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as an industrial water treater you have
to do so much you have to know about so
many things chemistry physics
environmental electrical and the list
goes on but did you ever think that list
should include cyber protection who’s
got time for that well hackers have
plenty of time to find your
vulnerabilities and hold your valuable
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businesses are not prepared to defend
against cyber attacks
the cyber threat protection experts at
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water treatment companies need to defend
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software reiner consulting group is your
one-stop shop for protecting your
valuable data after all
where would you be without your data go
to scaling up forward slash
cyber to find out more that’s scaling up forward slash cyber
don’t wait before it’s too late
welcome to scaling up h2o the podcast
where we scale up on knowledge so we
don’t scale up our systems hi folks
trace blackmore on the very last day
of the year happy new year everybody so
excited that our episode calendar falls
on the last day of the year i want to be
one of the first people to wish you
happy new year and we’re going to take a
look back at this year in the scaling up
h2o podcast
there is just so much that we did this
year there are so many people that i met
because we actually got to do things in
person again this year and of course
because we were able to do things in
person we got to see each other we got
to learn things i just love that things
are starting to get back to normal yes i
you can say that we are not back to
normal yet and there’s this new normal
some don’t like it
but it is so
much better than what we had to deal
20. so i would say 2021 just for that
has been so
much better and if you look back at 2020
we all endured a pandemic together we
didn’t know how to do it
we had never experienced anything like
that in our lifetimes before
we had nothing to reference to figure
out how do you do business how do you do
industrial water treatment during a
pandemic oh let me just refer back to
that and i’ll follow that checklist
did not exist we all came together
we figured out what we needed to do
and i have talked to so
many people in the water treatment
that are stronger for it
yes there were some positives that came
out of the pandemic
so many people are running better
they’re more cognizant of the time they
spend where they spend it and what the
overall purpose is for the time that
they’re spending what’s it all about
what am i trying to achieve
if 2020 taught us anything it was about
valuable our time was
and to make sure that everything that we
did counted so i’m going to say 2020 was
a good year i’m also going to say that
was a good year
and i hope that 2022
is just a
fantastic year but we’re not quite there
let’s go back
the scaling up h2o archives let’s look
at what we did together as a scaling up
first i want to thank every single one
of my fantastic guests that came on
scaling up h2o
many of them
i learned of through you and you did an
introduction to me you said this person
has something that your audience needs
to hear and that just seems weird when i
refer to
my audience this is the scaling up
nation and i know i’m getting ready to
talk about the highlights of this year
but i want to do a highlight of the
podcast we have a community and the
community is the scaling up nation and i
am always so humbled when somebody comes
up to me and they tell me that they are
a member of the scaling up nation or i
go to a convention
and i see them with a ribbon or a button
that says i
am scaling up nation and i see them
talking to other people with that same
ribbon or button and they started that
conversation with hey i listened to that
podcast too and that connected people
we’re bringing people together
on this podcast
water treatment one of the most
isolating jobs i think that is out there
i’m sure we can probably argue for or
against that but if you’re in industrial
water treatment you know you have days
where you are the only person that you
you are definitely the only person that
you see
when you are driving from account to
account so when you know other people
are out there other people are doing the
same thing that you are doing and now
you have a way to connect with them
folks life is too short to do it alone
water treatment is too awesome not to
talk about it with other people
i’ve heard so many stories where you’ve
connected with other water treaters and
you’ve solved problems because you did
that one of my favorite things that we
started doing in 2020
and we kept the tradition alive all
through last year was the hang
the hang is where we got together on a
zoom call and we celebrated being
water treaters
we met people that we didn’t know that
are in the same profession
that we are in and i had so many people
respond back to me that they met
that changed something for them it might
have just been
that they found a new friend and maybe
they were not that far away there were a
couple people that went to dinner after
a hang because they connected they were
in the same town there was also
one individual that called me
and he said i can’t thank you enough for
