other government
entities starting to move in this
direction because they’ve looked at
their total cost of ownership
and then there’s all the labor costs
that go into that too and maintaining
these vehicles so
tremendous opportunities with electric
vehicles and i’m going to tell you one
more which i found
fascinating in just a moment so first
any any comments or
or feedback on that piece trace well i
will say being a tesla owner and i
hands down i bought it because it is
just a cool car i feel like i’m in a
rocket ship
every time i drive it and it goes 2.3
seconds to get to 60 miles an hour it’s
just incredible
but i know a lot of people have that
range anxiety that you alluded to
sure most people are just driving you
know less than 50 miles to work but they
have this thing well what if i take a
or i won’t be able to use this car and i
can speak as a tesla owner
tesla has just done a fantastic job with
this network of superchargers so
for less than an hour you get a full
battery charge and on a full charge
my s will go 340 miles
and i i just got the car just a couple
of months ago so i haven’t taken many
trips on it but the one trip i did take
from atlanta to richmond virginia and
the software is just so smart the car is
so smart
it’ll figure out how you’re driving and
tell you
where to stop along the way to
and it actually had me stopping at two
different locations
because what happens when you
supercharge it puts
every bit of 150 kilowatts into the
battery at the very beginning
well when it starts getting to about
half full say i’m the optimist half full
then it starts trickling down so it
doesn’t overcharge the battery too
so what the software knows is you’re on
a trip you don’t want to spend a lot of
time there so it had me stopping
20 minutes in charlotte and then another
20 minutes in hendersonville
and then i was fine i think i made it to
my destination with about uh
19 of the battery left and the cool
thing about where they put those
is it’s places you would stop anyway
they’re in places where restaurants that
you’re going to eat you’re going to have
to go to the bathroom so and essentially
uh what happened in my trip was i went
into a firehouse sub
after i plugged in the supercharger and
it took an
hour for them to make my sub me to
finish eating it
and when i got back out it was a hundred
percent charged and i didn’t even need
to take that second stop
so my point is through that
if i did have any range anxiety it was
all gone with that and then for fun i
said well can i go to alaska with this
and sure enough i could they had enough
superchargers where i could drive all
the way
to alaska so it’s just amazing what
tesla’s done with the network and then
what all the other companies are
starting to do to lay out infrastructure
as well
yeah you know your point is is very well
taken and tesla again has led the way
and it’s kind of like the apple and pc
difference right so tesla’s system
is available to tesla owners but tesla
owners can use
the other systems as well so if you have
a tesla you can go both ways
on the other side though if you have a
nissan or a
chevy or a porsche or bmw or any of the
other electric vehicles you can use the
public infrastructure
but you can’t use the tesla
infrastructure so that is one of the
one of the differences tesla has its
very proprietary network
that is incredible and it’s there on the
other side though
that public network has been being built
up and part of it there’s a lot of
things that have been happening over the
but the the across the country now
it’s not as good as tesla’s but it’s
still there
and what i would say to people is look
at this stage depending upon where you
live and where you travel
and where you’re thinking of traveling
for your vacations or where you need to
travel to see
family or whatever else just take a look
at it
and my belief is that for most people
families have in single family residents
usually have more than one car
and if you want to have it make a
difference right away just have one of
them be electric and let that be a local
then you still have your other car to
take distance and if you only have one
you could choose to have it be an
electric hybrid so
get 50 miles to the electric charge for
of your trips but then you have gas
backups so now you can do the rest of
your time
with the gas or even if you only do a
as most people do longer trips just once
every three months or so for that once
every three months we lay out the
numbers you’ll see between the fuel
savings and the maintenance savings on
the oil and the transmission fluid and
everything else
you’ll have enough savings that you can
just rent the car and still save money
and take
somebody else’s vehicle and do your
trips and use their vehicle for when you
do your long distance trips
so there’s a lot of options and instead
of putting in place the
the the obstacles take a look at how you
can create the opportunity
and i think what people most people will
find is that they can save money
have a positive impact and if you have
an electric vehicle just enjoy
all the performance benefits of these
all torque engines that get
incredible performance so worth thinking
well and did i mention i can go zero to
60 in 2.3 seconds
oh no i think i don’t think you maxed
out is it 260 was it 2.3 seconds
that is exactly it so um that’s coolest
car ever folks
so i want to ask you what is the biggest
barrier you think people have to making
