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scaled-up nation it is that time again
everybody’s favorite water treatment
podcast scaling up h2o the podcast where
we’re scaling up on our knowledge so we
do not scale up our systems and as
always I am trace Blackmore certified
water technologist and host of scaling
up h2o folks there’s no doubt about it
nobody anticipated what second quarter
was going to look like and I know we’re
all still recovering in some way and
we’re trying to figure out what is going
to happen next what is the new normal
are we gonna see things come back are we
going to get new orders that are going
to change how we do business once again
and there are just so many things that
we’re concerned about and the tendency
is is that we focus on the things that
we have no influence over and not the
things that we can directly affect and
one of my favorite books if you listen
to the show I know you’ve heard me talk
about the seven Habits of Highly
Effective People and inhabit one dr.
Covey talks about being proactive being
proactive is a choice that we are not
simply going to react when something
happens to us we are going to choose our
response to what we’re going to do when
that something happens to us and one of
the things he goes into is a visual with
two circles inside each other so the
inner circle is called the circle of
influence and the outer circle is called
the circle of concern well folks it’s
very easy to stay focused and do all of
our efforts on the circle of concern but
we’re not going to get any traction that
way if we do the things that we can
directly affect things that we can
within that circle of concern we can
proactively make that circle bigger and
I know that’s easier said than done but
I’ve seen so many people during this
time worried about things that they
cannot affect now we can all do
something that can influence whatever
the outcome that we’re trying to achieve
is we have to realize what our efforts
need to be so we stay within that circle
of influence well and I know a lot of
people have influence on LinkedIn how is
that for a segue well I met our next
guest on LinkedIn we both have podcast I
think we had a mutual friend but for the
life of me I can’t remember who that was
that introduced us and her name’s Holly
Duckworth that’s getting ready to come
on the show and her mission is to try to
create stress-free leadership now Holly
is definitely more new-age than I am but
folks there’s always something that you
can learn when you sit down and have a
conversation with somebody so I hope in
the frame of reference that we just
talked about what can we influence
ourselves and focus on that that you
enjoy today’s interview with Holly
Duckworth my lab partner today is holly
Duckworth of leadership Solutions
International how are you Holly I’m
great trace thanks for inviting me to be
a part of your show absolutely thank you
so much for coming on I want to say when
did you and I first connect with each
other was about a year and a half ago oh
wow you know I don’t know
that’s the good thing about mindfulness
is it’s the practice of being present in
the moment so we can we can just
celebrate in this now moment and
be grateful for that that alignment that
connected us we know met on LinkedIn and
have shared some great exchanges I love
that I love being your lab partner
because it opens up you know this place
for curiosity and discovery in a world
that’s a little interesting right now
absolutely absolutely of course you and
I recording during covin 19 hopefully
when this airs in a couple of weeks
where we’re through that but of course
nobody knows where we’re going to be
then but I just have to say following
you on LinkedIn and the things that you
post have personally helped me so much
with being mindful in this time so I
just want to think of just take a moment
and thank you for those posts well it’s
such a such a gift to be able to to
serve and this time I I kind of smile
because a lot of folks right now they
want to talk pandemic pandemic pandemic
and I have a mindful practice I use what
we have if we have a negative word or
word that kind of brings up negative
energy we take the first letter of that
word and we we flip it to a positive so
I don’t really think we should frame
this show as a pandemic show trace I
think we should frame it as a
possibility show instead of a Kovan show
maybe it’s a a centering show a creative
show that that’s just one little
practice right now that I think all of
us can use when we you know want to take
our coworker and go out or our kid and
go study hard or her you know or
whatever emotions coming up right now
use that that word that you identify as
maybe that the challenging and then flip
it to a positive I love it and we’re
gonna take your advice and we are going
to do that today so I’ve got some
questions for you but before we get into
those do you mind sharing with the
scaling-up nation a little bit about
yourself well it’s so fun to do this
work in mindful leadership mindfulness
the practice of being present in the
moment really comes to me as a part of
my life journey I came out of the
meetings and hospitality industry often
named that one of the top most stressed
out industries right behind like
policemen and firemen
and was in that industry for about ten
years and attained some of the highest
awards and designations in that industry
then I moved into Association leadership
which is nonprofits and I know you’re
very active in many nonprofits relating
to your industry kind of got the the
message that there was a little more to
life I could offer and attained an
additional licensure as a licensed
spiritual practitioner and then I looked