hosting the hang i met somebody overseas
we got in a breakout room together and i
started mentioning that i was having
these issues the next day that gentleman
called the guy with the issues and told
him exactly how to fix them he said he
would have never met that individual if
it weren’t for the hang
and he would not have had
that rock solid information a playbook
if you will of exactly how to solve that
so many of you out there have been on a
hang and you know it’s an action-packed
hour where we’re having fun celebrating
being industrial water treaters we’re
meeting new people
and you’re probably thinking when can i
be a participant in the next hang well
folks mark your calendar
for january 20th
6 p.m eastern time you can go to forward slash hang
you can register for one of the best
zoom calls that you will ever have
and i guarantee you will meet people you
did not know and you will further
anything that you are doing in the water
treatment industry
so many things to talk about let’s start
off with the beginning of the year and i
do this every year i’m going to do it
next year which is next week
i always start off with how do i
motivate the scaling up nation to start
looking at what they achieved in the
and how do they apply
using that information what life taught
them the previous year
going into
the next year
nation we’re going to do this
next week but i have to tell you so many
people do not take the time to celebrate
all their successes that they had
during the year so please take a moment
even if you want to pause this podcast
take a moment right now
and celebrate
all the successes that you have had this
a lot of times all we think about are
the things we didn’t get accomplished
the things that didn’t happen
let’s take a moment to celebrate what
did happen
take a victory lap
now that you’ve done that
it’s a great time to start planning what
this new year looks like now we’ll talk
about this next week so
you will get lots of information on that
i’m going to share with you how we do
this in the rising tide mastermind
next week but i know some of you are
so curious about some of the things that
we do
on the podcast for planning like this so
here’s a clip from last year’s very
first episode
the first step with weekly planning is
look at last week last week is the
biggest tool that we have to help teach
us how to make the next week better
what are the successes
what are the failures and that’s going
to be our guide to make next week better
so maybe we over booked ourselves maybe
we forgot to look at our calendars each
and every day
because we’re not used to that so now
this next week we’re going to build
something in maybe it’s an alarm
something that allows us to remember
that we are going to look at our
calendars at the beginning of each and
every day so again i don’t know what you
learned from last week but whatever it
is put it into play this week
also in the first quarter of last year i
had a returning guest that has helped me
so much with every relationship in my
life and any excuse i can have to get
close to this person i always take the
opportunity i’m talking about kathleen
kathleen edelman put together a
training series on temperaments now she
didn’t invent temperaments but she
made understanding temperaments your own
temperament and how you work with others
either with the same temperament or with
different temperaments
so easy to understand it has helped me
with relationships in my family at my
workplace with my customers you name it
i cannot think of another tool
that has helped me
so much in communicating with other
so here is a clip from that episode
and then the green this person is so
innately kind
they are great listeners great leaders
of people where the red is a great
leader of tasks
this person’s unique in the fact that
they are the calm in the midst of chaos
so they can really just help people
encourage people but they also can be
hard to get moving have no sense of
so as you start seeing the different
things and the temperaments and
understanding the foundation
now we can build and understand why
they each speak their own language
and learn to paradigm shift or look
through a different lens so we can give
and understand which words to choose the
words you use are the words you choose
so we want to make sure we’re choosing
right words that the other person can
nation the study is called i said this
you heard that and we actually did this
study within the rising tide mastermind
and the same things that i told you in
the beginning of my introduction to this
segment is what i have heard from almost
everybody that did that within the
rising tide mastermind so nation i would
not recommend this if so many people
including myself have not benefited from
it if you want to learn more about it by
all means you can get the workbook by
going straight to amazon and getting it
there we made it easy for you and amazon
also pays us a slight commission that
will cost you absolutely nothing if you
order it through our affiliate link
that is scaling up forward slash
also in the first quarter i had one of
my mentors on aaron walker
of isi mastermind i’ve been a member of
the isi mastermind
for years
and aaron was just so incredible and
helping me
put together the rising tide mastermind
and being able to brainstorm things with
