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Meters that are superior to anything else on the market – they are truly the PTSA experts!

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The most economical solution to training in an easy to use digital platform. HC Info’s training courses allow you to complete them on your schedule. Become a certified professional today and use code scalingup5 to receive 7% off.

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walchem fluent

The world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of water treatment controllers and metering pumps just released Walchem Fluent. Walchem Fluent is a cloud-based software tool for the management of your water treatment services.

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As a professional water treater, the tools you use to analyze water need to be of the highest quality. Fluid Maintenace Solutions offers reliable, affordable, and quality dip slides. Private label your dip slides with your company logo with your order at FMS. Order by August 31 and pay only $14.95 for a 10 count box of dip slides.

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Creating Water Solutions For Over 95 Years.

Why settle for less when you can have the best?


*Technical & regulatory assistance

*Exceptional freight rates

* Expert assistance in developing & improving your formulas

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Committed to providing excellence since 1991.

Designing equipment packages tailored to fit your constantly evolving needs with quality water treatment equipment.

Watermark specializes in Industrial Water! They have core competencies in chemical feed packages and filtration systems. Applications ranging from cooling towers and boilers, wastewater, high purity, and potable water.

They also feature a variety of educational resources.

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Trusted Advisors

McGowan Insurance Trusted Advisor

and a close partner to McGowan

McGowan Insurance Group has grown into one of the largest and most respected independent insurance firms not only in Indiana but across the county.

History in the making for more than 80 years. Family-owned and committed to the community. We’re passionate about our potential and believe everyone should have the tools to reach theirs. Proudly named 2017 Supplier of the Year for Association of Water Technologies.

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Radical Polymers

They are dedicated to the development of differentiated products for mineral scale control in the water treatment industry. The team is backed by over 35 years of specific expertise in the design and application of water treatment additives.

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