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welcome to scaling up the podcast where
we scale up on knowledge so we don’t
scale up our systems i’m trace blackmore
the host of the scaling up h2o podcast
and nation i just cannot wait to tell
you this story of course one of the
things that i love to do most is teach
our incredible profession as one of the
trainers for the association of water
technologies technical training well one
of the things i love most besides
teaching at that venue is just meeting
new people and hearing stories and
especially what do you guys do with this
podcast and does anybody really listen
to this podcast after it leaves my
office here in atlanta georgia and i’m
just so inspired when i hear stories
that you guys did something about
something that we talked about and i
want to share a story with you to
inspire you to maybe do the same thing
but this one individual came up to me
and they were almost in tears and by the
end of the story they actually were in
tears they were telling me that they
finally understood their son of course i
was talking to the father the mother i
can’t remember what she did but she was
not at the technical training seminar
these parents were having a difficult
time with their son
they just didn’t feel that they were
getting through to him and they didn’t
understand him and they didn’t know
where to go well they heard me talk
about on this podcast the i said this
you heard that assessment that kathleen
edelman did and of course we’ve had
kathleen edelman on the show twice that
was episode 117 and then we had her come
back for a part two on episode 179
and i throughout
different episodes of the podcast have
been talking about
all the ways that i’ve been able to use
temperaments which is really what i said
this you heard that is it’s a
temperament study and they really
connected with that and they decided
what did they have to lose
so they bought the workbook they went
through the workbook and they almost
instantly saw where they were using
words that did not connect with their
they were able to identify which
temperament their son was they were able
to identify which temperament they were
and together they were able to use the
workbook to come up with language that
they could all use and it’s not perfect
now but they are communicating
better they’re able to have better
conversations with their son their son’s
able to have better conversations with
them and they feel like they’re
now the truth is they’re probably not
really saying anything different they’re
just using different words to say it
thank you so much for sharing that story
with me
that means so much to me and i’ve got a
lot of stories that are just like that
from my own experience my wife and i
have always had a great relationship but
it wasn’t until we started studying
about each other’s temperament that we
were able to give each other the correct
so we didn’t misunderstand each other
and i know if you’re married you have
had misunderstandings well that’s what i
said but that’s not what she heard or
vice versa folks this gives you a lens
all of that so if you have not listened
to episode 117 or episode 179 i think
you need to go back and listen to those
i just spoke about kathleen not too
terribly long ago and it was that
message that urged this family to listen
to those episodes and buy the workbook
folks i cannot tell you how this will
change every relationship in your life
again the workbook is called i said this
you heard that and you can get the
workbook by going to an affiliate link
that we have set up and i did that just
to make it as easy as possible for you
to get this workbook yes it’s an
affiliate link which means amazon gives
us a very small commission for sending
you there but it’s not going to cost you
anything extra it’s just going to make
sure you get to the right site very
quickly scaling up h2o.com forward slash
temperament it will take you right to
that amazon page
you can order it maybe you order a
couple copies and your entire family go
through it maybe you order several
copies and your entire team goes through
it now we talked about i said this you
heard that in the rising tide mastermind
fourth quarter last year and just the
stories that have come out of the
mastermind where people have been using
it with their families and their teams
have just been amazing this is a tool
about communication so you’re probably
thinking i’ve done myers-briggs i’ve
done disc i’ve done enneagram and that’s
great i think those things are all
wonderful programs but the thing that i
said this you heard that does is it
allows you to understand yourself in
addition it allows you to understand
other people and here’s the big
difference it allows you to understand
yourself enough so you can give other
people what they need
and their specific language that each
one of the temperaments need so you’re
not changing what you’re saying you’re
just changing some of the words that
you’re using to say them and you are now
able to get your message across more
clearly a lot less gray
so listen to those two episodes again
117 179 you’ll hear about all the four
temperaments you’ll even hear about the
four needs that each one of the four
temperaments have and when you learn to
master yourself you’re then able to give
others what they need and it is just
amazing what that will do for
relationships all of this to say thank
you so much for that individual sharing
that story with me i will in turn share
that with kathleen that wrote the study
and nation i can’t say enough good
things about it if you have not done
some work and i said this you heard that
please look in to doing that because it
will help every relationship that you
and that’s what this podcast is all
about it’s all about relationships it’s
all about community we’re all part of
the scaling up nation