around and said what do I do with all
this diversity of background I put it in
the blender hit blend and a few years
ago became the mindful leadership guide
that’s a little bit about my
professional background but but just for
fun I and I love to to connect to to
your listeners and you know the the
water treating industry is well I’m not
like wow this is a cool ask to get to be
with such a important and yet
unappreciated industry and I smiled when
we were chatting I said we’ll trace the
only thing I know about water is as I
grew up next to a water treatment plant
okay and that was in the days when you
knew the water treatment plant was was
working or not working by the smelliness
well that’s still a case today well it’s
I grew up at you know very very loving
blue-collar home but I like to say I
went from the the trailer park to the
boardroom and in that trailer park and
that that connection to the water
treatment industry I was just so smiling
I’m like can I tell trace I grew up next
to a smelly water treatment plant yeah
well a lot of our listeners are probably
listening to us in a smelly water
treatment plant so I’m glad you shared
that I’ve got so many questions for you
but the one I want to start out with is
you you do a lot with leadership and
mindfulness and I think if we’re gonna
talk about those two terms do you mind
defining those in the way that you want
us to take them you know I mash up
leadership and mindfulness in the frame
most commonly known by Jon kabat-zinn
who was the founder of the mindfulness
based stress reduction Institute and she
defines mindfulness as the practice of
being present in the moment with non
judgment and I know sometimes this word
gets a little wonky for people can can
whip up interesting
associations and often it gets tied to
religious practice or a Buddhist
practice and while that may have been
true many hundreds of years ago now
mindfulness has gone mainstream and we
have the you know mainstream science
data and research that proves this
practice of being present in the moment
can support our best health and our
productivity in our business as it
improves our customer satisfaction or
employee experience and results in
higher sales my most recent book is
actually on the intersection not only of
mindfulness and leadership but
mindfulness and sales so that’s a little
bit more about how I use mindfulness as
a filter to bring calm in a world of
business that’s seemingly chaotic well
let me ask you so being present in the
moment does that mean that I’m using
empathy I’m paying attention to the
person what exactly does that mean
that’s a fun party it’s the without
judgment so so present is is in the
feeling exactly where you are without
without necessarily even having to put a
label on it so I have seven practices I
say help you to be a mindful leader but
really it’s just being fully there you
know we live in a world where many of us
have you know five or six different
windows open on our computer or multiple
things going on in our work life that
mindfulness is the ability to maybe you
know be fully present in your chair if
you don’t feel the chair supporting you
breathe be fully present maybe standing
at your lab station just breathe in and
breathe out and feel the energy of that
space you know trace I’m have you ever
had that experience like when you go
into a place and you feel maybe the
country music or you go into a place and
you feel maybe the jazz music how that
feels different you ever had that
feeling well I live in Georgia so
there’s lots of countries lots of
country music here that that’s kind of
the mindfulness thing is allowing
yourself to be fully in whatever energy
that is for that particular space you
know what it feels like in in the
water-treatment lab
versus what it might feel like in your
home office and the mindful practice
doesn’t judge the lab is good or the
home office is good or vice versa is bad
but it’s just saying I’m gonna be fully
present in this moment and I’m not going
to judge that moment I’m and just allow
myself to touch it taste it feel it
sense it and just honor that because
that’s really the only moment that we
have in these transformative times I
think are reminding us of that power in
the be here now in the present moment
now let me ask this in such a judgmental
world how do you get in a non judgmental
mindset it’s a practiced race not a
perfect no it’s it’s that the idea of
you know when you’ve got 15 things
coming at you can you just put your feet
on the ground and Center for a second
because your presence is your greatest
present and like you said we do have a
world that kind of our automatic default
is judge judge judge and judge
negatively and so centering is one way
to do that another very very popular one
is the idea of affirmations or
intentions so an affirmation is a short
positive present tense statement that
kind of helps you realign that what you
want and I know we think about this a
lot in self health but it also works in
our business environment that you know
if you’re a team and you’re working on a
project what we think about we bring
about so if you’ve got seven people on a
team and two are going oh this project
will never work and five were like yeah
this will work we need to work with a
positive affirmation that maybe says I
am thriving I am powerful I am amazing
we are powerful we are thriving we are
amazing to align that our positive
supportive energy around that so we do
actually have to like almost flip that
switch of the automatic judgment of
negative to that automatic judgment of
positive and a consistent mindful leader
will utilize these practices to
continuously practice that and the more