him and not only do i facilitate the
rising tide mastermind but i also need a
mastermind where i can share
with other members what i need so that’s
why i’m a member
of his mastermind so we brought aaron on
episode 184
here’s a clip from that
isolation is the enemy to excellence
and if you really want to fulfill an
adventuresome life you really want to go
for it we’re designed to be in community
and i think that the more people that
you can get around the smaller groups
and be vulnerable and transparent and
authentic and uh just let them know your
trials the the places that you fall
short and that you need help and enlist
other people to help prop you up to take
you to the next level your life is going
to be very gratified and very fulfilling
and then think of a way that you can
pour back into others and so not be just
the mentee but the mentor i think your
life will have greater meaning and
to wrap up the first quarter and also to
celebrate world water day
connor parrish cwt came on and he
interviewed me
about all things water treatment all
things podcast and these were mostly
questions that you had it’s always
really interesting when people come in
and interview me that’s normally my job
i interview other people well that was
in celebration for world water day
and world water day is where we all just
take a day and we think about what water
means to life on this planet what is the
value that water has and then what can
we do
to protect this vital resource
now this coming year world water day is
going to be on tuesday march 22nd we’ll
probably do something special for that
and i want you to mark your calendar so
you are thinking about what you can do
to maybe just tell somebody
one that you’re in the water treatment
industry and how important water is and
all the things all the little things
that somebody can do that really make a
giant impact
on the water that we have on this planet
i know you think it’s just a drop in the
bucket yes i meant to say that pun
it’s so small the little things that we
can do but i have to tell you the
smallest drop is when you talk to
somebody else
and you let them know some of the
information that you know from this
field you work in water treatment and
when you share some of your inside
information especially with what people
can do
that gets people talking and your
conversation starts another conversation
with that individual with somebody else
and it creates this ripple effect
well here’s a clip from that episode
water is so cheap right now i think it’s
an afterthought we only have so much
water and because we live in such a
great technologically advanced society
right now you know we need water to to
do all these things and we’re using
water in ways that we’ve never used it
before but there’s only so much and
because of that we have to make sure
we’re utilizing it properly and i think
the only way and nobody’s going to like
this but i think the only way
that people are going to start
respecting it more is there’s going to
be a more charge for it it’s going to be
a higher cost now i don’t think that’s
because people are going to try to
change people’s mind i think because
we’re using so much water i think
there’s going to be less readily
available water for us to use so without
a doubt
i think the 2030 water treater their job
is to make sure that they’re as
efficient as possible in their water
usage i think that’s going to be their
primary job
in the second quarter this year we
celebrated this podcast for fourth
birthday four years and this coming year
we’re getting ready to celebrate five
years that is just an incredible thought
can’t imagine
that five or four year ago trace
thinking that the podcast has become
what it has become that’s because of you
the scaling up nation that’s because of
all the things that you have done to let
other water traders know
about this podcast
this was a fun episode for me because
again four year ago trace never imagined
we were going to be celebrating four
years here’s episode 190.
another opportunity that we have is me
being on other people’s podcast of
course we’re always looking for new
listeners and i’m always looking to
learn more about what it is that i don’t
know i don’t know
and there’s so many great podcasts out
it’s very easy for me to invite a host
of a podcast on my podcast because i can
very easily
make that work within the framework of
scaling up h2o but sometimes it’s a
little bit difficult to bring what i do
which is water treatment to another
podcast that’s non-water treatment so i
think there’s an opportunity
with all of the business related items
with the different skills that we talk
about here on the show i think there’s
an opportunity for me to go out on other
podcasts and talk to those hosts about
what we’re doing here in the scaling up
nation don’t exactly know what that
looks like but i think that’s a big
opportunity for us
and then just 10 episodes later another
huge milestone
we hit
200 episodes
four year ago almost now five year ago
trace when we were just starting the
scaling up h2o podcast could have never
imagined that we would have 200 episodes
folks i cannot tell you how much
research i did just learning how to do a
podcast how to record how to get it on
the internet how to make it so you guys
actually knew it was there and i was
