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scaling up nation there are so many things to worry about in today’s economy
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and worrying about all of the things that we have to do in this current economy
i can rest easy because they are thinking about me and making sure that i
have the best insurance for my company i get phone calls from
mcgowan letting me know that i need to do something different does this sound
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a m-c-g-o-w-a-n welcome to scaling up the podcast where
we scale up on knowledge so we don’t scale up our systems i’m trace blackmore your host for the scaling up h2o podcast
and wow how awesome was it to see all of you
last week at the association of water technologies convention in vancouver
nation i absolutely love those shows it’s the favorite one that i go to each
and every year and i love it because there’s always so many members of the
scaling up nation thank you for all of you that came up to
me said hi told me something about the podcast i can’t tell you how much that
means to me because when you do that i know that my
southern voice here in atlanta georgia recording on this microphone in my
studio is being listened to of course i’m just all by myself here when i’m recording but
you’re listening to it and more importantly you’re doing something with
the information that we have on this podcast with all the things that you’re learning from either me or the guest
or all the information that we put on our show notes page and of course when you’re doing this alone in your studio
you always wonder is this going to reach the audience that you hope it will and
will they be able to take from it what you hope they can take and i love it
when you confirm yes the scaling up h2o podcast is something valuable as a
professional water treater and so many people say that they use it daily to
help inspire them to help teach them to help get them to do new things and then
so many of you came up and you shared with me about a particular achievement
that you’ve made so many people are getting certified now people are going
out for higher positions in their companies they’re going after business
they might not have stopped at before because they felt like they didn’t know enough they didn’t
have enough experience but they got over that they had the desire and now
they’re forcing themselves to learn even more and they are helping customers i
love all those stories and i can tell you dozens of them i just want to say thank you
nation as always make sure you’re checking the calendar for all the things
that are coming up i had several people tell me that they would not have known
about the awt conference had it not been for this podcast so and that’s part of
my job i’m trying to keep you in the know about all of the things that are
coming up and we are tracking those not only weekly on the podcast
we’re also making sure that you have a way to get that information easily and when i said
we’re tracking them on the podcast what i really meant to say is they’re on our show notes page but maybe you don’t
remember what episode i was talking about a particular event well that’s fine because the great staff
here at the scaling up h2o podcast have solved that as well
and you can now simply go to the events section on our web page trace what is
that web page i’m so glad you asked it’s scaling up
you go there and you are able to look at all of the events that i’ve mentioned
and all of the events i might not have even talked about yet you can see what’s going on in the calendar and you can
make a calendar invite right there by clicking on the link
so you can get that in your schedule so you can plan on that i had several people thank me for doing that because
it made the awt conference so much easier for them to attend again that is
not just me that is a group effort with all of the fine folks here at the
scaling up h2o podcast but again once again thank you
for sharing that you’re actually using all of these tools because we don’t know
if you don’t tell us and so many of you told us last week since i’m talking
about things that need to be on your calendar the international desalination
association is having their conference october 9th through 13th in sydney
australia so if you’re in that type of water treatment by all means go to our show
notes page check that out see if it’s something that you should attend and these days there’s so many virtual
options and conferences have realized that if they offer lower price points
and give you access to some of the material that’s there now you’re not going to get everything at some of those
lower price points but you might get just enough for you to get more knowledgeable on a
particular topic i’m not saying that the international desalination association has definitely done this but i’ve seen
this with so many associations so don’t think if you can’t go to sydney australia
that you cannot attend this there might be another way so look into it if this is something that interests you also the
american water resource association is having their conference in seattle washington
november 7th to 9th this conference is all about water resource management the
american water resource association provides you with practical innovative
and applied water resource management solutions also management techniques and
access to all their current research if you want to learn more about this
particular conference go to our show notes page and we’ll have all of that laid out for you and then the last thing
i’ll talk about is the u.n water summit on groundwater
this is going to be in paris france please call me and tell me you want me
to cover this i would love to go to paris france that’s going to be december
7th through december 8th and this is all about bringing attention to groundwater
at an international level if this is something that interests you please go to our show notes page we will have all
of that information before i get into our guest
