Scaling UP! H2O

“It has been a very helpful tool in my pursuit of learning more about this industry every single day.  It’s fascinating to see all the ways water treaters make an impact on the community and day to day essential work! Thanks for all you do for the industry and challenging others to pursue their CWT!”

Benjamin Gibson
Laboratory Manager

“Great resource for industry professionals
I’ve been a long-time listener and continue to get value out of listening to this podcast. The wide range of topics and guests exposes folks in the industry to a variety of information and perspectives. I look forward to a new episode every Friday.”

Chandler Mancuso, CWT
Business Manager

“I am a Culligan commercial/Industrial salesperson and listen to Scaling up almost every day. The information I have learned about chemical treatment, cooling towers and boilers has been excellent and I would recommend the show to anyone in the water treatment business.”

Allen Clouse
Commercial/Industrial Sales Consultant