thinking how do i put one episode on
well we made it to 200. folks we made it
well past 200 and that is because of all
the great people out there in the
scaling up nation of course the staff
i’m going to recognize them later so
here’s a little something from our 200th
it is phenomenal when i look at other
podcasts and see what the norm is for
how many shares they get of content
we’re like 10 times over that
and and that tells me a couple of things
one that we’re talking about the right
things and you like what we’re talking
about you find it informative and
but two
you are sharing the knowledge you are
reaching out to people that you think
could use that information and you are
sharing that episode i want to thank all
of you
that have done that that continue to do
that you know that’s how we’re going to
raise the bar in the water treatment
industry that’s how we’re going to find
new scaling up h2o members that’s how
we’re going to find the topics that we
don’t know to talk about because we
found a new listener that needs
to hear something else on this show
nation in quarter 3 we started out
talking about hamburgers
and this is something that just
really was humbling to me
i don’t think it’s any secret i will
work with other companies and i will
help them either facilitate meetings or
i will help them discover their core
values i will help them figure out how
they can become more profitable
and help them with their formulations
all these various things well when i do
talk about being more profitable i find
that people are embarrassed to say they
truly don’t understand
some of the day-to-day equations that we
use to financially look at how
profitable a company is and they don’t
speak up and say i don’t understand that
and because they don’t understand it
because they didn’t ask about it they
don’t have the information they need to
use vital metrics to make better
decisions and let’s just face it with
everything in life when we have better
information we can make better decisions
so i explain
a lot of being profitable and how to
cost products and how to look at all the
things that your company’s selling with
a hamburger
and i break down what the cost is
with a hamburger and what is leftover at
the end of the day
now that doesn’t sound too spectacular
but i have to tell you when i aired that
i got so much feedback from people
thanking me
for making that so simple
and i want to be honest somebody
probably told me the hamburger analogy
or maybe they used a different analogy
and i just really like hamburgers and i
changed it to that so i’m really glad
that that analogy worked for you that
was episode 204 and here’s a clip from
now the premise of the book called the
e-myth by michael gerber is all about
this he talks about people that are
great technicians or chefs
think they know how to run a great
kitchen they know how to run a great
program and they do
but they don’t understand all the things
around running a successful business
and when they don’t learn those items
they’re not spending their time and
their assets where they need to be spent
and that is why they fail
so let’s get back to our restaurant
we’re going to call it scaling up
burgers and our signature burger is
called the boilermaker because it has
these scorching hot jalapenos
right on top of the burger now let’s say
we’re gonna sell this burger for seven
dollars customer comes in they order the
burger we prepare it we give it to him
voila we just made seven dollars right
yeah we didn’t make seven dollars and
that’s what we’re going to talk about
let’s cost out that burger let’s say the
meat is 5.99 a pound and we’re selling a
half pound burger so that’s three
dollars in meat the bun it’s an artesian
bun let’s say it’s 30 cents a bun
the cheese is 25 cents and all the
toppings on the burger including our
scorching hot pickled jalapeno peppers
giving the burger its signature name
all comes to a dollar so if you add all
those things up
we get a grand total of four dollars and
55 cents
but we still have a few things that we
had to buy in order to sell this burger
so we’re not done costing it out
the wrapper that it comes in let’s say
that’s seven cents and of course that
burger doesn’t make itself so let’s say
we’re paying somebody ten dollars an
hour to work in the kitchen
and for argument’s sake let’s say they
can make 20 burgers in an hour so if we
divide that out that’s going to be 50
cents in labor cost
so we add that together our 57 cents to
4.55 cents we find out that the real
cost of that burger is 5
and 12 cents
now let’s answer some of the questions
that our caller asked what is the gross
margin of that so to talk about gross
margin we kind of need to know what
gross margin is so this is a company’s
net revenue minus the cost of goods so
what we sold the burger for
minus what it cost us to make the burger
cost a burger is everything we just
added up including the labor
so the gross margin in order to get that
you’re going to take the selling price
of the burger
and then subtract out the cost of goods
and then divide that
by the selling price so let’s go ahead
and do that
seven dollars is what we sold the burger
we’re going to subtract
5.12 cents which is our cost of goods
sold and we’re going to take that sum
and divide that by seven dollars
folks that gives us a 27