i want to give a shout out to all the listeners we have in ecuador
i have to tell you this guy that’s sitting in his studio all by himself making this recording had no idea that
when i started this podcast five years ago we would have well any listeners honestly i was hoping
that we would just have a couple dozen people listen to me now we have
thousands of people that are listening to the scaling up h2o podcast and the
fact that we are worldwide is just blowing my mind so here’s a
statistic in ecuador and thank you for all the listeners we have in ecuador we
rank 91 out of all the podcasts listened to
in that country and we’re number 15 in educational podcast that is just
phenomenal now here’s why i’m really excited about this and i think you know this because i’ve talked about this
before but i trace blackmore absolutely love water and one of the things that i
do in water is i scuba dive so my job is treating water my hobby is diving
underneath the water and folks if you have not done this before
you are missing out on the most amazing world we’re not
meant to breathe underwater so the fact that we have the technology that we can do this and we can see so many amazing
things underwater it is just fantastic i highly recommend it i’m a scuba dive
instructor i have taught hundreds of people how to breathe underwater safely how to
respect that environment and it’s one of my favorite things to do and i also have
a bucket list when it comes to places that i want to scuba dive and the
galapagos islands are definitely on that list so ecuador i am coming to see
you someday i don’t know when it is my wife my new son hayden we are all
looking forward to coming down to see you and see that amazing underwater
world that you have so i don’t know when we’re gonna do it but i will make sure to talk about it on
the podcast speaking about things that we need to talk about on the podcast
let’s go ahead and get to our guest nation you are going to hear from a
person that i consider a friend and a mentor and you’re going to see why as we
have this interview i hope you enjoy it
my lab partner today is chuck hamrick jr of eagle consulting chuck i’m so excited
to have you on the scaling up h2o podcast welcome to the show
well trace thank you very much i look forward to being with you chuck you and i have a long history i
think we first met on my first day as a board member for the awt you were
president of the awt and geez how long ago was that what how many years
it must have been around 2003 or when you came on because my presidency was
2007. and then i was immediate past president uh in 2008 and off the
board enjoying life from 2009 to the present yes there’s always off the board and all
the things you get to do after being on the board but i would say it’s probably one of the most rewarding things that
i’ve done in my career would you agree oh definitely i would totally agree with that i learned a lot during that time
there’s a lot of super great guys on the board when i was there that actually helped me such as bruce the patrick uh
senior uh bill pearson uh j farmery and just numerous other guys uh it was a
great time to be on the board and you as well coming on with a lot of great ideas uh your first and second
year there that while i was on the board and uh just a great time well i remember i was a bull in a china
shop so you tolerated me very well thank you for that well you know we’re all that way at
first and uh you know i’m just so proud of how you turn things around and become
super successful and and uh being in the awt board and then also your career
it’s just really neat to see the younger generation doing such a great job and chuck i love you so much more
because you just called me young that doesn’t happen very often so thank you well when you’re 63 you know anything in
the 40s is considered yummy well chuck i can’t wait to get to this entire interview i know the scaling up
nation is going to appreciate you as much as i do but before we do that do you mind sharing with the scaling up
nation a bit about yourself yes uh i’m a husband uh to my lovely
wife vera who have almost been 42 years on august the 30th of this year it would
be 42 years of marriage i’m the father of three wonderful fantastic obeying
children my daughter abby and my son chase who’s in the water trooping business with us
and my youngest daughter adrian i’m the grandfather of 10 beautiful grandchildren hunter lori nolan arya
talia wyatt caroline lynya athea and kade i’m owner of a water treatment company
called eagle engineering water technology and as you mentioned i’m past president and board member of awt with
all that life is very good and a heck of a nice guy
some people say that well i got to say chuck through through all the years that i’ve known you uh you
are a man of faith and that is the foundation of everything that you do and that’s just so
refreshing to see and and it’s just uh it’s just great that you always know where you’re coming from uh and you
always know where you’re getting that from so i want to thank you for for just demonstrating that to the world
well thank you trace i try to do my best so we’re all creatures from the lord and
we should be trying to do what he would have us do well let’s shift gears back to awt
actually let’s go even further back i was thinking that was a long time ago but we can even go further
so let’s talk about when you decided you wanted to get into industrial water
treatment how in the world did you have that thought well trace it’s kind of a funny story i
was uh i was in the insurance business i was very successful
i was one of the fastest growing uh managers and a very large fortune 500
insurance company i took the sales in the first nine months i was there and
had the largest growth in sales then they promoted me to a staff manager
where i had nine different sales reps under me and i was only like 21 at that
time and they were the youngest one was 35 lowest one was like my age now 63. so
