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welcome to scaling up h2o the podcast
where we scale up on knowledge so we
don’t scale up our systems
i’m trace blackmore your host for your
favorite industrial water treatment
podcast scaling
up h2o folks you know that we
don’t just talk about industrial water
on this podcast and people always ask me
where do you come up with the topics and
what do you
accept on the show and what won’t you
accept well here’s the thing
i am an industrial water treater but i’m
a business owner and there are lots
of things that i need to know
in order to run a successful business
before i was a business owner i was a
service technician and there were
lots of things i needed to know in
addition to
all the technical items in order to be
a successful service technician so
here’s my rule
if it was something that has helped me
throughout my career
then it gets a spot on this show
so advice that one of my mentors gave to
many years ago was you are not aware of
your own
blind spots he went on to say you don’t
know what
you don’t know his advice then was
for me to put myself in situations
so i can then uncover the items
i didn’t know i didn’t know and i’m
trying to bring those
items to you but you also have to look
for them
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is you are going to meet the individuals
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another thing i’ll mention is the water
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you didn’t know and i am hoping for the
individuals that were
lucky enough to get a seat at the
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are going to enjoy their time
next week yes it’s my favorite time of
year this is christmas for me folks
i get to teach industrial water
i get to meet new people in the scaling
up nation
i get to say hello to people that i
know in the scaling up nation i cannot
wait till next week and because i’m so
we’re gonna have a special show for you
next week
just to share all the excitement that i
right now so i can’t wait to bring that
to you
nation i’m so excited to introduce
our guest for today’s show
one of the most friendliest people on
the planet when you are in a
room with her she just makes you feel
like you are the only person
on the planet she’s amazing i know
you are going to love her i know you
are going to learn a lot please welcome
paulie janae
my lab partner today is polly janae
and i’m so excited to have you on the
show paulie welcome
chris thank you so very much quite a joy
and an honor
to be spending this time with you and
having this intricate conversation
about water about water treatment
and about marketing and marketing
i’m really excited about and i have to
tell you i’m always excited to go to the
awt convention hall
because you always give me the biggest
welcome that i received the entire week
thank you so much well it’s a joy to be
able to welcome
someone into our world and it’s the
communication between both worlds that
make it really
special and again uh you are such an
trace and you’re so well versed and well
in the field that it makes it even more
to spend some time with you well thank
you so much for that well before we get
started do you mind sharing
with the scaling up nation a little
about yourself
so hello scanning up nation such a
an honor again to be with you so my name
is paul jenet
i’m the president of pgpr public
it is an agency which i founded in 2014
we’re specialized in coaching and i like
to say growing
the teams of communications marketing
and public relations
because we want to elevate both
individuals and
teams to the next level it’s like a
scaling up
it’s kudos to what you’re doing trace
a strategy an implementation
of north american campaigns we supervise
international agencies
we set up north american campaigns
through different
renowned partners um when you look at
my name three little letters will be
appearing apr
which means accredited in public
so um i would not say i’m a veteran
because i’m so young at heart and so
passionate about it
but i’ve been around for more than 35
years and i’ve worked in different
spheres whether it be public
private cooperative philanthropic i’m a
former reporter
and you will you will appreciate this
as i appreciate it from you trace we
a creative people and we advocate the
use of digital technology
in what i like to say create and
transform and maintain
bonds of trust with our internal and
target audiences we one might call them
stakeholders as well
for the success of everything that’s
being undertaken
so in the latest years oh my god i feel
like i’m being so considerate
no no no no you’re doing you’re doing
great i asked you to talk about yourself
i am in 2015 i received
the governor general’s caring canadian
award because i’m really involved within
community so i am a member of the
executive committee for this society
quebecois the professor public which
the quebec society for professionals in
i’m a patron as well at the young
chamber of commerce this is why i’m
always so excited to work with the awt
young professionals they so inspire me
i’m a i’m so proud to say that i’m a