you practice it the better and better
you get
I’m thinking about some meetings that I
facilitated where there has been some
negative and a tool that I’ve used is
instead of the word but you have to use
the word and so you can say something
negative but you have to say and so now
you can figure out how you’re going to
actually make it work what are some
other tips that we can have that
positive mindset in when the meetings
not really that positive you know in
today’s transformative times the yes and
certainly works but another tool i am
using more often than ever now is that
space of curiosity and wonder and this
something is gonna be a gift coming out
of out of this pandemic as you know it
used to be you went to school you came
out you had the answers and a mindful
leader in a world of change I believe
the most powerful person in the room is
gonna be the one who can listen and ask
that question most of the time knowing
they don’t know the answer but the
collective energy of the people in the
room do so I often refer to the work of
simon Sinek he he talks about you know
great leaders ask great questions so
it’s it’s about why then the how than
the what so often we start with what’s
the problem what if we flipped that so
in this transformative times instead of
everybody sitting there waiting to say
the answer maybe have a not a
brainstorming question but a question
storming question a question storming
time that you just you know what if we
did this why do why do we do this how
could we do this better how could we do
this different and bring in a diversity
of thought now on our problems versus
say just in the water treatment industry
people on a water treatment industry
program a lot of people know that have a
little more time at home that we can
look at curiosity discovery and
questions as a mindful practice to
catapult our businesses into the new
chapter i love that you brought simon
into the equation start with why a great
book a great TED talk to
I believe he calls that the Golden
Circle so so many people want to talk
about the what and the how but when you
start talking about the why those things
are just a natural progression and I’ve
been sort of joking that we’re suffering
from prognostication fatigue not
procrastination prognostication fatigue
meaning there’s so many people sitting
around saying well it’s gonna be this
way or it’s gonna be that way or it’s
gonna be this way or it’s gonna be that
way and and from every dip you know the
reality is we kind of don’t really know
right now but we might know 72 hours we
might know a week we might know you know
six weeks we may know a month but this
powerful mindful tool you know put your
feet on the ground breathe who are we
doing what we’re doing how are we doing
what are we doing and then riffing that
not not that the person sitting at the
zoom meeting with you or the team’s
meeting with you has to have the answer
but what about this question what about
this question you’d be surprised how you
may get three or four questions in and
then suddenly you get a question that
literally transforms you into the next
solution so with being present in the
moment without judgment what are some of
the things that trying to I’m trying to
frame this question up well and I’m not
doing a good job what what are some of
the things that we can do now that we’re
working more remotely now that people or
maybe a little bit more out of touch
because we’re not seeing people on a
regular basis how do we use that mindset
to make sure that we’re giving our all
to our relationships well first of all
as your mindfulness coach I have to
school you Trace you can’t say you’re
framing up the question bad because we
just talked about you just have to play
with the question so I wouldn’t be me if
I didn’t didn’t tease you a little bit
about that you know so this is this is
that place to play and the question I
was speaking with a coaching client this
week and you know nobody knows how
you’re supposed to run a family in an
office but you know maybe you get the
family together and you have that family
meeting what’s working what’s not
how can we find out so we’re gonna have
to also I think I say put your ears on
your heart
mindfulness put your ears on your heart
sometimes we’re gonna have to listen not
just to the words being said or the
words not being said but what’s the
energy behind the word this particular
person has middle almost teen kids you
know that 10 to 13 year old and they’re
they’re trying to find that that cadence
of family time and then them each having
their own individual time so you know
they ask the question to the kids what
what could be a fit for you well you
know we want one night that’s just our
night we can go in our bedrooms and do
our do our own thing and then you know
one night kid a gets to pick in a family
activity and one night kid B picks a
family activity but they they didn’t do
that as parents saying oh my gosh we
have the answers but they did it from
the present awareness that everybody’s a
little confused everybody’s a little
fearful right now nobody really has the
answer but they were mindful in the
present moment to say how can we create
this together and I know a lot of
business industries using that question
how can we do this together how can we
do this in media together in podcasting
together how can we do this in water
treatment how can we do this in
hospitality and tourism that’s gonna
allow us to emerge with a new solution
that we maybe couldn’t even dreamed of
before I also want to talk about sales
because you have a book about
mindfulness and sales and we of course
all want our sales to grow how do we use
mindfulness to help us with that Oh