some of these green energy choices
the biggest barrier i believe is that we
humans uh
we’re we’re hesitant to change right
it’s it’s so much easier to just keep
doing the same thing that we’ve been
doing over and over again
and we’re almost sometimes it’s
fascinating to me to see
how tough it is to get people to adopt
something new
so i think that’s the biggest thing is
just sort of a mindset about things and
we can’t do it i mean we do it all the
time right i mean
when i was growing up who would have
thunk that my kids would have
a smartphone and that smartphone had
more computer power in it
than all the computing power that took
us to the moon in the apollo rocket
who would have thunk that that would
have been affordable and that all our
kids and
all of us now would have these devices
that aren’t just
phones but their phones and their
and their internet communication access
and they do all these incredible things
databases of all our friends and
neighbors and we can do all this other
social media things i mean we kind of do
as it it kind of overwhelms us in some
ways the changes that take place and
we’re doing it and we’re adopting it but
i think the first thing is just
look these changes are happening take a
look for
you and your family and your life work
how you can make this transition because
the transition’s coming it’s going to
happen sooner or later
but by looking at it now you can get a
little bit ahead of the curve
you could save money doing it
substantial amount of money doing it
and you can actually help to also
catalyze the change
one of the studies that i was fascinated
by is they took a look at what lets
people adopt solar
and a lot of people were like oh well it
must be if you have a higher income
oh it must be if you’re better educated
and it wasn’t either of those things
the main thing that got people to adopt
was whether or not they knew somebody
who had solar
fascinating right so that means that you
traced by you
doing solar at home or in your office
not only did you save yourself money
not only did you have a cool technology
that was out there
but your choice and you’re displaying
that choice to your neighbors
means that other people are also going
to do it
well let me speak to that for a second
if you don’t mind so i was influenced
by a good friend of mine he was actually
a customer he retired from
a red soda manufacturer here in atlanta
i can’t mention the name
but he was one of the engineers there
and he was really into he was the guy
that was in a tesla’s he was the guy
that was
into solar power and he taught me so
much and he made it
interesting i i just wanted to know more
about the topic and as i learned
more i wanted to do more and
when we put and he was the catalyst for
me getting started
then when i saw what the rois were how
we can help in all the many ways that
we’ve been talking about during this
i decided okay this is something that i
need to do well when i started
installing the we have a ground mount
at our house neighbors started looking
they started coming over
two of my neighbors have entered into
contracts to put
solar now they face at a better distance
so they can put solar up on their roofs
but they’re doing it because
they saw me doing i cannot agree more
with that comment
yeah it’s amazing right so so look you
know i’m a scientist right so i’m a
i went to school i studied accounting
and management so i got the numbers in
back of me and the rois are very
important but also i’m a systems
scientist my graduate work was in system
and look everything about us everything
about a civilization is based on science
all the the phones the computers the
buildings the
transportation system the energy system
the electricity the heating the cooling
it’s all science and
you know the one piece that i would say
to people is if you don’t believe the 98
of climate scientists to tell us that
all our seven
billion people are having an impact on
the environment and you don’t believe
you’ve seen more extreme weather events
that are happening between the tornadoes
and the hurricanes and the floods and
the fires and
all the biblical events that we’re now
if you don’t believe in the science okay
you know
sure then don’t believe and don’t have a
phone and don’t have a computer and
don’t have a house
don’t have a car and don’t have all the
things that science generated but if you
believe in science and you take a look
at where science
is and what it says look we’re having an
impact and you can argue how much of the
impact is there versus because there’s
so many of us having it or not
but one way or another we’re having an
impact and we need to make this
and we will make this transition we have
to make this transition
and because we can save money we are
going to make this transition i have no
doubt it’s just a question of how fast
so wherever you are and whatever you
believe look uh personally i believe in
the science
you may not other people have a
difference of opinions fine
but look at it for yourself from the
perspective of how can you save money
making this transition
how can you now be at the forefront of
your peer group
and adopting something that’s going to
save you money
and gosh you know be healthier and
better for your family too because
all these technologies have dramatically
positive local effects as well as the
global effects
so to me it’s uh i wouldn’t say a
no-brainer but it’s
uh it’s a pretty good easy brain