co-chair with bonnie walker
of our wow women of water
at the awt which is the associate
association of water technology so i
these ladies that are absolutely a
wonderful pam simmons from prominent
karen tom shank bonnie walker heidi
zimmerman they’re all
so inspiring to me so again it’s uh it’s
all coming together
uh so that’s what i do and i’m also
sitting on the board of
celine dion’s uh mother who passed away
um a year today and
some amounts you know i’ve been sitting
on this board for 12 years
and will help give young children the
tools to
go to school whether it be
glasses a nice backpack
and the funds to buy their books and to
build their self-esteem which is very
key in life
wherever we are who we are what we do
self-esteem is such a great component of
success totally agree well and i also
understand you are teaching
a class on corporate and social
responsibility oh you’ve done your
homework trace yes
i do i’m an adjunct teacher at
university de montreal and
university of sherbrooke and again yes
social responsibility and public
relations is something
that is that is key and again i’ve had
the privilege of
working along tgwt for more than 15
years wow well let me ask if i was
enrolled in your corporate and social
responsibility class what’s something
i’d learn
what you would learn is to listen to the
needs of your client
and you would learn about social
what it is uh it’s in every step
you take every action to make this
a better one and to treat responsibly
one of our
best resources which is water
i love it well i’ve got to tell you i’m
super excited about this conversation
because i’ve had marketing people on
before i’ve had sales people on before
but i’ve i’ve never really had
somebody that did marketing or sales
that was in the water treatment industry
so i’m super excited about this
thank you thank you so much i think i
think each and every one of us
will be a marketer at some point in time
in their life without really knowing it
of course you know there is a profession
that we can build on
and we get you know we can we can learn
about it we can grow
we can be surrounded by professionals
but at the heart
of things marketing is really about you
who we are in a specific market
in an industry and then there are so
um facets to doing marketing and
even the lines get blurred because some
people say well
marketing like one-on-one marketing
isn’t that
public relations and and some people
will talk to you
about uh marketing pr so
there are very many many aspects
of doing marketing but really at the
heart of marketing is your target
market so you might have just answered
this but i i know marketing and sales
they get interchanged a lot what truly
do those terms mean
i think it’s a very good uh question
trace well
let me provide you maybe a visual like
in your mind just to give you a visual
of what it is so at the heart of it all
at the circle would be your target
and then it’s like around it would be
like petals of
a flower so the first petal would be the
which underneath the promotion you could
see cells
and then you would have a second petal
which would be the people
that work in your market the process
then you would have anything to do with
presence the product and the place
and the price so in a nutshell again
your target place in the middle and then
you have the promotion
people process you have the
the physical presence the product
the place and the price so these are the
p’s so people sometimes they make fun of
me they say oh you work in marketing and
because your your first name starts with
a p for polly
but but it’s not within the petal or the
flowers but seriously
marketing is out about these little
aspects so it will encompass
cells at one point under promotion
polly that’s a great visual you just
gave um
when you talk about marketing you have
encompass all those aspects
so that you make sure you’ve covered all
your grounds
well what’s the difference between a
good marketing
program and a bad marketing program i
that marketing always starts with
research we use a methodology which is
quite simple it’s called the race
methodology i like it very much because
i think that in our universe
like it’s a race it’s who gets to the
uh how do you say that the you know when
you’re you’re you’re running
and then you cross this final line how
do you call it the finish line
yes thank you so much yes so we’re
everybody is
racing and everybody wants to cross this
finishing line
and and celebrate success and obviously
it’s it’s celebrating success not
because you’ve sold a product
but because you’ve gained a relation
your relationship
so when we talk about about marketing
what is a good campaign
it all results from research have you
done your research
have you been able to analyze the data
that you have collected
have you been able to organize it in a
marketing plan
were you able to communicate this plan
and what about your key pi’s
your your uh how did you measure
evaluate your success
for example we’re in the water treatment
and you say well i’d like for people to
get to know my company
more so okay well who are you going to
talking to who like this is the r for