we understand all the trials and
tribulations that each of us has to go
in and out of each and every day and we
know that we are not alone we have a
huge scaling up nation that understands
all the things that we are dealing with
and what i ask is that you find ways to
attend where other scaling up nation
members are
that’s why i am always going to give you
some ideas of where you can go to
experience more of the particular water
treatment that you may practice just
like i had that conversation in a
community of like water treaters at the
association of water technologies here
are a couple more so the american
chemical society is having their
in san diego california that’s going to
be march 20th through 24th
and then the 17th annual international
water association
edge conference on water and wastewater
technology that is going to be in reno
nevada march 27 through april
and then speaking of the awt the
association of water technologies is
having their annual convention and expo
in vancouver canada that’s going to be
september 21st through 24th why am i
telling you this now when i was telling
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when nation my interview today i know
you are going to love
i met this individual a couple of years
ago and have really enjoyed getting to
know him better and i’m really impressed
at all the things that he does and how
he tries to solve some of the issues
that us water treaters have here’s that
my lab partner today is landon marks of
fluid maintenance solutions landon how
are you
i’m doing fantastic thank you trace
glad to have you on the scaling up h2o
podcast before we get started do you
mind telling the scaling up nation a bit
about yourself
i grew up in northwest oklahoma and
graduated from oklahoma state university
back in 2011 was going to be a school
teacher actually and i changed courses
and chose to be uh in sales instead i’m
not gonna lie probably the best decision
i’ve ever made
but i was gonna be a baseball basketball
coach and
that’s where my heart was instead of
instead of teaching school but um you
know i’ve been in uh been in sales for
the past decade
worked for in different industries uh
such as metalworking and
food processing water industry now of
course uh for the past four years that’s
where i’ve been but then i started my
company fluid maintenance solutions and
you know what i haven’t looked back
you know i was thinking where you and i
met when i was getting ready for this
interview and i’m pretty sure it was at
that awt event that i moderated where
you were one of the panelists on the
discussion of young professionals
yeah that’s absolutely right that was a
great panel by the way i would love to
get to do that again that was fantastic
well for those of the scaling up nation
that didn’t see that what were you guys
talking about on that panel
so really it was just a panel of young
professionals in the water industry
that business owners could bounce
questions off of of you know how can
they attract a younger generation of
water treaters to the water industry
landon i’ve got to ask you so you just
let the scaling up nation know that you
you wanted to be a basketball coach now
you’re in the industrial water treatment
industry what the heck happened
so that came to be
okay so i know that’s got a switch isn’t
it you know what
hats off to teachers
my heart was in coaching baseball and
basketball but not so much in teaching
school and
you know what i didn’t i didn’t feel
like i was going to wake up one day
and all of a sudden like
and parents would all of a sudden
respect teachers like they should
or you know it’s it’s in oklahoma you
don’t make a whole lot teaching school
and uh it’s just
it’s just a matter of like career choice
of of
what i thought would be best for me and
one thing led to another and i met the
right people and the sales journey
brought me here
well let’s talk about here what is your
day-to-day like
sure my day-to-day i tell you what i
wear all the hats
as you can imagine you know i do
everything from
sales calls quoting
processing orders
let’s not forget accounting that’s
you know it’s usually a pretty full day
owning your own business as you know can
be absolutely terrifying but
i love it i wouldn’t change it
it’s an absolute adventure and has
completely taught me
a new definition of perseverance and
grit that’s for sure
especially through i mean i’ve started
this company two weeks before covet
happened in 2020. so i probably couldn’t
have picked a worse time to start this
so let’s put that in perspective i’m
still standing i’m still here
yeah if only we had that crystal ball
right but maybe that was the time that
it was meant to be
maybe so i mean i’m not gonna question
it because i’m still here doing it
the hardest thing in owning a business
is starting the business
most people don’t take that first step
what was that first step like for you
i started the company because i found a
niche market
dip slides of course are in the water
industry used a ton
where my background was
was in the metal working industry
any so metal working industry being
anything that cuts metal
milling and things like that i realized
that the machining industry
needed a simple way to check their
machining coolant for bacteria
when i found out i’m going back to
when i discovered that not many people
if all are are marketing this product
the machining industry if i came out of
my seat and i was like holy cow this is
this is a market that needs this product
so that’s that’s where i started fms
well you’re talking about dip slides so
i want to ask you episode 214
was almost a throwback to an earlier
episode that i did i remember i was
trying to figure out what i was going to
talk about
and i saw a corrosion coupon
that somebody did not love that sent to
me to analyze and it had just gone
