Scaling UP! H2O

066 The Last One of 2018



      • 39 shows this year
      • Jumped from 5000 to 9000 subscribers
      • Started the weekly format


      • Need more material for the weekly format
      • Had to change my production routine to accommodate the weekly format
      • Switch podcast hosting server because we were so popular


Lessons Learned:

      • The vision I had for the podcast has changed so much since April 2018

– 2 people on staff

– Monthly to weekly

– Practice makes better (listen to episode #1)

What I have done personally this 2018:

    • Read (listened to 44 books)

-Implemented at least one thing from each of them

    • Joined a mastermind group
    • Personally, reached out to people that I want to meet and ask them to meet

-David Marquet

-Jesse Itzler

    • Started working with a trainer and start really paying attention to what I eat

– Being diabetic

– Possibility of coming off medication

    • Helped 4 companies be better at treating water

– Took what they already know and had and taught them how to use it better.

– Reading P and L balance sheet and cash-flow statement

    • Received thank you about how much more profitable they are and happier the people in their company are
    • Spoken at 6 events this year
    • Asked to serve as chair of the BTO (Building Trade Organization) within BOMA GA

– David Vinces

– This really is a first

      • I started working with kid at my church

– Camp

      • Hearing from so many scaling up listeners about how this show motivates them


2019  The forecast (quantum run) 

      • 5G will start taking over our networks
      • GM will release their seal driving cars
      • Game of thrones Season 8
      • Harley Davidson will release there first electric motorcycle (livewire)
      • Volvo will on release new car models’ electric motors
      • Foldable phones will make a comeback
      • The internet will overtake TV in terms of minutes consumed
      • An economic recession
      • Star Wars Episode 9



What 2018 meant for this show? [0:00:12]

How we started [0:02:24]

SCOLL [0:03:12]

Water Expo Opportunity [0:08:47]

Enhancing the website [0:09:22]

Achievements [0:13:03]

Multitasking is a NO [0:16:10]

MasterMind Group [0:17:31]

Transit [0:27:29]

Predictions for 2019 [0:29:27]



“Ultimate Goal: Make this industry better!” – Trace Blackmore

“I hope you take a couple of moments. Think about how your going to be better for 2019.” – Trace Blackmore

“What are the accomplishments in 2019 year that can allow you to be better. And celebrate it when you get it done!”  – Trace Blackmore



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Scaling UP! H2O Resources Page

Turn the Ship Around

The seven Habits of highly effective people

The ONE Thing

The Mastermind

Living with a SEAL


Thanks for a wonderful year and thanks for helping get 2019 started off great.

See you next year folks !


Water Treatment education

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