so you start by asking yourself like who
should be interested about my product
how am i going to reach them uh what do
are they on youtube are they on the web
are they on facebook on linkedin on
do they read the traditional media so
these questions they have a set of
questions that’s when you’re doing the
and what differentiates a good campaign
from a bad campaign
no i would not say bad campaign but
somewhat of
of a not so good campaign is that
the research has not been done because
people say
we do not have the money the means to
in the research well this is the biggest
mistake one can make research is at the
heart of
everything i take it from you trace
having any guest on your show you will
be sending us a list of questions you
will be investigating
making sure that we’re on the same page
that we speak the same language that
comfortable and and then you you will be
anymore anything else i can add on to
what we’re planning to do together
marketing is the same it’s research
research research well i can’t help but
equate this to if somebody calls me in
to look at their water treatment
i want to do a survey i want to find out
as much information as i can about the
equipment about the people that are
running it
what they want to achieve so it sounds
like it’s the exact same philosophy
it is it is the philosophy that that we
because if you do not know their needs
how will you be able to market to those
needs so questioning and probing
doing your survey audits and taking the
to listen because sometimes you ask a
question in marketing you said oh i’ve
surveyed this market
these are the statistics that came back
but do you know
how to read through those through those
and sometimes some of the stakeholders
will not
voice their concerns the way you you
would expect them to voice
their concerns they will not be
returning your call
they will be they will not be accessible
when you try to make an appointment
to survey their needs so they are giving
even though they are not being
accessible they are giving you pointers
about what’s going on in their universe
in the water treatment business
because sometimes so much is happening
they’re swamped
uh they do not have the time so what
they’re telling you and your
and the market research is that if you
could provide them with some time
management time made uh
you know provide a solution that would
give them more time
that would be easy simple then
you could make a big difference in their
life is there a difference with how the
rest of the world markets
and how water treatment should market
um i think from my experience uh i think
that nowadays we
really need to concentrate more well
that this is a very big question trace
thank you so much for asking it
at the basis of it all no it’s the same
marketing approach
however i find that our power
engineers and the people that work in
the field
they are so well versed in in the matter
of water
treatment so it’s a niche so one
one cannot improvise when we go into the
treatment you have to be surrounded by
the proper people
the experts and it’s a combination of
factors again it’s the mechanics of it
it’s the water which is a resource in
itself which is so unique
and then it’s all the needs from a
social responsibility
perspective from the companies as well
so nowadays uh we used to be
again from what i have witnessed on on
the ground
we would be talking about you know this
is a product but
more and more we’re talking about two
people and these are the people
that have different needs so using the
environmental cap the social
having also the the proper compliance
these are becoming key aspects and
making sure that when we talk about
social responsibility
is how do we take care and how do we
the equipment and make the life
easier for our water treaters and we’re
a shortage of power engineers so we’re
going to have
a major issue in welcoming young
it’s like the passing of the torch so
we’re going to be looking
at you know young people to pass the
to so this will be a major uh
issue and it all goes back to oh my god
i speak so much i’m so sorry
i get so passionate no it’s fine if we
did not speak on the podcast it would be
a very bad podcast
i can stop and take a breath okay here
you go
i’m very passionate about this because
it’s it’s a combination again of
of people and and and really product
and and what we have learned
over the years is the social
is a huge asset and
we’re having discussion because price
again when we go back to our
flower with its different petals the
is key you know people will say oh i
want to have the better cost
um what what comes with the price you
know how is your service is this is lost
uh you know what type of strategy have
you got to introduce a new product as
and competition let’s face it is fierce
in our world
it is so what is it that will
distinguish you
from your competitor and i’d like to say
you know i think it’s the art and the
manner with which
you conduct oneself as an individual as
a company it’s also a message that
you’re sending so whenever people
start criticizing a competitor i say
stop stop we we
competitors and all we are passionate