through the most pathetic life and just
somebody didn’t respect it they didn’t
understand it
and i looked at it i said you know what
i’m going to tell your story and i did a
whole show from the corrosion coupons
perspective and i decided to do that
again on episode 214
with the dip slide i know you’ve
listened to that episode so what did i
get right
you got a lot of stuff right trace
actually it took like
all my talking points i could possibly
talk about for an hour about dip slides
you nailed almost all of them so
i tell you what the episode was good
i mean you explained it very basic
product right
dip slides are fantastic when they work
when they don’t work or such as we go we
can get into um you know the things that
go wrong with them later if you like
your your episode
explained very well
what dip slides do
why they’re used and kind of the do’s
and don’ts of what you are supposed to
do with them what they actually test for
what they don’t test for
uh you mentioned storage
excuse me what they’ll actually pick up
you know the planktonic bacteria that’s
in then it’s in a cooling tower
i thought that episode was fantastic you
did a good job
well by the way storage you were the one
that fussed at me because i was keeping
them in the refrigerator you said no you
can’t do that you know what i actually
was curious when i listened to that if
that was if you got that from here and i
was like surely i’m not the first person
to tell them that
i figured it was a good spot to keep
them it was going to make sure that
nothing grew on them and you were like
no that’s the worst place ever to keep
them i’m not going to say it’s the worst
you know i mean you could put them on
the back of ups truck in 120 degree heat
for a week but
but uh
guys if you’re listening to this
don’t put your dip slides in the fridge
right on the front of every box that i
put out there the manufacturer suggests
it’s 68 to 75 degrees
you don’t have to keep them in a dark
place either like in the in a dark
closet you don’t have to do that as long
as they’re not sitting directly in
sunlight that everything else is
completely fine you know room
landing you mentioned from the episode
we just talked about that when dip
slides are working birds are singing
there’s rainbows everybody’s happy
but then there’s an occasion where
things don’t go as planned something’s
happened to the dip slide what are some
of the things that can happen that’s
just going to ruin all of our day and
then what do we do about it
that’s a great question everybody that’s
used dip slides has opened up a box and
they’ve fallen apart or there’s growth
on them
something of that nature they’ve already
started to grow bacteria in some way
when the dip slides are sliding off the
medias something has gone wrong in the
adhesive that’s on them
of course yeah i’m sure you people have
inquired about this like oh you know
what happened why did it happen guys if
these things get too hot
that can just easily happen if the
adhesive isn’t the right mixture
when things are just recently there’s
been an issue of growth the growth that
has been happening here in the last few
months with dip slides inside the
packaging actually is the cap that’s
screwed on to the to the dip slide
isn’t completely sealed so
when these are shipped
the um the packaging that it’s in
actually isn’t it’s not some sterile
and so air gets inside of the dip slide
container and that has been the result
of growth on the dip slides lately since
then everything’s been fixed but those
that’s just kind of some behind the
scenes of why there might be growth
maybe there’s something wrong in the
clean room during uh during
so what do you do whenever that happens
well you certainly don’t use it you
can’t use those anymore
so when we get a dip slide and it’s
compromised in whatever reason
we don’t use it and let’s say the entire
package is that way and now we’re
wondering do we order this same type of
dip slide is there an alternative that
we can use
what should we be doing so we can do all
the things we need to do as industrial
water traders
there is an alternative to dip slides
uh recently i have actually come with a
come up with a new product
that does the exact same thing a dip
slot does the incubation time is the
the storage temperature is the same
the boxing is actually better and they
still come 10 in a box
we call these play counts ttc
multiplayer count and they don’t fall
they’re very accurate
you could there’s actually multiple ways
of taking a test you have inoculating
lube uh a swab if you if you’re i mean
even if for time sake if you really
wanted to you can just dip the whole
plate in there
in your sample but what these look like
is something that you would see a lady’s
makeup circle
would be and in the middle is a divider
one side is the bacteria side the other
is the smolder fungus you know we’ve had
r d on these and we put them out for
sample out in the industry
and people are
really enjoying them they they’re
they work
they’re cost effective um a lot of the
accounts that i have switched over to
buying those instead of dip slides
because unfortunately
dip slides will run for a long time and
be pretty consistent
on the product quality
of them coming from the manufacturer
and then all of a sudden something
happens right and then they’re falling
off or they’re growing something for you
know when you get them
so we came up with an alternative
for people to use
so nation a visual for you
almost like a petri dish looking thing
and it’s got the agar on either side so
with everybody having a dip slide visual
in their mind and now this this other
form in their mind why do the issues
happen with one and not the other
so when a dip slide falls off the dip
slides vertical up and down right so it
has the opportunity for gravity to do
its work and it’ll slide off if it’s not
it adhered right and the plates they
