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041 The One with Your Nerdy Best Friend

I don’t have time to do the things I need to do! Ever heard this? I’m sure you’ve not just heard it, you’ve said it! And you probably heard someone tell you to work smarter not harder. This advice sounds great, but how do you do it? What is “working smarter?

I say working smarter is letting someone or something do your work for you. Think of how long calculations used to take in the dawn of the space program. Now how long do they take? The equations are solved almost instantly because of technology. So, our question is how do we let technology work for us thereby making us smarter workers? Well, that is today’s show, we are going to learn how to find repeatable tasks that technology can do for us; freeing us up to do other things. Pretty smart, huh?

Our guest today is my Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Ziesenis. Beth makes a career out of finding technology such as apps to do the work we shouldn’t be doing. Beth was a speaker at the Association of Water Technologies 2017 Convention. She has also written several books and appeared on other podcasts and programs. Beth has personally helped me use technology to make the most general of tasks easier to manage (like email.) I have no doubt that Beth will be your new Nerdy Best Friend too. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Beth Ziesenis.



Things that allows us to be better water treaters [0:00:38.2]

The things that we can use that make use more efficient [0:00:46.2]

Allowing technology to do work that we do not need to do [0:01:02.3]

How do we let technology do the tasks that we don’t necessarily have to do? [0:01:13.6]

30 days FREE Audible Trial [0:03:14.8]

Lifestyle of a nerd [0:06:50.0]

How nerds are accepted and encouraged? [0:08:21.0]

How to become nerdy? [0:09:06.9]

Ways for technology to help us save time [0:09:18.5]

Better organization/Productivity [0:11:48.0]

Set up rules for email [0:13:55.5]

To-do-list (keeping track of all the things we need to do [0:16:28.0]

Ways to integrate paper into technology [0:18:47.4]

Risks of using repetitive passwords [0:22:53.9]

Scary computer language [0:35:18.0]

How computer played chess with the masters and won [0:36:20.8]

Some technology advises from Beth [0:43:10.0]

Advice on writing a book [0:46:32.0]



“Stop what you’re doing. Choose one thing, try it out and see how it transforms things.” – Beth Ziesenis


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