Ep 23: The One That Could Save Your Life

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation with Lt. Rob Pendleton


Episode 23: Show Notes.


Our guest today is Lt. Rob Pendleton of the Snellville, GA Police Department.  Snellville, GA is located about 35 miles north of Atlanta, GA.  In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, we are all asking ourselves what we can do.  Many cannot think of a good answer to that question.  It is my hope that we can take the information discussed in today’s episode and keep ourselves safer and more aware.


Lt. Pendleton has spent his adult life learning about how to keep others safe at his own peril.  In this episode he condenses years of experiences, training and reading into real life information that we can use to keep ourselves safe and think through any emergency situations.



Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


ScalingUp! Podcast – https://scalinguph2o.com/

The Snellville, GA Police Department –  http://www.snellville.org/police-department

ALERRT and CRAS – https://alerrt.org/page/CivilianResponse

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