it was a group of uh people that had been in their business for a long time were weren’t very motivated to do
much more i was a young ambitious person that motivated them and we took the
third worst staff in the national corporation to in the top three
and was doing very well and then i think i had a little issue with myself and i was in the hospital a
few days you gotta remember back then they put you in for a cold and i was in there and one of my deacons
came to visit me and found out that he’s in the water treatment business and i must have
impressed him because i asked him all the type of questions you would love for someone to
ask before you knew if they maybe want to be in the water treatment he told me he sold
industrial chemicals and i said wow that’s something that they probably have to buy every day or at least once a
month right and he said yeah i said man the repeat commission on that had to be great then i found out at commission rate and
just tell me about some of the product and i said wow i could make a lot of money doing that and even though i was
very happy where i was and uh didn’t think it led to anything and about a week later he came back to offer me a
job and i told him i wasn’t really interested but he said one of the magic things when i was a little kid i always
wanted to be an owner of a business he said well chuck if you come to work with me i’ll offer you up to 20 ownership in
the company and you’ll be the first choice to buy the company when i retire
and that was probably the motivating factor that i was really excited about that someday i could own my own water
troop company or a business and so i kind of leaped out in faith took a
substantial pay decrease to go to work there but was really excited about
learning uh how to sell water treatment i was very good at personal relationships and convincing people that
we could do the job and so forth but i had to get the technical knowledge behind that
so chuck obviously it went well and you did end up purchasing that company can
you tell us about that well i purchased the company in 2000
and had a situation with the past owner where he uh kind of
went against the buyout procedures and uh there were several lawsuits that went
past uh through that literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and so forth but in 2014 we had all that
uh cleaned up and we started the what we call the new company which is eagle
engineering water technology uh pretty much all of our customers that was at the other company uh wanted to
come with us and we took all the ones that we wanted and the other ones we suggested to go to someone else but uh
right now we have a very successful company very profitable my son is in the company and probably
will be taking over the company in the next four to six years and uh we’ve been starting to run a
better management program based on the mastermind group that you lead with
traction and uh gino’s company i believe our book uh gino whitman’s a book on
eos entrepreneur operating system and my son is just doing a tremendous job in
that and we have a great future well that sounds amazing i mean that’s a
that’s a a very condensed version of a very impressive career
let me ask lessons learned somebody gets a similar job offer that you did
and there’s some sort of ownership or buyout arrangement in that job offer
what would you advise them to do based on your experience well i believe they should try to learn
as much as they can about how a business actually operates and then to have a
good system and hopefully if they’re buying out a company they might already have a good
system in a lot of ways but i believe they really need to maybe look at the traction uh eos
program it’s really helped us we haven’t been running it very long but it’s actually helped in some of the holes
that we weren’t quite doing quite right i guess i would tell them to immediately trying to learn as much as they possibly
can of how the business works to get the technical background as well
and try to find someone that could be their mentor like i did
many years ago well chuck something you also mentioned was the awt of course we
started this conversation where that’s how you and i met when you were in business
why did you seek out the awt why did you first become a member well i i was actually like at one of the
first meetings in 1987 at the pittsburgh water conference back then now it’s the iwc but uh
so i had great interest i went to pretty much every conference uh through the uh
80s and and early 90s i missed a couple during the mid 90s and then pretty much
from 2000 to the presence i’ve been to every one of them so i saw a great opportunity to be a
part of a great organization where i could give and at the same time receive
and you know it’s amazing i actually probably received way more than i gave
even though you know the old saying is once you get on the board it’s only a half an hour uh or a
committee it’s only like a half an hour a month that’s probably not true but uh the bottom line is is that i got a lot
more than i gave because i got a lot of wisdom i got some great friends as i mentioned
earlier that at any time i can call up and get information if i can’t remember
it because i’m getting old there you go and i got some great mentors as well i
consider you one of those mentors well thank you i consider you a mentor as well because you formed the
mastermind and like i said i i tend to get great results from that
chuck i remember you did a lot to help the initial awt
sales training and you’re always reading and you turn me on to jeff gitmer which is now one of my favorite sales training
people so many people out there are scared of selling they think selling is something
way more than it really is how can you alleviate some of the people out there that selling’s okay you don’t
need to be ashamed of it and uh what tips do you have for them well i don’t know if i have any tips but
other than you know if you read and study there’s a lot of good and material out there and every sales process