what we do we may do it in a different
but at the end of the day everybody is
to service the client and make sure we
make a better world
and then after that it’s what is it that
we offer
what is the product how do we promote it
how do we advertise it
how do we sell it how do we service our
as well so it’s a again it’s always a
of many many uh aspects
so would you say you always want to take
the approach where you talk about what
do not necessarily what someone else has
done or done wrong
yeah i i do not criticize any of the
competition because i do not
i never know what sort of uh guidelines
they were given to draw their proposal
or what has happened uh within their you
while they were they were on site i like
i always say let’s go in and make forge
our own opinion
so that we can deliver a proposal that
will help you know
hopefully fit your needs because it’s
it’s all about
listening to the needs of your client
and marketing
is having your ears and your heart open
to really grasp
what’s going on in the life of your
not only professionally but also
you mentioned kpis earlier what type of
metrics should we be
using when we’re delivering a marketing
well when we’re delivering a marketing
campaign is like it was
our message for instance uh understood
how many people reached out to get more
how many hits did we get on our website
how many
shares did we get on facebook how many
new requests did we get
on linkedin how many share on youtube
for instance
or you know on instagram so it’s always
a matter of
numbers and statistics like on the
website how many
like how much time did they spend on our
and we know that these statistics are
are key
so these are the sort of kpis you should
be looking for
when we talk about delivering a product
for instance you know service delivery
in terms of our process are we getting
uh did we did we get less complaints
last month
uh what type of complaints did we get
what kind of
you know recognition comments did we get
how many people salute the fact that
they’re so happy
so listening not only should be
happening when you look at your client
it has to happen within your company as
so it seems like we forget about
internal marketing
so marketing is a global thing so the
flowers should be open
also within each companies
so when you look at like make sure that
each and every one of your team members
understand what’s going on in your
marketing campaign
paulie if you were here in my office and
we were sitting down
in my conference room and you were
laying out exactly what we needed to do
to have a successful water treatment
what would that meeting look like well i
think i think
that first of all we would like to know
who are you
what is your company what does it stand
for what is it that you want to
in your industry do you how do you want
to be known so we would be asking
a set of questions so the very first
step would be
probing a lot of questions to better
where you stand and why at this point in
time do you want to have a marketing
why is it that you want to do it now why
did did you not do it like a few years
why are you not waiting another few
years before you do it
because you’re going to be investing
quite a lot of money
so that would be one one thing also i
think that
uh what you would need to do is uh set
your objectives
so what is it that you want to set in
terms of
objectives for instance you might say
well you know paul i’d like to improve
the life of all the power engineers and
make it easier for them to use just one
when it comes to water treatment and
then i would say okay
well if that’s one of your objectives
but what is your goal
is it to to increase your sales
is it to cut down your operating cost
what is it that you you intend to do so
again research probing questions
about your objectives who you are your
objectives your goal
and then i would say do you have any
strategy where did you come from have
you ever strategized do you know what a
strategy is all about
so i would say oh this book has read i
know it’s one of the question
you wanted me to answer but it’s playing
to win
i believe someone else may have talked
to you about this book
playing to win and how you know the
strategy really works but
in it you really see references
so they’re going to ask you where do you
want to play what
territories do you want to be in
is it north america is it in canada
uh do you want to play in europe where
do you want to go
and where do you want to quote on quote
when and build on on being
stand out how do you want to stand out
and then in your strategy we would look
into uh
winning factors and then we would take
those those measures
ppi’s and then we would set the the plan
but it it’s this is said in a nutshell
because it takes
months to do the the research make sure
that we understand
the market make sure we understand uh
who will be a decision maker who will be
an influencer and again
from your company perspective as well
how do you want to grow your market how
do you want to be
known uh what will be your strategic
in the market as well so and in
other glands that is what we would be
and then after we figure out what all
