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069 Pinks and Blues

Making 2019 a great year!

On today’s Pinks and Blues episode we will be answering the following questions:

Q: How do I make 2019 better than 2018?  What am I not seeing that can help me do that?

Q: Did you celebrate your accomplishments of last year?

Q: Did you discover why you were success on your accomplishments and why you were not on what you did not accomplish?

The reason this works so well for me is because 

1.) Who doesn’t like to be recognized for their accomplishments and you should recognize yourself for creating a goal, coming up with a plan, working the plan and finally completing it.

      • With everything that goes on day to day, you did it!  You got it done and that needs to be celebrated.  In general, we don’t celebrate ourselves enough.

2.) Life will tell you what will work and what will not work.  SO, the questions is:  are you listening?

      • Things that worked well, should be repeated- because they worked.
      • Things that didn’t work well need to be recrafted so that you can find out how to make them work using the reason they didn’t work as a rebuilding point.

I mention the planning tool SMART to help define your goals.  If you missed that go back to my first show this year, scaling to list to that.

However SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound and I have a downloadable chart to help you with this at

Q: Trace one of my goals is to read more, can you please share your recommended reading list? and under resources select top picks (affiliate links)

Q: When it comes to goal setting, I never get anything completed that I set out to.  My job keeps me so busy that I have given up trying to even create goals.  I’m stuck , I’m frustrated…  What should I do?

      • Don’t feel alone.
      • We have all been there, if someone tells you they have never felt that same way, they are lying.
      • Don’t give up!

– Don’t give up on making yourself better and happier.

– When you accomplish things, you deem valuable in your life, your life gets better.

– Your self-esteem increases, your confidence increase, your knowledge increases.

– This helps all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.

All this sounds great. Right?   so what do you do with all of that I just said?

Let me give you some handles for that.

Life is about decisions.  Decisions can be good or bad.

      • Chick Fil-A | Leadercast | Andy Stanly 

#1 I will not lie to myself even when the truth makes me feel bad about myself.

#2 I will prioritize what I want most over what I want now.

#3 I will not lead myself by myself



Making 2018 better than 2019 [0:01:41]

Things to change for 2019 [0:03:24]

Planning your goals [0:04:28]

S.M.A.R.T Tool [0:06:23]

Reading List [0:07:02]

Commitments [0:15:00]



“Everything that we touch better when we get better!” – Trace Blackmore

“Some plans fail because people really don’t explore what the costs is to get a certain goal to come true.” – Trace Blackmore

“Everything we do is a lesson if we care to sit down and learn it!” – Trace Blackmore

SMART TOOL: Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Relevant | Time-bound” – Trace Blackmore

“Here’s are my recommended reading list: ” – Trace Blackmore


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  1. Hello Trace,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast! I have only been in the water treatment industry 3 year. I love being a water treater and want to learn as much as I can, and your podcast is another good resource for me to do that!

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