process is a little different but one of the things i remember when i first got into an
insurance sales and i got pretty good at it you know i would sell three to five policies a day
and the toughest thing when i came in the water treatment you know you don’t sell a three new accounts every day you
know that just doesn’t happen in the water treatment and a lot of times you might be working with a client for four
to eight maybe even a whole year before you actually get their business uh industrial sales is quite different than
uh insurance type of sales but you know the one of the things that i learned earlier when i was in in the
insurance sales that i carried over to water troop cells is that i know it’s just one step closer to a yes the more
nose or what i like to say throwing mud on the wall the chances are i’ll cover that wall completely with mud but i’ll
be making sales in the meantime so you just need to have a thick skin and
not worry about the nose because the nose only get you closer to a yes
what are your favorite sales training tools well there’s been many
one i really liked was the wilson learning institution where it gave you the four social styles so that you could
read a person real quick you know when you’re in their office and you’re meeting them so you can know if they’re a driver an expressionist an annual and
then as the new one i can’t remember exactly but we just did a book on the actual uh one what what is that with the
red yellow green i can’t remember the name that was i said this you heard that
by kathleen edelman so that took it a little more deeper because then you get the actual
personalities involved in there and how the people are actually wired so if you add those two together you can pretty
much look at a person and understand what’s going to make them tick what might make them excited and what they
have to hear to be able to uh have you close a cell with them so there’s all kinds of things like that
and like i said i’ve read so many different sales and management books over the years that uh something will
pop out maybe after we get off of this interview well if you think about them send me a
note and we’ll be sure to put that list on our show notes page okay chuck you mentioned eos and if anybody listens to
the podcast for any length of time every couple of episodes eos always comes up
why is something like eos and maybe we should explain what eos is it’s an it’s
an operating system that you don’t have to run a water treatment business on it’s any business and it gives you kind
of a set of parameters on how you run the business a set of tools on how you run the business
why do you feel that that’s the next step for your company
well i think it gives a lot of great organization from order entry to
your crm you know of getting your clients looking for prospects to
how you do payroll how you do accounts receivable accounts payable
you get a closeness with all your leaders of your company uh when you have your l10 meetings uh to make sure things
are getting done and what might need to be done in the near future um you end up doing you know a one-year
plan a three-year plan a five-year plan which you know that’s just basic business uh knowledge that everybody
knew even 20 or 30 years ago but uh eos tends to highlight it better and organize it
better for you i believe that’s what i would consider as eos i mean we do a lot
we did a lot of the same stuff but it’s much more organized now and more people are accountable because we
were able to have them to be accountable for what they’re responsible for because of that
you mentioned your son chase which is also a member of the mastermind and he is just fantastic and he is the heir
apparent to your company and and chuck i really have to commend you because you’re getting this right
i read an article not too terribly long ago in ink magazine about family-run companies and how they
transition and most of them transitioned unsuccessfully and the article went on
to why that was and the article stated that in order for a transition to really
take place as good as it could there needed to be a system and they didn’t specifically mention eos but something
like that you could read in the article that’s what they were referring to so one you need a system
so you can get things out of people’s heads so people are actually following the system and then two the transition
period takes a minimum three to five years to really
be successful and you mentioned that’s that’s your plan that was the exact time frame that you gave
and it went on to interview the people that did not do those things and they
asked them well why didn’t you have conversations with the current owner or
your father or whoever it was and people said it was just unpleasant you know we didn’t want to think about
something perhaps happening or him not coming to work because we all enjoy him being here so it was unpleasant we just
didn’t talk about it and then something happened where the person didn’t get any
training at all they just had to step into that position because of whatever event happened and that was about 90
percent of the businesses that they interviewed just stepped into the position because
they were too scared or unpleasant to bring up that conversation however the interesting
thing about that article was a hundred percent of those people all wished that they could go back to what
you’re doing right now and do it the way that you and chase are doing it so all
of that to ask you and i know that we have a lot of people in the water
treatment industry that are trying to think of what is chapter two for their lives how do they how do they transition
their water treatment business what advice would you have for them well i think you pretty much hit it you
know you need to have a plan of what your exit plan is going to be and uh you know my plan has been because
my son has been with us for 20 years now he started young right out of high school
while he was going to college and that and he’s been a tremendous asset for us but uh you know we had certain ways i
