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022 The One with Tim Fulton

Our guest today is Tim Fulton, my Vistage coach. Tim is the Vistage Chair to some of the most successful CEOs in Atlanta. It’s why in 2013 he launched the Small Business Matters Conference, which has become an all-star, exclusive gathering that attracts some of the best small business owners in the state. And it’s why he’s a tireless advocate for small businesses, every single day. Small Business Matters is owned and operated in Atlanta, Georgia by Tim Fulton. Tim is a nationally-recognized small business coach, consultant, and advocate. He has been involved in the field of entrepreneurship for over three decades as a successful business owner, small business counselor, and adjunct university professor. Vistage is an international membership organization for company CEO’s and Presidents that provides a very unique growth experience for its members. In addition, Tim is a facilitator for the University of Georgia SBDC’s GrowSmart training program, which is designed for growth-oriented small business owners, operators, and executives.

Each year, he celebrates small business with the Small Business Matters Conference, gathering his tribe and beyond to dedicate a day to the development and success of the businesses that drive the U.S. economy. Small business stimulates international trade, helps the young get started, and encourages innovation. In today’s episode Tim is sharing on what Vistage is but the short of it is that in business we’re really good at what we do but we don’t know what we don’t know about business and it was with that that I went looking for somebody like Tim. He’s also talking to us about GrowSMART. Give it a listen!



Tim tells us what it means to be a small business coach [05:46]

Understand what GrowSMART and Vistage is and does [06:30]

Myths that surround small business and ownership [08:08]

Find out whether running a business ever gets easier [11:54.]

The importance of keeping score and what to be keeping score on [15:54.]

Identifying certain key performance indicators within the business [16:38]

Establishing the vision of the business through the owner and the employees. [18:38]

The importance of having a business plan [21:52]

Advice for multi-generational/ family businesses [25:30]

Discover what an exit plan is and why it’s essential [29:20]

Thinking of your business as a game and sharing financials with your employees [33:05]

The signs of beginning to know what you don’t know [37:35]

Hear what were the last three books Tim read [39:07]

Top three business book to read, according Tim [42:50]

Find out more about Tim’s books, Small Business Matters and Small Business Matters and All That Jazz [44:43]

The benefits of doing stand-up comedy and improv in the sales community [50:30]

Why Tim would want to talk to Ben Franklin [51:20]

Why to always to listen and act on that voice in the back of your head [53:35]



“I am constantly learning from my clients and my members.” – Tim Fulton

“The growth paradox is the assumption that as a company grows it’s going to get easier.” – Tim Fulton

“Think of your business as a game and any good game, we’re going to keep score.” – Tim Fulton

“In business we’re really good water treaters but we don’t know what we don’t know about business.” – Trace Blackmore


Connect with Tim Fulton:


LinkedIn: in/timcfulton

Twitter: @tf_sbm


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Books to Read:

Michael Gerber’s book, The E-myth 

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s book, Everybody Lies

Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit

Bo Burlingham’s book, Finish Big

Jim Collins’s book, Good To Great

Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Tim’s book, Small Business Matters

Tim’s book, Small Business Matters and All That Jazz

Seth’s book, Tribes


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  1. Trace, this session has got to the best one yet. I really enjoy your sessions. Tim discussed a lot of good stuff. Thanks for being the great leader you are. This is the kind of stuff that young water treaters need (as well as some older ones). There was none of this great knowledge and material available when I got into the water treatment business, the young professionals should totally devour this knowledge up. Some day I’ll tell you some stories how I went to no ends to get material on water treatment, how I was reading chemistry books at the beach while with my family on vacation at our villa in Florida, as well as all the hundreds of sales books I read in my career to get better. I just wanted to let you know I’m proud of you and tell you what a Great job you are doing. Thank You!!

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