those things
are we then need to bring the entire
team in so they can get on board as well
this is so so key and this is where
um i find the communication strategy or
the pr
needs to be like it needs to spread from
from within
uh one of the things that and um a few
few weeks ago i was having this
discussion with a client and i said
uh from a communication perspective
and when we take a look at your strategy
what about
if we make the consumer your boss what
about if we make your client your power
he or she becomes your boss this gives
a different perspective so your boss is
no longer
for instance trace you and i were
working in the same company
and you’re my boss and i say you know
what trace you’re no longer my boss
this client is now my boss he
or she will dictate what needs to be
every day how do we win the client
value equation because sometimes
you know in our relationship we have we
we have expectations so
really what this means is how do we make
that we win this expectancies equation
how do we speak the same language
and also it’s always you know can we be
true to ourselves when we promise
not to under deliver so then
everybody speaks the same language
everybody is on board
and you know what trace when we
implement a strategy
sometimes we go to the client we you
know and then we blow our whistles and
the horns and then we come back and we
forget to talk to our team
they just don’t know what we’re doing
whether we have a huge team or a small
it’s all about sharing the good news and
learning from our mistakes
that is also part of the strategy so you
know marketing
you know water treatment where
on what you just described do water
treatment companies
fall short mostly i will speak for
where sometimes i fall short as i do not
the time as i’d like to to do all my
i will not take the time to share some
information that might be just a
of information i may not have insisted
on making sure that
because digital uh the technology is key
nowadays with the covid
with everything that’s been taking place
we need to make sure that we can be
accessible we can no longer go to the
but yet we have to be there so i think
that to implement this technology so i
believe this is where we’re falling
so it’s a combination of being more
humane and more and using more of this
intelligence so i think that that our
needs to evolve and again
it needs to be more attractive for the
young professionals
i’m curious what is your favorite
marketing campaign of all time
um i think that a very good campaign
will really touch my heart make
uh me either cry or laugh
one of my favorite was a subaru
it’s a car company subaru uh
campaign and in the campaign they were
not selling the cars they were building
playgrounds for the children
and the car became a mean
of family transportation was a mean to
to dream and to build something that
would outlast the
the car and you could see all the people
working in the plant
and of course you had a glimpse of when
they’re they’re building the car
but the car was in itself just a mean
to also have a a harmonized
uh life so it’s it’s family time
it’s work time and i mean to be able to
to travel so and the campaign also it
did i believe i’m not sure if it was
sport or subaru but when they started
giving uh
credits for family members to have a
special price when they were buying
uh the car but that to me was a subaru
was just
i mean a great campaign at the time
yeah if i recall there were also
campaigns that subaru did with the
unwanted pet population
yes exactly exactly yes so that’s
they’re selling cars and they’re not
talking about the cars they’re talking
about what the good is they’re doing
the benefits the advantages so so again
when it goes back to
to marketing nowadays the product per se
is is no longer the product we’re going
to be talking more about you know the
we’re going to be use talking about the
technology you know
it’s usefulness as well and does it
solve any pains
we’re going to be talking about the
quality and sometimes
i mean the brand uh we could have
another conversation
about branding branding is so important
you know what did you stand for
a brand a brand is a promise anything to
do with warranty
research and development so you now
are telling a story about something that
you want to
introduce to a client well paulie i i
know a lot of people are listening and
they’re thinking
that they need to take their brand they
need to take their marketing of their
more seriously what’s the first step
that they should take well i think that
one of the things you know when we look
into uh marketing
is uh i like to say your first step
would be you know what is your
end goal what is it you want to achieve
uh sometimes people will say well we
want to sell more
of this product or other people will say
well we’d like to be known as
a leader okay well i’m not questioning
your goal but do you have an end goal
and then do you have a budget and then
sometimes people will say well we have
no clue
how much should we be investing and i
will say
well look at your budget and what could
you set aside
to invest in a marketing campaign it
does take a budget it’s not something