don’t really have that opportunity to
fall apart
the packaging on the plate counts is
sterilized so that
the interior is everything everything’s
so they’re not going to grow anything
either you know inside the box comes the
colony density chart that if you compare
it to dip size is extremely similar
and it comes with directions it’s the
the product might take you five extra
seconds to use but
essentially it’s the exact same thing
it doesn’t fail
yeah i’ve got to say later we’ve been
using them for a little bit and i really
like how they stack it’s very it gets a
lot more
of them in our incubator we only have
one incubator in our lab and you pretty
much quadrupled if not quintupled the
space uh or the amount of product that
we can put in there and incubate at the
same time so that’s definitely a plus
something you said that i’d love to
is you said that we don’t need to
inoculate them with the little q-tip the
sterile q-tip that comes with them so i
didn’t know this we could actually just
dip them in like we do a regular dip
actually yes you know somebody actually
came to me a question like can we just
can we dip this in your sample
that’s a that’s a good question so i
talked to the manufacturer about it and
if you really want to y’all i mean it’s
the same thing you can if your sample
size your or your whatever you put your
sample in is big enough
there’s no reason you can’t
i didn’t even think about how many more
you can incubate an incubator
it’s huge and they’re they’re not as
top-heavy and unbalanced as uh as a
regular dip slide so if you’re trying to
reach around and get a sample
15 of them aren’t going to fall over
during the incubation process so yeah
there’s so many things that uh it solved
without anybody knowing that that was a
problem something i did want to ask you
in addition to to the previous question
the dip slide’s designed so we can grab
it we’re not interfering with where the
agar is we’re dipping it into the media
and then we’re immediately putting it
back into that tube
so a concern that i have is if we just
dipped that round dish there’s a
possibility that we might touch
something on the edge what can we do to
ensure that we don’t contaminate it with
just our sampling process
you know that’s that’s a fair and
absolutely true question we’re actually
kind of working on maybe putting a
something on the side of it that you can
hold on to to if you really wanted to
dip the whole plate in
then that would you know you have
something to keep your hands and things
out of the way
if that’s
not the case you can’t do that then just
use the swab
yeah we’ve tried to be pretty deliberate
about it uh of course when you wear
gloves and then you take apart the
cooling tower with the same gloves
they’re probably not that sterile
anymore but we try not to have our
fingertips go
past where that little lip is or where
the plastic piece ends we’re trying to
be within the body of the side and then
we try to make sure that we hold it down
and and let all the water drip out that
nothing from our fingertips drips back
into the sample i don’t know if we’re
doing that right but it all made sense
to us
no it sounds like you’re mate you’re
doing the right precaution
the the plates work and
your process if you be as careful as you
can of course it may be just a tad more
but in the end i think the plate counts
are a superior product to dip sides
i’m always amazed when i talk to other
water treaters and they don’t incubate
it in an incubator they put it in their
back pocket or they put it in their
glove compartment or maybe it’s in their
drink holder in their car so i just want
to state or have you state for the
scaling up nation how important is it to
incubate these things at the proper
i’m glad you asked this question because
i was going to hit on this as like a
drive home point at the end of the
podcast if i needed to
so i was doing a um a do’s and don’t to
dip slides for the special projects
committee at awt in 2019
one guy in the audience was like well i
just i just put mine on top of my fridge
it is consistent i suppose more
consistent than being in a back pocket
or you know some some people like why i
just put them in the glove box of the
car or something like that guys
incubate your dip slides
the 48 hours that a dip slide takes to
have the growth
is based on incubation
for results for accurate accurate
for a dip slide it’s about four to five
days if you don’t incubate it so what’s
the temperature of your sample out of a
cooling tower what do you say
it’s typically i would say within the
80s 90s
my question for the scaling up nation
here would be
why would you take a sample
of where that bacteria is happy right
we’re talking they’re happy in there
you’re testing for that bacteria that’s
by the way growing
at that cooling tower temperature your
dip slide’s not going to get the
bacteria that’s not growing why would
you take a sample test it with a dip
and then not leave that bacteria at the
same temperature
that it was happy and growing
take it out of the 90 degree
and then put it
i don’t know on your desk in your office
that’s this that’s hanging out at 70
you’re not going to get as accurate
results if you incubate your dip slides
at 90 degrees
that bacteria is going to be happy and
it’s going to want to keep growing so
you’re going to have more accurate
results more data
for your customers to do what you need
to do as an industrial water treater
it makes sense if you have something
that is at a particular temperature you
would want to incubate it at that
temperature so you can duplicate where
you took the sample from it makes
perfect sense and for fun uh i encourage
whether using dip slides or what what’s
the new the new method that we just
talked about
the new method is plate count play count
okay okay so not a new method just just