decision once you start looking at it
i definitely agree with that when i did
the math when i did the research
there was not a lot of heavy lifting in
me making those decisions
and that’s true with all these
technologies now is as you take a look
at clean electricity at clean heating
and cooling
at clean transportation about doing
things using the forces of nature
what you find is that those forces of
nature because look when the sun shines
the wind blows the water flows
that’s free energy and under our feet as
the ground four feet down has free
energy that
constant temperature so there’s all
these ways that we can
save energy save ourselves money and
have a positive environmental impact
and again it’s just it’s good for
everybody it’s win win win win
i agree well this has been a great
conversation but i’m not done with you
yet i have a few
lightning round questions so are you
prepared for these
i hope so let’s go so if you could go
back to your
first day as a green energy consultant
what advice would you give yourself i
the biggest advice is
to work with my customers to understand
where they’re coming from and what their
sticking points are what’s holding them
because everybody has something that’s
holding them back otherwise we all would
have done it right
so i think the biggest thing is to talk
with people about
what are their fears and what are their
concerns so
i think the first thing is to talk to
people and listen really closely
to what their hesitation is because
i would think that would be roi right i
would think that look
you know you don’t want to do this
because you think it’s going to cost you
and sometimes that’s true and other
times you find that well no
that wasn’t really it i mean even though
i offered them a 25
return on investment the real fear is
that someone else had done that before
and then they had gotten burned
and it wasn’t true so what is it that’s
holding people back
is it what’s their fear and other times
you know you found that they did
and yeah the roi was there but then it
was an inferior product and the company
that they chose had a bad warranty
or the company that wasn’t there anymore
so the warranty was useless
so that was their fear so i think the
biggest thing is to talk
to people and listen and find out where
they’re coming from and what their
hurdle is to overcome and help to
address that particular
piece what are some of your favorite
books that you’ve read
one of my favorite books which uh i i’m
sure a lot of people are familiar with
because it’s been around for a number of
years is think and grow rich
one of my favorites as well if you
recall that one you know
it’s a lot of a lot of really good
insights into how to just look at
and look at the world and and realize
that you know we can do a lot of
different things with the right attitude
so that was by far one of my favorites
another one which is not necessarily on
this topic but goes a little bit broader
is the four agreements by don miguel
also a great book read that one as well
right you know be impeccable with your
don’t take it personally don’t make
assumptions and do your best right
i mean so i think that applies to this
topic but applies to
pretty much all topics and me i’m also a
half-full kind of guy
so i look at the future i’m always
oriented towards the future so my
interests have always lied in the
science fiction types of perspective um
because from my view it’s always been
the science fiction that then
opened up the science that then led to
the realities so
i’m uh i have a good interest a strong
interest in science fiction stuff and
one of the things that i’ve always loved
about science fiction was taking a look
in particular at the star trek
types of things and i’m a huge star trek
yeah i i was when i was growing up i
wasn’t into star trek so much watching
it on tv and then later on
um i got into the star trek generations
and then realized that the original star
trek was so
advanced in terms of both its
perspective on how do we work and live
i mean that’s one of the things i think
is our biggest challenge right now is
how do we talk to people and reach the
common ground
and find the higher ground that
seemingly diverse perspectives have that
you know you have left and right black
and white and up and down and yin and
you have these two different diverse
perspectives of
uh conservative democrat progressive
great wonderful i mean it’s diversity
that makes the world go round
and what what is amazing to me is that
when you
reach that common ground when you find
that higher ground
we can do anything and one of the things
about star trek i never realized growing
up but i realized later was how
how fascinating it was that they had the
russian that was interfacing with other
people aboard this ship
they had the first black woman that was
a key
officer on this ship and the first
interracial kiss
which was amazing and uh you know
and then they had this alien from uh
from vulcan that was also part of the
and from my perspective it just goes to
show that you know when people come
together and we decide that we can
work together boy we can accomplish
anything well the simple fact is we have
more in common than we do
different and when we can get past those
few differences
we can make synergistic decisions and
exactly obviously with a life like yours
ron hollywood’s going to find out about
it they’re going to make a movie about
who plays ron oh i would have said sean