margin or a 27
gross profit now i think that’s why
numbers are confusing too because
there’s so many ways to say
the exact same thing
too long after that episode aired we had
the first live event for the rising tide
folks let me tell you that was an
amazing experience part of the rising
tide mastermind is we get together every
single week and we help make each other
better and once a year
we all come together when i say all we
have five groups meeting in the rising
tide mastermind now we are well over 50
people as members of the rising tide
mastermind and it is just incredible
all the things that people are
accomplishing and helping other people
accomplish but we’re doing that over
video conferencing well once a year
we all come together here in atlanta and
that very first one because we had to
cancel it in 2020. thank you covid but
we were able to do it in 2021
and it was
so many connections were strengthened
there we learned so much about each
other and there was just so much that
was talked about and shared at that live
event that when people got back to their
places of business
they could not wait to get started folks
we had the ceo of chick-fil-a come and
speak with us about how do we get from
where we are right now to where we want
to go so nation without a doubt that was
one of my favorite things that i got to
do this year was the mastermind live
event by the way if you want to find out
more about the mastermind you can go on
the website scaling up forward
slash mastermind
i just can’t tell you how fun the live
event was but i’m going to move on
the reason i’m even talking about this
is we are able to get together again
restrictions have been lessened
so not only do we have the mastermind
live event
we then were able to get together at
conventions and the first convention
that i had attended in a very long time
was the association of water
technologies convention in providence
rhode island and it was fantastic seeing
so many people there
seeing all of you in the scaling up
nation there i absolutely love it when
people come up to me
and say
i really enjoy the show
here’s an idea
or just let me know that uh you enjoy
riding along with my voice playing on
your car entertainment system
thank you for all of that by the way if
want to have that experience you can go
to we’re going to be in vancouver
next september 21st through 24th so go
ahead and sign up for that find out
about that
always a great time
one more thing about awt since i’m on
the topic and this always fills up i
have the privilege of being one of the
trainers for the association of water
technologies technical training
and i do things like teach math water
treatment math one of the best topics in
the world
i really do think that’s true and if you
come to that class you will agree after
you participate in that section also do
a little bit with fundamentals and
applications laying the foundation of
basic things that we need to know as
industrial water traders and i’m also
doing sales
so if you
want to attend and if you’re an
industrial water trader that treats
water in the same industry that i do why
wouldn’t you want to attend again you
can go to to register we have
two opportunities for this on the west
side we have seattle washington
february 23rd through 26th and then a
little more on the east we have
cleveland ohio that’s going to be march
30th through
april 2nd
at the end of that third quarter we
celebrated industrial water week now
industrial water week this year was just
fantastic it’s fantastic every year
but it was
more this year because so many people
got involved i guess because it’s the
fourth time that it has happened people
now know about it so many companies are
that part
their yearly planning they’re making
sure their team knows about it that
they’re celebrating this amazing job
we of course every year do an entire
week of episodes to celebrate industrial
water week we also encourage social
media posting where you are posting
something that you are doing with
industrial water week
and that’s where it just exploded this
year we had so many people
post on social media
that they were celebrating industrial
water week let’s look at one of those
each and every day this week
i want you to take one minute to
celebrate with the entire water
treatment community i’m going to be
asking you to take pictures
and then hashtag those to what i
mentioned before again that’s hashtag
and hashtag scalinguph2o
you do that other people do that you’re
going to be able to enjoy those pictures
and see that we are part of a community
now today’s task is i want you to find
your favorite water softener and take a
picture next to
your favorite water softener or if you
have another favorite piece of
pre-treatment equipment
by all means feel free to take a picture
of yourself next to that
nation please mark your calendars for
october 3rd through 7th that’s going to
be the fifth
annual industrial water week yes we’re
going to have some new material for you
we’re gonna celebrate right along with
make sure you plan to celebrate as well
so that brings us to this current
quarter four
the last quarter in
2021 and we started out with
how do we prepare ourselves with all the
information that we are getting that we
might have some issues with our supply
chain now the awt was supposed to do a