that you will wing it
and it’s not something you start it’s
you know having a baby you you have to
invest yourself
make sure that you know you you grow
you nurture you educate elevate it’s the
same thing with a marketing campaign
then you need to to identify your target
who will you be bringing you you know
who is part of your market
so choose your end goal set your
campaign budget
identify your target audience
design the content what is it would like
to say
look at everything you bring to the
market i don’t know if you’re using
any type of product you would be using
is it designed
does it have your logo on do you want to
redesign your logo
do you have a brand signature so this is
the you know the step would come in
design your your content
and choose some of the channels you’d
like to use to communicate
around your marketing campaign you could
buy some
some advertising you could go and get
some recommendation on linkedin
you could do some special offers you
could you
you could even choose to offer some
have some pilot project uh so these are
the things you you could do
when using your your channels and then
one of the steps that
is i will not say misunderstood but
um overlooked that is the launch
and the monitoring of your lunch i
really like and i stress for a slow
soft lunch whenever we do a marketing
campaign so we said
you know we will do it with a a small
target audience
and then you do a soft launch and this
is where you can validate
if you are okay if you’re going to hit
your target
or not and then you can uh reassess
and reinforce what you’ve you’re
bringing forward to the market
or change a few aspect of your
of your content and then of course your
seventh step would be
analyze the the results so again
choose your end goal set your campaign
identify your target audience is it
uh are we talking to a director
in an office uh are you talking to a
are you talking to the power engineer
who makes the decision who will be
influencing if it’s your power engineer
who would
love to buy into your new product but
yet you know the sell has to be made
to the accountant design your content
choose your channels launch and monitor
and analyze the results
in speaking on budget do you have to
a large budget or can you still make
headway with a modest budget
i like i like to to look at it from like
i break it down
into monthly investments but
but to do a good campaign like adwords
to get your website up
to nourish and garner your website so
it’s at least i would say like a minimum
like you want to get started it’s a
minimum of 30
000 per month well probably 30
000 what if i only have five and then we
would design
something to respect your budget and to
manage your expectations
what if i just had one so
for instance we might decide to to go at
it with facebook
and then we can build from the ground up
so the idea
is to be present and available visible
in your market so it’s it’s some people
hey i’ve been running my business i have
no marketing campaign
no pr program and i’m doing just fine
and well maybe you’ve been missing out
on something
maybe start by investing that this first
1 000
and you will see the results again when
you look at
you know when you follow the seven steps
then you know you will be able to see
the return on your
investment for your 1000 or your return
on influence which is a big word
nowadays in the marketing world
what is your influence and how is that
by the number of people who talk about
you by the number
of uh people that want to know more
about your product
by the like the word of mouth it’s a big
thing and
social media i mean we live in such an
era a social media can build up your
brand or you can destroy it so
the 1000 could be used just to be
observing what’s being said about your
do you know who says what about you
and your company in the market i would
like to think i do but i’m sure there
are some gaps there
so so this is why i say marketing it it
you know it can be
easy but it can also be complex at the
same time
earlier we were talking about subaru we
weren’t talking about the cars we were
talking about parks and puppies so
obviously that works very well for them
what do you feel works really well with
the water treatment industry
i think that uh growing the awareness
of who the people are in the industry
will work wonders i think we need to to
put together
a national movement to celebrate the
of power engineers essential
even more so today when we’re fighting a
these are the people that we do not see
in the plans we don’t talk about them we
don’t celebrate them
and i think that people would be um
better off if they were to get to know
absolutely fantastic women and men
that make the water world what it is
i definitely agree with that what’s the
thing you want to make absolutely clear
oh my god i mean i think that we need to
each and every one of us need to find a
idea and build uh the following around
it to really stand out in the
water industry stand out and
and be proud of what it is
that you are and that you do in an
industry and face it life without
water is not a life everything depends
you know on water so it’s essential it’s
