Rising Tide Mastermind

A group of trusted advisors.

  • How do you get  better at life?  

  • How are you being challenged? 

  • How are you being held accountable for your goals?  

  • How do you get to the next level of success?

Through participation in the Rising Tide Mastermind, we can guarantee that you will grow professionally and personally while gaining  trusted advisors to go through life with.

If you are ready to be pushed and to push others to go to the next level then The Rising Tide Mastermind is for you! This is not for everyone!

In order to be considered to be in the Rising Tide Mastermind, please fill out the application below. After you submit your application it will be reviewed by Trace Blackmore. Once your application is submitted, on the confirmation page there will be a link to schedule a 15-minute phone interview with Trace Blackmore. Once accepted, you will be sent a link to reserve your spot with payment. 


What We Do:

  • Our groups are authentic, transparent, inspiring, and life-giving.

  • Our program is unique. Each week your group connects via video conference to discuss executive principles, books and offer accountability wherever you might find yourself on your professional journey. 

  • This is not a support group, book club, study group, or accountability group. Although we interweave each of these to heighten your success. This group is designed for one thing: To get you further faster than you ever could on your own. 

  • Relational Excellence – Inside the Rising Tide Mastermind your engagement will help yourself and others grow and be accountable in your business, and personal life. Our groups are designed to build each other up according to your needs. This allows for encouragement, support, and challenges from others.

  • Business Excellence – Inside the Rising Tide Mastermind you will discuss the 10 high performing characteristics that will challenge you to grow professionally.

  • Mentorship Excellence – The Rising Tide Mastermind will navigate you through a process of identifying and accomplishing business and personal objectives. You will be held accountable for your goals and we will celebrate with you when you achieve them.



  • Active participation  in weekly group calls that happen at the same time and the same place virtually.
  • Fellowship with other Rising Tide Mastermind members.  Getting to know one another on a personal level will enhance the group and your overall experience.
  • Cost: $295 per month with a six-month commitment

Members Must: 

  • Be willing to grow and help others grow. 
  • Be willing to be supported and to support others. 
  • Be willing to be open to new ideas and ways of thinking that can take you further than where you can get to on your own.  
  • Be willing to be transparent, authentic, and giving.  

With Your Monthly Membership Fee You Will Also Receive: 

  • One annual 2-day retreat
  • Quarterly book digest
  • Quarterly 1 to 1’s with Trace Blackmore
  • Online access tools in a private group
  • Member Directory