meeting on letting all the members know
what’s going on with the supply chain
by having some of the experts some of
the people within our industry on a
panel a town hall meeting ran a little
bit long and we thought what a great
opportunity for scaling up h2o to help
awt out to help the scaling up nation
out and we just moved that onto scaling
up h2o here’s a clip from that
there’s something going on in our
industry and if you don’t know about it
you will find out about it shortly there
is a raw material crisis and i don’t
want to create panic by using the word
crisis but when that’s what you have to
get in order to do the services that we
do i don’t know what else to call it and
i truly believe that together
we can be way more productive than we
can by trying to tackle this alone so
instead of us all trying to get this
information on our own we held a webinar
just a few short days ago with some
experts in the industry where they share
with us their experiences their forecast
their advice and i think it’s something
that if you’re in this industry you need
to know what’s going on so you can
better prepare for whatever comes our
nation that was a really cool thing for
me to be able to air not because i’m
excited about not being able to
potentially get product but we were able
to pivot very quickly with that episode
because we needed to get that
information on as quickly as possible
that was an episode that we aired that
was not on our production schedule we
didn’t air it on a friday it came out on
a different day
and it was a special bonus episode and
it also shows that how when we come
together as a community as the scaling
up nation as industrial water treaters
we can help each other
i just can’t say anything more about
that so i want to move on because that
then brought the question
well what do i do if i can’t get certain
materials so i brought friend of show
mike standish back on he’s been on
several times and i asked mike mike how
should we be thinking about having
different formulations if we can’t get
the raw materials that we need during
this supply chain issue so mike helped
us think through that that
was episode 223
you know my advice is work closely with
your suppliers and your colleagues you
know out there
at least the independent water treatment
community pre-tight knit group and you
know talk with other
water treaters out there talk with your
suppliers i think the very good news
about all this is it’s not you know the
end of the world all doom and gloom it’s
going to require us to make adjustments
but we can still treat water effectively
i think that’s the you know high level
message on this you’re just going to
have to make some adjustments and
frankly i think there’s a big
opportunity in there for the independent
water treatment community
and the reason for that is is because we
can respond reformulate react
communicate with our customer base much
much more you know readily and quickly
than you know many of our larger
nation just so much to celebrate this
year but those last two episodes i just
absolutely love because that is where
people in our industry are coming
and we’re helping
each other
i have heard stories where companies
have tried to buy
some of our suppliers inventory so they
could hoard and these were
larger companies that could have written
them a very large check and it would
have made it so they completely locked
the market out
and these suppliers said no
we’re not going to do that some
suppliers said that if you’re not a
current client we’re not going to sell
to you during this time that’s a quality
supplier other suppliers said that if
you are
an existing client we’re only going to
what you normally purchase so that way
you can’t block out somebody else
i just think that that’s incredible
a lot of us will panic when we hear
something and we just think about
and i just love that we have such
incredible suppliers out there
that are thinking about the entire
and also the relationships that
everybody needs to have once we get
through this and nation as you’re
listening to this
we are going through this supply chain
issue i promise you we will get through
this we will learn some things as we go
through this
and as a community we are going to help
each other get better as we experience
that if you need evidence of that just
listen to more of the two episodes we
just sampled
speaking of helping the community and
all the things that we do as a community
we recently had james mcdonald on the
where he came on to talk about all the
great things that he does for our
industry and that was episode 231 that
was last week’s episode you folks just
heard that so i’m not going to play a
clip from that but what i will do
i will play
the very last this won’t happen again
your final
james’s challenge
hello scaling up nation the next james
is challenged as we grow as an
industrial water treatment professional
drop by drop is
always be improving
too many people in their careers learn
just enough to get the job done and stop
they plateau
for those who keep working to learn and
improve themselves just a little each
day week and month those who plateau
will never catch up you will lead the
pack with consistent effort drop by drop
sadly but lovingly this is the last of
the james’s challenges for 2021.