essential to living
it’s essential to all aspects of our
i like to say that water treaters and
water treatment
is like the heart in our body if the
heart breaks
we all die one of the things that has
been really
um which is very important you know when
we talk about
the water treatment you know we we’re
going to be talking about the cooling
towers the wastewater the closed loop
the equipment
disinfectant any new technology
but i think that really really what
needs to we need to
bring uh forward energy analysis
is very important research and
and and invest in innovation
we need to be able to look a different
approach to a water treatment it’s like
a combination of
tradition what has worked traditionally
but because we need to be more socially
we need to look at some boiler energy
when you need to look at the cloud
anything to do with
cloud service platform i think
it’s uh the utmost importance and
trace you’ve been so good at this and
with the awt the training
and the conferences the training we need
to train
uh all the time all i know is i know
and i train every day i learn something
every day
and i think that this is key and have
resources make sure that you read your
scientific press
you know and the articles make sure that
you use your network
so this is my message again so it’s you
know expertise your innovation
surround you uh with the right people
uh find yourself a mentor i’m being
mentored myself but
by uh louis philippe by john uh
by by pam and by karen i learned from
the young ones were melanie
for instance and francois i mean and i
learned from you trace
and the community is so vibrant
we need to learn from one another and
and again
it’s always for the greater good well i
love it i want to have to change that
question to what are the dozen things
you want to make sure that we get
but but i love every one of them
thank you all right paulie i asked these
questions of
all of my guests this is the lightning
round are you ready for it
oh yes okay oh my god okay all right you
now can go back in time
and talk to your former self on your
first day as a marketing professional
what advice would you give yourself
work hard play hard that’s what i would
and still say there you go and i think
that’s a t-shirt too
yes indeed all right so uh so sort of
some insider content
right before this interview i had the
pleasure of interviewing your husband
louie cloutier
and and he was telling me about the book
that you alluded to play to win
and i not heard of that book so it is on
my list it sounds fantastic but i want
to know from
you what are the last few books that
you’ve read
oh okay so one of the the the book that
the one book i would love for everyone
to read it’s the entrepreneur’s guide to
practicality and purpose and it’s called
live big he uh the author is the
co-founder of
mind valley uh his name is
ajit nawal ka and
live big it’s absolutely a fantastic
read uh you have got to to read this
i was talking to you about dory clark
stand out
it’s a must read and again
what i like about reading books nowadays
and you go on linkedin
and you can actually go and and get
connected with the authors so this is
absolutely motivating and
very very resourceful so
dory clark is a thought leader and
it’s absolutely fantastic you know how
she talks about how safe jobs have been
uh how you know we do know no longer
know what is our contribution to our
how can we make a difference in this
world she has a unique perspective
how you can stand out as an individual
and as a company
uh so this is absolutely fantastic and
of course
my third book would be anything by il
she is an author from nantucket and
uh i’ve read all her books it’s such
a glitch i know but it’s so very good
and i i confess to
absolutely enjoy it and one of the
tech talk everybody must listen to watch
is um celeste hedley
the ten best thing about a conversation
celeste you must
turn on and watch this on ted talk
fantastic simple very simple
tip talk i will make sure to have links
all of those on my show notes page all
right there’s no doubt about it
is going to make a movie about polly
who plays paulie
you know what i think that i love this
question and i’m going
hmm is it meryl streep lady gaga
or meg ryan and then when i asked her on
because i did a small survey
not nothing scientific and everybody
said oh my god remember this movie
you’ve got
mail pull at the rate we’re heaving you
we’re hearing your ping on your your
mobile phone and your computer
you’ve got mail so meg ryan could play
you for sure
there you go i know she’s waiting for
the script as we’re speaking
my last question and i’m sorry to say
it’s my last question
you now have the ability to speak with
anybody throughout history
who to be with and why um
i think i would i would uh i would speak
with my former mentor jacques lefeve
uh he is up in the sky and i would say
jack how am i doing
are you proud of me am i did i do you
good uh so he uh he was a a
absolutely wonderful uh pr
professional and of course being me
and and you know always wanting to do
i would say asia let’s have the
conversation also with michelle obama
side by side let’s have a threesome