chase thank you for asking it’s it’s fun
to see this book start to emerge a
little bit but when I when we put it out
and everything happened we got a little
pushback like you can’t so right now
because selling is bad and everybody’s
hurting and there’s no money and there’s
no circulation and sadly or
interestingly now that we’re kind of
navigating these new waters the book is
becoming fairly very popular it’s called
sell more stress less 52 tips to become
a mindful sales professional and we know
even before this pandemic time everybody
in sales was very busy and overwhelmed
so I collaborated with my business
partner Eric Szymanski who was the
director of sales at Weill
new world resorts when all of the top
awards but he was really stressed out
and overwhelmed he came to me looking
for some stress reduction solutions and
I was really struggling with my mindful
sales this is kind of a topic like water
treatment people go huh what what do you
do and so he was teaching me sales and I
was treating teaching him mindfulness
and we realized that when you overlaid
those two together and again short
present tense positive ways we could
inspire sales professional so this book
is mini it’s a mini mini easyread it’s a
digital download or you can certainly
order it on print and every week you get
a story of somebody who’s either selling
or not selling mindfully you get again
back to the question I thought provoking
question for you to think about maybe
your relationship with the product or
service you sell or maybe the next week
you get a question about your own belief
about that what you sell or your
customers and then you also get another
pre-written for you affirmation to help
you catapult yourselves week over week
over week before we started recording we
were talking about the mastermind group
that that I Lee called the rising tide
mastermind and right now so many people
are getting frustrated that their
quarter 1 goals were great and now going
into quarter 2 of course we’ve got kovat
19 and now the goals are almost
impossible with some of the some of the
restrictions that we have so what advice
do you have being mindful about the
goals that we have and what we should be
doing with the goals are they still
valid goals what do you think my first
book ever was called control all to
believe reboot your association for
success so I think again this is where
your team’s gonna have to come together
and look at I call it you know plan a
plan B and Plan C that your once
baseline goal now may have a an a a B
and a C you don’t want the goals to be
so massively huge now that they’re just
so unattainable that nobody
motivated to even try so maybe you scale
it to to be a the B and the C and we
talked about one of the mindful sales
professional tips is what you visualize
you actualize so you know looking at you
know if your goal was you know let’s
just say $100 and we know the world is
totem pletely and totally change and
your team can meet and talk about it and
what can we recalibrate okay plan plan a
is still gonna be a hundred but maybe
plan B is a B and Plan C is is sixty
then each and every day when you’re
heading to your zoo meeting or you’re
heading out to the office what you
visualize you actualize use all of your
senses to feel yourself as if you’ve
already hit this goal and you’ll be
really surprised how much you when you
get into this place of what you
visualize you’ve actualized you catapult
yourself to greater success and the more
you can do that as a team maybe have a
one-minute visioning before your team
meeting okay everybody let’s let’s
visualize ourselves at the end of this
pandemic having having hit our goal
what’s it look like what’s it feel like
what’s it sound like how are we gonna
move from this perception of darkness
right now through that into this
beautiful new new place of new
does that help I think it does but I’m
also curious you know are there some
goals that we just need to totally reset
right now that they’re not going to be
healthy goals because we’re not living
in a time where we can necessarily put
all of our attention there just because
of what’s going on right now is is it
okay is it healthy to say this is not a
goal that I’m going to tackle right now
or does that give us the sense of defeat
that we’re not going to get that goal
done mindfulness practice being present
in the moment with non judgment I think
we as individuals or teams and I know
you use that your listeners are a bunch
of different positions if you’re in a
position where you can control all
delete your goal and can control out
reboot your your goal without judgment
let the grief go of the old go goal and
stand in gratitude for
new gold you may position yourself
better I will tell you in my own
business okay this is this isn’t a blank
slate of death this is a blank slate of
opportunity and we’ve completely re
reassessed and re-evaluated our business
model and our goals and we’re feeling
excited and aligned keeping in mind that
those goals well well the end number may
look different the the why of what we’re
doing is still intact my vision you know
touch a million lives with mindfulness
it may not be a million in 2020 but it
may be a million in between 2020 and
2023 those kinds of things can inspire
love and hope and joy but we this is a
time to go within and recommit to your
your passion and your purpose knowing
that your profits will continue to
evolve over time through this pandemic
now what if we have a listener out there
that some of the goals were set on them
they weren’t necessarily their goals
they have certain sales goals and
they’re just not going to hit it how do
they have that conversation with their
boss I love this follow-up question I