ran the business and and so forth and we we got good but we needed something that would relate to
him but still have a lot of the basic principles that i believed in and that’s where we came up uh while we’re on the
mastermind group the eos system and uh very happy we did my son is uh really
taking the ropes and leading the company in a lot of ways and makes me very excited about that but you
know i still need to be around for a few years to be able to help him in any way and then even after four or five years
the plan is i’d probably be like the chairman of the board type of thing and
may mostly just uh help him to run the actual business not so much in the
business but running of the business and being able to uh take care of our large
corporate customers that we have and uh enjoying life you know i’m
looking forward to spending more time on the chuck wagon with my lovely wife babira and traveling and
seeing all the beautiful sights here in america well you brought up the chuck wagon so you have to tell the scale it up nation
what that is the check wagon is my uh motorhome that
i use for a lot of our larger accounts that we have in different states
and typically uh one week out of the month i’ll jump in the chess wagon with
my wife vera and we’ll go around like a bread round or whatever servicing these
large plants and then at the same time we do a lot of sightseeing and eat at some nice
restaurants and also cook up some nice mills because the chuck wagon is fully loaded so that’s pretty much what check
wagon is chuck i got to see the chuck wagon first hand when you drove it down to atlanta
for our first live event and i have to say i am so impressed
because you’ve been able to master something that i’ve always struggled with i’ve always either done business or
personal and you have tied the two together so amazingly well did you learn to do that
or have you always done that well yeah i think you you learn over time but it really comes down to
you know your game plan your your ministry you know in my business as you mentioned
i’m a very spiritual person i i study scripture a lot and uh you know i know
how important the family is so i try to give a good respect to my wife and and to my
three children and my grandchildren i feel family besides god is the most important thing in my life and then uh the
business and the country uh would come in third or fourth so i just tried to do
what i know my holy spirit you know it’s old saying of uh wwjd
what would jesus do i try to do those things and you mentioned your lovely bride vera
my lovely bride stacy they always get together at the awt conventions and then
they go off and do all of these adventures while you and i are in meetings not necessarily boring meetings
but they’re not the adventures that they are going on so i know they really enjoy getting together every year
oh vera thinks the world of her wife and she always looks forward to going on the
long walks with her and because uh i know your wife loves donuts
they always tend to go somewhere that has a good uh donut place so they can get some donuts they sure do
well speaking of awt and of course uh you know we were talking about the convention but you’ve been involved in
awt and you’ve authored a few technical papers how did you even get involved in that
well you know i didn’t think i’d ever be a part of writing a technical paper but when back at that time the first couple
the first i think the first year was like 2000 or 2001 i became a technical committee
chairman for the awt and then i also carried it on one or two years when i was actually on the board which was not
normal at that time uh i understand from speed higher that it is now a little more normal
but back then you know typically if you’re on the board you weren’t on a committee then but uh at that time we
were trying to get the technical committee to do a lot more and produce a lot more papers which over the years has
really improved but back then we didn’t get too many papers to white papers and asked to present at the awt convention
so we were trying to get some papers and uh white rust was one of them and i helped
to direct the original one of that and then the enhanced tooth paper was the
second one but i was mostly one that helped organize it do some research
pat sisk and jay farmer are the ones that did a lot of the actual
technical part of it and then i overlooked it and that but it was fun being in that group and i think that’s
why people should really get involved in these type of organizations like the awt
or masterminds or whatever because you meet some great people and you get to
share your talent and then you get to learn from their talents and their mistakes well that’s true too
yeah i love it and that’s what happens in either the awt or the mastermind somebody will say
that’s a great issue that you have i’ve had that issue so instead of starting from square one
here’s step 10 and you get to learn and improve on their mistakes yeah it’s always better
to take the ones that work that’s right that’s right and you get you get the benefit of hindsight so
folks if you’re doing life alone you’re doing it wrong you know one find a mentor two find a group find an
association and make sure that you’re talking with people because uh you make
too many mistakes on your own that you don’t have to make very true very true
chuck one of the issues that we have as industrial water treaters and specifically owners of industrial water
treatment companies is we’re always trying to find the next new person to hire and there are
so many colleges out there that may not know that industrial water treatment is
an option we’re getting more and more of those students listening to the scaling up h2o
podcast so for them what advice what do you want to tell them about getting involved in
this industry well one i’d like to tell them that it’s a very successful business to be in
financially and also getting friends and helping people but i would suggest