a new to us method oh yeah it’s it’s a
new it’s a new product yeah and we call
it the ttc model okay so with that uh
whatever you’re using store it in some
different areas and do some comparisons
we actually did that here to let people
know how important it was to incubate
those at
a particular temperature and you will
see you will get different growth at
different temperatures so if you don’t
believe landon if you don’t believe me
try it for yourself and you will be a
landon if people want to learn more
about the plank count product that you
have and some of the other things that
you have to offer where should they go
i’m happy to talk to you contact me
i’ll give you my number it’s
six 405
two seven eight six nine
and my email is landon l-a-n-d-o-n
dot marcus
at fluid maintenance solutionsllc.com
and you can find that also on trace’s
show note page
well awesome i’m sure you’re going to
get some calls people are probably
wondering what it is that we’re talking
i’m going to put some images of what
we’re talking about on the show notes
page so people can actually get the same
visual that you and i have
any last words that you want to give the
scaling up nation
let’s see you know what a common
misconception i heard one time
at awt actually
was that they were using dip slides as a
way to test for legionella and that i
told them i was like that that’s
completely false
do not use a dip slide to test for
legionnail at all you need to send that
off to a lab it’s a certified lab and
there are rapid tests out there but
those aren’t reportable tests so send it
out to a lab that is reportable
and the only thing that i can say if
that a dip slide could help you as far
as legionella is if it’s completely
you actually alluded to this in your in
your podcast about this slides if it’s
completely saturated with bacteria
that’s data
so make decisions based on what the data
is which leads to more testing but dip
slides are not a not a way if that’s
really to no
great point yeah there’s numerous shows
about legionella uh if anybody out there
in the scaled up nation wants to learn
more about that topic just go to the
show notes page and type in the word
legionella and you’re going to find a
bunch of information but i want to thank
you for the information that you shared
with us today i love that you’re taking
a potential issue
and you’re trying to engineer all the
issues out of it so thank you for trying
to make our job just a little bit easier
maybe even a little bit faster when
we’re out in the field
i thank you very much trace and i’m
happy to be here and spread the word
well landon once again thank you for
coming on scaling up h2o and nation if
you want to find out about more of the
products that landon was speaking of
don’t worry we got them all on our show
notes page we got a link to where you
need to go so just go to scaling up
h2o.com we will send you exactly where
you need to go to
learn more
nation as you know we are working with
friend of show james mcdonald james is
always challenging us to think about
something a little bit differently how
are we going to get a little bit better
one week at a time so here’s our next
installment on thinking on water with
welcome to thinking on water with james
the segment where we don’t give you the
answers we give you the topics and
questions for you to think about drop by
now let’s get to it
in this week’s episode we’re thinking
about how much water flashes off a hot
water sample from a boiler
ideally a sample cooler would be used to
collect a boiler water sample but why
what is lost as the hot water sample
changes from the pressure of the boiler
to atmospheric pressure
how much water is actually flashing off
and is it enough to affect your test
is there anything else flashing off the
sample besides water
what are the safety concerns
take this week to think about the impact
of taking a hot water sample from a
boiler versus a cooled sample
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tow 22 and hashtag scalinguph2o share
your thoughts on each week’s thinking on
i’m james mcdonald and i look forward to
learning more from you
nation it’s my hope we always give you a
lot to think about here on the scaling
up h2o podcast and when you’re thinking
about new things you’re doing new things
when you’re doing new things you are
forcing yourself to get better and when
you get better it means you’re not
staying stagnant and that means you’re
not bored folks don’t be bored in this
job if you ever find yourself being
bored as a professional water treater i
promise you are not doing it right push
yourself get the instruction manual out
for whatever you’re doing and learn more
about what you’re doing and why it works
what are some of the issues with it if
you run the same test over and over and
over again
and you are just bored with it how can
you change it to get different
information what are some of the
interferences with it how can you change
the drop count what happens if you get
an interference how do you get that out
what happens if you don’t take the test
within a certain window what does that
mean there is so much to learn about
each and every component of everything
we do in our job the problem is
we get bored with the procedure and we
don’t bother to learn more trust me it
is fun to learn more and you learn more
when you learn more yeah i just said
that didn’t i folks i hope you are
reaching out to the next step because i
promise you there is just so much in
this industry to learn and i don’t think
there is anybody that will ever learn
nation i hope you have learned that each
and every friday we’re going to have a
brand new episode for you of scaling up
h2o i can’t wait to bring that to you
next week and i hope you have a great
week in the meantime take care of each
see you next friday
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