we’ve had 52 plus this one which makes
53 james’s challenges
did you try them all
maybe not but did you at least think
about each of them
growth starts on the inside after all
be sure to share your experience on
linkedin by tagging it with hashtag jc21
and hashtag
up h2o this is james mcdonald and i look
forward to seeing what you share
wait i have one last thing to say
in 2020 those who followed me on
linkedin joined me in my reading with
james series this year we did the
james’s challenge together
what would next year bring
stay tuned as we continue to grow
nation this year was chock full of so
many incredible guests
i am incredibly thankful for all of the
talented and gracious individuals that
came on the scaling up h2o podcast this
year i know i only did a small sampling
of episodes but every single episode was
just amazing do you know we did 58
episodes this year
58 that is just amazing
and i could not have done that without
the incredible staff that we have here
at the scaling up h2o podcast thank you
so much and i’m going to call them out
by name so we’ve got sean that does the
edits he makes me sound halfway
intelligent as much as i can sound
intelligent each and every week and then
we also have corinne corrin makes things
so incredibly easy
for me to do the podcast when i have
time to do the podcast to make sure that
i have good information when i’m
speaking to you through the podcast and
she does so many other things she helps
us out with the rising tide mastermind
many of you out there know corrine and i
cannot do my job without her and i also
want to thank margie who recently joined
our team and is just knocking it out of
the park making all of our jobs so much
easier now if you’re wondering what are
all the things
that we have to do
in order to bring this podcast to you
each and every week and sometimes even
more than once a week
you can go back to one of the episodes
we did this first quarter
and that was episode 182
but a big thank you for all of the
people that are here on staff at scaling
up h2o we would not have over 200
episodes we would not be around for
almost five years if i had to do
everything i did that within my first
year or so
and folks there are a lot of moving
parts that happen with this podcast i
also want to thank our sponsors because
as you know
all the fine people that i mentioned
they have families that they have to
take care of and in order for all the
great work that they do here at the
scaled out podcast we have to make sure
that they get compensated properly i’m
able to do that because of all the fine
sponsors that we had this year
so if you are listening to this podcast
and you’re thinking i would like to get
my message out to the well over 10 000
people that are listening to this
podcast feel free to contact us by going
to scaling up h2o so all of that to say
a big thank you to all of the sponsors
that allow us to do the things
that we do
you know i was very apprehensive to
start doing sponsors on this podcast i
didn’t know how that was going to be
received and mike standish who we just
heard from he pulled me aside at one of
the awt conventions and he was telling
me that that scaling up h2o was the most
talked about thing during that
convention and he wanted to know how he
could give back and i told him i don’t
know if i’m going to do sponsors and
mike said trace this podcast is really
helping our industry
and quite frankly
you’re being very selfish by not letting
others help you
and because he said that to me because
he had the courage to say that to me
because he cared enough to say that to
i had a completely different mind shift
on how i thought about that
so i started talking with people and
everybody thought it was a good idea
because quite frankly your mission can
be as great as anything
but if there’s no margin if there’s no
way to support that it doesn’t matter
how great the mission was
and you will see since we have been
doing sponsorships this podcast has
become far superior than earlier
episodes because i was only able to do
so much by
myself and i wanna again thank mike for
allowing me to see that
and i’ll say it one more time thank you
for everybody
that just pours into the show we’ve got
the guests we’ve got the staff we’ve got
the sponsors and we have you the scaling
up nation of course none of this would
matter if you didn’t listen to this
podcast none of this would matter if
you’re not telling other water treaters
about this podcast so thank you for all
of that
nation i’m going to end the show with
what is your highlight reel for this
year i know it’s amazing and i want to
encourage you to just take a moment if
you haven’t already to celebrate all the
successes you’ve had in 2021
have a great new year folks i will see
you next year
scouting up nation so many people that i
talk to want to join the rising tide
mastermind but they’re concerned about
being able to commit one hour a week for
the mastermind calls folks i have to
tell you when you experience that hour
you realize that that is the power hour
that changes every other hour that you
will experience that week if we keep
doing the same things we will keep doing
the same results and that one hour a
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do something different find out about
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