that they read and study every single white paper you can locate out there like i did in the 80s get the awt
training manual read it cover to cover if you don’t understand something ask your your people that run your company
and if not then i would recommend as well that you uh get to reading colin
frames book on boilers and cooling towers as well as james mcdonald’s book
drop by drop i would pick the brain of every water treatment consultant that you
ever met give you an example after about six years into the business i took on my own
even though i was a small partner of our company that really didn’t see any profits or anything at
that time and remember i said i left the insurance business and took a pretty
large pay decrease to go into water treatment but i knew that i wanted to
build this business and i wanted to be successful in it so i looked for the most successful person i could possibly
think of by going to the awt and uh pittsburgh water conferences and i ran into two gentlemen one was paul
korea and the other one was fred wilkes paul the course worked at nalco before and a couple other companies and then
had his own consulting company fred wilke was one of the original formulators and one of the masterminds
of dearborn chemical and that but uh to give me an example what i did because i
was hungry and i wanted to know how to know this business static better i paid for my own trip to go to colorado and
spend a week with pop chorus and carry his brace case around to different accounts and sitting around his office
desk and talking about different formulas and things on my own dime and it was the best time i ever had in my
life learning this business i would highly recommend that you might not have to spend the money that i did
which you know i had to get a hotel and an airplane ticket there and all that but there’s now with the awt and so
forth there’s many people out there that if you find is a trusted and knowledgeable person don’t hesitate to
go up and talk with them introduce yourself to them and to learn from them
they will take you under their wing and lead and teach you whatever you want to know
that is a great story and great advice and the thing that rings so loud in that
story was you were hungry for it i want to ask you this question and we’re going to sound like a bunch of old people
talking now but do you feel people are that hungry these days i hate to say it
i would say no because you know and when i say that it’s because everything has
changed too you can pretty much get anything you want on the internet now and learn things but let’s face it not
everything you get off the internet is correct so you still need to have those personal relationships because as you
said i’d rather learn from someone else’s mistake than my own mistakes
it’s great advice well chuck i could keep you all day however i know that we
need to transition to the lightning round question so are you ready for the
lightning round well i don’t know about that but yeah let’s give it a go all right here we go
if you could go back in time to talk to your former self on your first day as a
water treater what advice would you give i guess the first thing i would tell
myself is like i was saying earlier is that to relax learn as much as you can because i was
pretty hungry at that time and i was used to making sales i almost quit after
about two months because i felt like i couldn’t close sales of industrial water treatment but it’s a process you have to
learn what the business is you got to learn what the client needs and then you need to learn how to present it so that
you can attract them to want to do business with you so i think that would
be the one thing i’d like to tell myself is to relax and trust yourself that
eventually you’ll be able to do this business right chuck what are some of your favorite
books well i actually have more than five but i’m gonna give you five right now
there’s a book i’m reading right now it’s what i consider the number one book it’s the power that changes everything
by richard pearson my second favorite book was grit by angela duckworth
then obviously i like colin crane’s boiler book and cooling book and then i also really get a lot of good
information for the business from james mcdonald’s drop by duck drop
and one of my favorite sells books was consistently selling by weldon long
and one to grow on is a new book out there by jack graham a life according to
jesus we’ll make sure to have each of those on our show notes page you know you
mentioned angela duckworth grit have you seen her ted talk yes
i’ll make sure to have that link on our show note page as well uh it’s just fantastic and it’s like 10
minutes i think yep chuck when somebody writes a movie script about your life who do you want
playing you well because i don’t think anybody would ever uh
want to write a movie about me i probably would consider bruce willis because then when i was not
as heavy as i am now and when i actually still had hair a lot of people thought i looked a lot like him back then so and
plus he’s just a good actor well i’m glad you said it because every time i watch die hard i say is that
chuck hamrick yeah right chuck my final question if
you could talk to anybody throughout history who to be with and why
you know that’s a question that you know would be easy for me to say and i’m the person i’m going to say will
not be really the person i really want to talk to but i know there will be a day that i will be able to talk to that
person and that would be jesus but the person i would say now why i’m still
living would be john the author of the book of revelation because i think it would be
really nice and timely to be able to know exactly what the future holds for us all
chuck this was a lot of fun lots of great information i want to thank you
for coming on the scaling up h2o podcast and i want to thank you trace for all
the hard work you did and the leadership qualities that you have and being a good friend i appreciate you
thank you chuck once again thank you for coming on
