Scaling UP! H2O

Sign up today to sponsor the Scaling UP! H2O podcast. The podcast ‘made for water treaters by water treaters’ with weekly host, Trace Blackmore, CWT. The Scaling UP! H2O podcast is the best way to market directly to water treatment professionals. Be part of something that helps water treaters around the world “Scale up on knowledge so we don’t scale up our systems.”

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Since its launch in 2017, Scaling UP! H2O has had a steady increase in subscribers every week. Scaling UP! H2O is currently the most shared content in the water treatment industry.
– The #1 rated podcast in the industrial water treatment industry
– Rated 4.8 stars (out of 5 stars) on Apple Podcasts
– Has a Global Ranking of Top 2.5% from Listen Notes, the Nielsen TV Rating for podcasts (up from 3% in 2023)
– Averages 10,000-12,000 monthly downloads
– Averaging over 4,000 visits to our website per month
– 85% of our listeners tune in weekly through Apple Podcast
– 53% of subscribers listen to episodes more than once
– 90% of our listeners are from the USA
– Found on every major podcast platform

The Scaling UP! H2O podcast has become the most cost-effective, reliable, and effortless way for companies to market directly to water treatment professionals. By sponsoring the podcast, listeners will know that you are a company that believes in educating water professionals.

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Any water treatment professional looking to become a leader in the water treatment industry. A majority of our listeners are senior level employees at their companies, company presidents, followed by account managers and company owners.

New Scaling UP! H2O episodes air every Friday. If your company has a new product or service that you want to promote on a specific air date, please let us know your preferred weeks to air a specific Audio Ad. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

– For your product or service to be featured on Scaling UP! H2O, the product must be approved by the Host, Trace Blackmore, CWT. Simply put, the product must be something the Host has used, will use, or can recommend the use of in the water treatment industry.
– We reserve the right to not publish the Ad on the sponsor’s requested date if we experience schedule changes or the interview guest was not a fit for your company’s brand/services/offerings.
– It is the sponsor’s responsibility to provide a high resolution logo to the podcast producer.
– If the sponsor’s name, web address, or logo changes, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to notify the podcast producer. Once notified, we will update all episodes aired with the updated information provided.

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