there you go again you’re making your
own questions up as we go along i love
polly thank you so much for coming on
scaling up h2o
i really think that we’re all a lot
smarter when it comes to the topic of
uh i think um this really made me happy
thank you so much trace for for your
podcast for filling up i think it’s uh
you’re doing a terrific job uh kudos to
your team
and uh it’s again it’s a joy to spend
this hour with you and i’m looking
forward to
being in touch with your community and
this killing up
universe is a better one because you’re
there thank you so much
nation as i’m sure you heard from the
podcast the last two weeks
has been a family event we had louie
and paulie husband and wife on one week
after the other folks two amazing people
so much to learn from each of them
and i hope you are now looking at
a little bit differently and maybe a
little bit clearer
i love the way paulie is able to give
visuals on what she describes
she by far is the
best marketing person in the water
treatment industry
in this water treaters opinion so folks
if you can take
some of the advice that she had for us
if you can look at some of the things
she asked
us to look at and just do one
or two of those items i promise
your marketing is going to be above
everybody else’s so much to do
such a great guest folks i
urge you to start working on your
marketing material
something else i want you not to start
doing but continue doing
is completing every week’s installment
of james’s challenge
hello scaling up nation the next james’s
challenge as we grow as an industrial
water treatment professional
drop by drop is
calculate holding time index hdi
of a cooling tower do you know how long
your chemical product stays in the
cooling tower water before it is lost to
blow down
how long before 50 of it is gone how
does this
impact the efficacy of bioscience and
polymers in the system
is the holding time index too short for
long-acting biosign to work
is it too long for polymers to remain
do you know how to calculate it if you
don’t know the answers to these
now is the time to figure them out be
sure to share your experience on
linkedin by tagging it with hashtag jc21
and hashtag scaling up h2o this is james
and i look forward to seeing what you
for those of you that are going to the
association of water technologies
training next week i teach math
and i am going to teach you exactly
how to do what james is doing how we
holding time in a cooling tower
not a difficult calculation when we add
some things to it it gets a little bit
complex but
it is a must know skill
if you are treating water you got to
know the volume and you got to know
how long it’s going to be in the system
nation once again
if i am lucky enough to see you next
at the training event please come up to
and let’s have a conversation i’m so
excited about next week
and don’t worry for all of you out there
that aren’t
able to be with me in annapolis
maryland we’re going to have a brand new
episode for you
so you’re not going to get left out join
us next week for that brand new episode
and until then have a great week
i get asked all the time what are some
of the reasons that people
join the rising tide mastermind
well here is jill cavano of scranton
to tell you about why she joined why did
i join the rising tide mastermind um
i’ve already told trace this but when he
gave me a call
and told me about the opportunity i
wasn’t quite sure that this was
something i wanted to take advantage of
i wasn’t sure i was going to get my
money’s worth out of it and i wasn’t
sure that i had the time to devote to it
i actually give the credit for me
joining to my accountant
my accountant said you know i think this
is an excellent idea
you know you only have to gain you have
nothing to lose
and i couldn’t agree more i am so glad
that i joined the rising tide mastermind
trace said you know you know there’s no
minimum he said give it six months
um to really see you know if it’s for
you and i knew after the first month or
our group really gelled right away you
know it was so nice
being a small business owner can be very
i’ve gotten so much out of this i’ve
gotten networking
friendships i don’t feel so isolated
i’ve gotten a lot of knowledge and
personal growth
we’ve read some excellent books that
i’ve been able to apply
for my business so i’m so glad that i
and i guess i have to thank my
accountant for doing it it’s given me
than i thought that it would jill
there’s no doubt about it you have a
accountant i’m so glad you joined
you are such a great member of the
rising tide
north star group and folks we have many
groups within the rising tide mastermind
and all of the people that are within
the group is what
makes the groups great i know if you
haven’t experienced a mastermind group
it’s hard to comprehend
all the benefits that you get from it so
i urge you to go to scaling up h2o.com
forward slash mastermind to read up on
the rising tide mastermind
and if this sounds like a group that’s
right for you schedule a call with me
by clicking the apply button and we can
all about it the rising tide mastermind
might be the key to get you to the next