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pixis lab now
offers devices capable of measuring
fluorescent polymer
the st 590 inline sensor and the sp
350p handheld are exclusive for
measuring tagged polymer only
but you know pixis they didn’t stop
pixis is known for making your life
so they created the st 588 sensor
and the sp 380p handheld
both of which are capable of measuring
tagged polymer and ptsa in one
easy-to-use device all of these new
devices come with the signature pixis
color and turbidity compensating
this ensures your system assets are
protected and your measurements
are accurate more than a meter more than
a probe
it’s pixas to find out more about pixis
labs full line of products
go to scalinguph2o.com forward slash
welcome to scaling up the podcast where
we scale up on knowledge so we don’t
scale up our systems
i’m trace blackmore your host for
scaling up
h2o and nation welcome to a brand new
episode of your
favorite industrial water treatment
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