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058 The One with the Sales Energizer

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, you are a sales person.  Now granted, some are better that it than others, but we are all in sales no matter what we do.  I like to look at sales as something we do to help solve a problem for someone else.  Many look at it as I need to make this person do this, so I can make some money.  To those who say this, I say that if you motive is to help, the money will come, and you will have a lot more fun in the process.

Dan Jourdan calls himself the Sales Energizer.  Dan is an in your face kind of guy that can get you excited about going out there to sell something.  He is also good at not letting people he coaches “excuse” their way to failure.  There are 1,000 reason why to not do something.  The simple fact is, you could have done “that something” in the time you thought of all the excuses of why not to do it.  After you listen to Dan, you can tell he doesn’t live on excuses, he lives on action.

Please enjoy my interview with Dan Jourdan.



How to become a better salesperson [0:06:31]

Beautiful parts of sales business [0:10:25]

Sales Metrics to remember [0:11:29]

Anatomy of a Sales process [0:16:51]

How to get pass sales assistant (Gatekeeper) [0:20:13]

Questions you need to think about [0:25:43]

Follow up rules [0:37:06]

Referrals [0:40:01]

How to shorten sale cycle? [0:44:06]

Closing your sales [0:50:00]

Discounts from Dan Jourdan [0:52:31]



“You have to transfer your energy to your prospect because they crave it, they need it, they desire it, and they are attracted to it!” – Dan Jourdan

“Nothing good has ever happened without a sales person selling it.” – Dan Jourdan

“A good person can do a lot more good being successful than being successful.” – Dan Jourdan

“It’s a lot easier to make a friend out of a customer that it is to make a customer out of a friend.” – Dan Jourdan

“Constant-Consistent-Valuable Follow-Up.” – Dan Jourdan

“We are going to change the way people think about sales people, and we are going to change the way sales people think about themselves”. – Dan Jourdan

I like to look at sales as “It is how we communicate with the other person that we are trying to get our point across with.” – Dan Jourdan

“It is not something we do to someone, it is something WITH someone”. – Trace Blackmore

“Read a sales book to help you COMMUNICATE and NOT MANIPULATE.” – Trace Blackmore


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