the scaling up h2o podcast it’s hard to believe i’ve been doing this for five years and you have just gotten on the
podcast now so sorry about that nation i’m sure you can see why i hold
chuck hamrick jr in such high esteem and i have to tell you it was a really
funny story that when he found out about the mastermind he called me and said why
haven’t you called me this sounds like what i have wanted my entire water
treatment career we have so much information available to us now at our fingertips on the internet
all the books that are available all the resources and people that are available and the masterminds that are available
chuck said i definitely want to be a part of that and he brings so much to
the mastermind and i think a lot of people think with the mastermind you’ve
got to be either at a particular level in your career or maybe you’re not
at the level you need to be or maybe you’re at a higher level than you need to be well folks i’m going to dispel
that right now if you are doing this job if you are
doing life alone you’re doing it wrong and there’s lots of ways you can correct
that but one of the ways is to join a mastermind now i have one called the rising tide mastermind and you can find
out more about that by going to and going over to our
mastermind link and if that sounds good great i’d love to talk to you about it but if that sounds like something that’s
not really your cup of tea then by all means find something else
there’s so many things that you can do but i tell you when you do this job
alone it’s not the same when you involve others in your successes in your issues
in helping you learn new things it changes everything and it makes it
more fun and let’s face it life is too short not to have as much fun
as you can have speaking of a guy that’s having fun every day that he’s an industrial water
treater here’s a new thinking on water with james
welcome to thinking on water with james the segment where we don’t give you the answers we give you the topics and
questions for you to think about drop by drop now let’s get to it
in this week’s episode we’re thinking about softening before or after a reverse osmosis unit
what are the advantages and disadvantages of placing a water softener either upstream or downstream
of an ro if placed downstream how do you keep the ro from scaling up
when feeding antiscalent how may stroke and speed pump settings impact effectiveness
does criticality of the rl system impact the design of where the softener is placed
if an ro removes dissolved solids why would our water softener even be needed downstream
are there any reasons to place the water softener upstream that can offset the reduced capital cost of placing it
downstream take this week to think about whether a water softener should be placed before
or after an rl unit be sure to follow tow 22 and hashtag scaling up h2o share
your thoughts on each week’s thinking on water i’m james mcdonald and i look forward to learning more from you so i feel like
we’re reading shakespeare here to soften before or after that
is the question how’d you guys do in english with shakespeare
shakespeare was one of those things that i know people love i just didn’t connect with it i definitely connected with the
sciences and i guess that goes to a saying that my grandmother used to always say
if somebody didn’t like something she made she never got upset she would just say well if we all liked the same thing
we’d run out and i guess that works with shakespeare as well nation next week is
industrial water week you have waited an entire year for this to come and here it
is i hope you are ready to celebrate i hope you have all of your industrial
water week party supplies you’ve got your outfits all planned out you’ve got
the parties planned you’ve got the invitation sent i don’t know what you’re going to do for industrial water week but i hope you
recognize that you are in one of the best careers out there at least that’s
my opinion and we get to share that together each
and every day next week so that’s going to be celebrating pre-treatment on
monday that’s going to be boilers on tuesday wednesday we’re going to talk about
cooling on thursday it’s all about waste water and then finally on friday it’s
about this fantastic job of industrial water treatment so friday is about
careers we’re going to have a brand new episode for you each and every day
next week we’re going to be sharing pictures with each other so if you’re
buying a water softener on monday take a picture of it and hashtag it to iw22
that’s stands for international water week 2022 but you’re just gonna hashtag
iw22 of that softener picture or that boiler picture on tuesday or that
cooling tower picture on wednesday or that daf system on thursday or maybe
a picture of somebody that inspires you on careers
friday whatever you can think of let’s blow this up let’s make sure that
we are all celebrating this together we realize that even though we might be
alone in our cars like i am in the studio right now we are not alone
we are members of a community we are members of the industrial water
treatment community and if you’re listening to this podcast you’re a member of the scaling up nation
which is 10 000 plus strong how cool is that share your
photos with us share your thoughts again that’s hashtag iw22
nation i cannot wait until monday so we can celebrate industrial water week
together until then i’ll see you monday folks
[Music] scouting up nation we have just started
a new group within the rising tide mastermind i am so amazed at how
successful and how well received the rising tide mastermind has been in our community and we are starting a new
waiting list for the next group if you want to get on this waiting list so you
can start with our next group go to scaling up forward slash
mastermind to see if this is the right group for you and then after you and i have a brief conversation to make sure
the group fits for you and you fit for the group we can get you on that waiting
list i can’t wait to talk to you remember scaling up forward slash mastermind