connery but unfortunately we’ve
he’s now gone so boy what an icon that
it was uh
yeah so golly who plays
me um great question i should have been
more prepared i’m so sorry i’m not
i was thinking about it and i was
spinning some names but you know
um i could see brad pitt i mean that
would be kind of nice that brad pitt do
it i guess
there you go that’s a good choice i
think that’s okay yeah that’d be all
all right my final question you now have
the ability to talk with anybody
throughout history
who would it be with and why i think it
would be albert einstein
and one of my most
fondest memories of going to washington
dc is across
from the lincoln memorial and the
vietnam memorial there’s a little park
and in that park there’s a big statue of
albert einstein
sitting there and you can actually go
and sit on albert einstein’s lap
and down under his looking and when
you’re sitting on his lap you look down
below and there’s
a an outline of the universe of stars
and whatever else
and one of the things that i i admire
about albert einstein besides the fact
of all his amazing science and
and all the incredible things that he
did scientifically
was he also had a tremendous view
of humanity and his view is
that all of us can accomplish
amazing things and that the universe you
can look at it two ways either that it’s
or it’s not and his perspective was that
the universe is friendly
and that there is a sense and order
behind it that is beyond our imagination
that is beyond our understanding
but that that was what he was always
searching for was that
that incredible meaning of
our lives so i think i would have a
conversation with albert einstein
great answer ron i really want to thank
you for coming on scaling up h2o i know
we all
learned a lot we learned we could just
a little bit and make an impact whether
it’s on the environment or whether it’s
in our
pocketbook and thank you so much for
sharing some ideas with the scaling up
it has been such a pleasure trace you
are doing an amazing
amount of work in a great field water is
key without water there is no life
without clean water we can’t survive
and these just amazing impacts on
efficiency which is my clean energy area
so keep up the great work i love it it’s
amazing and thank you so much for having
me on the show this has been such a
wow think of all the cool ways you can
save money
and feel good about doing it
while you’re saving all that money by
the way did i mention my car goes zero
to 60 in 2.3 seconds
that is definitely a cool way
to not have to buy gas and folks let me
tell you
i bought my car when they were offering
when i say they
tesla was offering free supercharging
now they don’t always do that but they
did when i bought my car so i don’t pay
to supercharge that’s free for me
to drive my car now like he mentioned i
do have to buy
windshield wipers i have to fill up the
wiper fluid i have to change the cabin
i need to periodically you know rotate
the tires
change the shocks and then buy new tires
but i think that’s pretty much
it as far as maintenance
and he mentioned the battery i didn’t
tell you when we were talking but i will
say that
my tesla gets about 340
miles in a full charge but here’s the
i hardly ever full charge it because i’m
just driving back and forth to work now
if i’m doing a heavy service day
i’ll probably take my truck but they are
coming out with
cyber trucks over the next year i can’t
wait to see those
but i just charge the battery a little
bit more and then when i’m going on
the tesla navigation program tells me
where to stop folks the guy that built
car is putting rocket ships into the air
i am just fascinated with all this
technology and i
get so excited about all the cool stuff
i can do with this technology and then
you put on top of that
the fact that i am doing something good
no matter how you look at it i’m doing
something good because i’m using green
energy as transportation or i’m saving
that i don’t have to buy gasoline
whatever camp you are in
when you’d make green choices you get to
choose what green
you are benefiting now ron has a special
landing page set up
just for us scaling up nation members
so if you go to scaling up h2o.com
forward slash
awesome earth kind awesome earthkind
is his podcast so one word i love what
all that
meant when he explained it i thought it
was very clever if you go there
you will see a lot of the information
that he mentioned
and so much more so it will help you get
started on making some of these better
decisions that we’re talking
about and allow you to plan what is the
return on the investment when you
buy one of these items also he has some
giveaways that you can register for for
some of the products that he mentioned
in today’s show so again that’s scaling
up h2o.com forward slash
awesome earth kind now folks i have made
a game
out of finding ways to save money when
it comes to operating costs
i’ve done this both at work and at home
now the main way that i’ve done this is
i’ve bought another device i mentioned
this with ron it’s called the
sense s-e-n-s-e you hook it into your
electrical panel
and it learns all of the devices that
are plugged into your electric
network now it does this really cool it
knows how many watts it uses as it’s
but every single device is different
about the frequency
that it uses when it comes on and then
when it goes through its regular power
it learns these frequencies so it knows
that it’s a toaster oven it
knows that it’s a light it knows it’s an
air conditioner
and then every so many days you’ll look
and it will find new devices
folks when you turn on a light it will
tell you that that light is turned on
and you can even combine
many of these items so you can say
conference room lights so it’s not each
individual light
so really cool how they set it up and
we’ve been
able to make a game out of it so if you
come to our office there is an
ipad set up in our conference room
that has the visual display of
that is running in our office and it
does it in really cool
bubbles so the larger the bubble the
more energy it’s using
and i told you during the interview with
ron that we were able to find
many devices that didn’t need to be
plugged in because they were not being
that saved us two kilowatts
per day folks add that up 52 weeks a
year that’s a lot of money
that allowed me to have an roi on the
i think it was within the first two
months or something crazy like that i
mean it paid for itself
in no time but it didn’t just allow me
to have fun with it
and figure out what we could do to save
energy it allowed
everybody in my team
to be empowered to do the exact
same thing people will walk by the
look at it and say wait a second i left
a light on
i don’t need a light there they go and
turn the light off
and that goes down just a little bit
just because it’s in front of them
we know about it and we can do something
so again
no matter what you consider green bean
we are saving that on either camp we are
not using resources we don’t need and
folks that means
i don’t have to pay for them when you
look at the solar that we put on our
and now people are using less energy
because they’re
conscious of the energy that they are
we have a very very small
payback to pay for these devices and
it’s really exciting and as you can tell
love talking about it so a matter of
fact i want to have the guy
that taught me so much about
solar on the show because i think i
mentioned it a couple months back that
we were putting solar panels on our
i’ve received so many emails asking
how i got information what i made my
determination on
all around that i am going to do a show
just on that for you because it seems
there’s a lot of interest
now let me get back to the sense thing
for a second because this sense device
it’s so cool i told you what i’m doing
with it at
my office well here’s what we do at home
now i don’t have the cool readout but we
all have iphones and
androids so we can just look at the
visual display there on our screen
now we found many devices that were
plugged in and we just kept them plugged
in and there wasn’t anything charging on
them so we were able to unplug all that
just like we did at the office but
here’s the cool thing that frequency
that i was telling you about that it
recognizes when any electrical piece of
equipment comes on
well it noticed that the fan in our
hvac system wasn’t showing
that proper startup phase and it gave me
an alert
that that fan was getting ready to fail
well folks it’s in our basement we don’t
use it that often because the basement
does a great job of heating and cooling
itself since it’s underground
but a couple of weeks after i got that
that fan failed and of course i got my
hvac contractor out
he replaced that fan and now it says
that it’s working fine
not too long after that i got another
that the cooling fan in my wife’s pc was
getting ready to go out
and i asked her about and she goes yeah
occasionally it actually makes a funny
noise so
i like to buy from new egg all my
computer parts
so i ordered a new cooling fan on newegg
it came the next day i replaced it
and we didn’t have an overheat situation
in my wife’s computer
so i just can’t say enough good things
about this device called the sense
and let’s face it christmas is right
around the corner
so if you want to get one of your very
own or send one as a gift to somebody
off of my recommendation i’ve set up an
affiliate link
you can go to scalinguph2o.com
sense s-e-n-s-e
and that will take you straight to an
amazon affiliate link where you can
purchase the sense
now folks if you’re wondering what an
affiliate link is if you go directly to
amazon and purchase this
or you take my route of the affiliate
link it’s going to cost you the exact
amount of money the difference is amazon
realizes that you’re purchasing that
because it was something that i
mentioned on scaling up h2o
they pay us a very small commission and
that helps us pay a couple of bills
around here
so again makes a great present for
and it just makes a game out of saving
when it comes to electricity
now speaking of christmas our regular
release date this year falls on
i don’t know if you’re going to be
listening to scaling up h2o on christmas
i know i personally will but i want to
make sure that when you are ready to
listen to scaling up h2o that you
have an episode ready and waiting for
you whenever
you are ready to listen to it so that is
my christmas present
to you and i’m going to tell you the
show this year is going to be
a little bit different than from our
normal shows and that’s all i’m going to
tell you
about that so join me next week for
another brand new episode of scaling up
and as of today you have two shopping
weeks left before christmas i hope
you stay safe out there i hope you have
fun in this christmas season i want to
wish you all
a merry christmas and as always have a
great week folks