knew it was coming before you even as
you know a lot of clients that are
calling me on their way to work with the
oh my gosh I have to see my boss dot dot
line I generally pre sculpt these
conversations a little bit with my
clients and help them visualize what it
is they want to say so first of all we
got a got a recognize that we’re hunt
one human family recognize we’re all in
this together as cheesy as that might
sound and so that conversation with with
the boss who’s downloaded the goals to
you starts out with something like you
know Ted I recognize that you know we’re
all in challenging times and our goal is
gonna you know our goals are our goals
and you know how can we work together to
either meet these goals or recalibrate
them recognize unify together toward the
problem not hitting the goals realize
what you want to have happen and state
that and that’s sometimes the place
where co-workers our teammates get a
little nervous is actually declare to
the universe what you want the new goal
to be
so so have that conversation with
yourself this is the new goal I think I
can hit and be willing to articulate
that to the boss recognized unified
together declare what you realize and
then then be thankful for the
gratitude is going to go a long ways
grateful for the way they’ve supported
you in the time of creating your new
home office grateful for the time you’ve
been in the lab together gratitude and
this is wike sometimes you kind of to
pre sculpt this conversation because in
the moment you’re scared and you’re
nervous and you may not be grateful but
if you practice you can get to there
recognize unify realize be thankful and
then kind of like just let it go like
like just say to the co-worker this is
what I’m thinking what do you think and
and open it up to a conversation so
you’ve really kind of put your order
into the boss into the teammate into the
universe of what you think is truly
possible and I liken this kind of
conversation as you mindfully scoped it
to kind of like when you go to you know
when we used to go to restaurant er now
when you order out you know you go in
and you say I want a hamburger and you
knew exactly how you wanted to order the
hamburger you were grateful you could
see the hamburger coming before it came
and then amazingly 20 minutes later the
hamburger would come this same thing
well it may sound like a silly analogy
if you practice it in a mindful way it
can also apply to your business
productivity goals but it does take that
mindfulness is the practice of being
present in the moment recognize you say
this ain’t gonna work but recognize
you’re on the team together unify
yourself to that person recognize you
and then realize it
get clear about what you want to have
happen I think right now that’s part of
the challenges we’re not all clear about
what what we trace what we Holly or you
the listener wanna have happen
regardless you know we can’t just say
okay I want the pandemic go away based
on the situation this is the theis and
best I think I can create be thankful
like there’s a huge opportunity right
now to just be thankful and let it go
and see see how things can conspire for
your good as a result of that well you
asked me if that was helpful that was
extremely helpful and I know that that
answer has helped a lot of people out
there in the scaling up nation
because how do you start those
conversations they’re awkward and you
gave us a great framework to have those
in so thank you so much for that I do
have a couple of more questions for you
in our lightning round but before I do
I’m sure there’s people that want to
learn more about you and how they can be
more mindful so can you share some of
the things that you’re doing with our
well tres thank you for asking my home
website if you will is leadership
Solutions int L com leadership solutions
int L calm and you know I love sharing
this work with others this this is kind
of a gateway page it has a link to my
podcast the everyday mindfulness show
where every week we’re interviewing
people working with these practices but
more importantly just a little further
down the page or something I call the
mindfulness mini poster and it’s my free
gift to your listeners if you just go on
that leadership solutions int L com
you’ll see midway down there’s just it’s
a free digital download of all of the
seven practices that you that you can
practice and play with and of course my
contact information is here too if you
want to explore coaching or this
conversation about how to do this
together it would be my honor to support
you well thank you for that we’ll also
put some links on our show notes page so
we’ll make it very easy for people to
find you but I’d like to move on to
those lightning round questions if you
have a few more moments of course all
right so you now have the ability to go
back in time and speak to your former
self on your first day as a coach what
advice would you give Oh ears on heart
that’s silly adage you uh you may have
two years in one mouth
yeah you use them accordingly listen
listen listen with your ears own heart
and and right now so many of us I know
the times are tough and dizzy but when
we no matter what voice or what hat of
life you’re wearing right now put put
your ears on your heart what are the
last few books that you’ve read I wish I
had my iPad here I
it’s consuming a lot of interesting in
my library is kind of broken into two
halves one is my business half and one
is my spiritual half and I find myself
to be the bridge between the two
yesterday I found myself kind of
referencing a book called the soul of
money by Lynne twist which is about
honoring our inner wealth and inner
oh I’m reading 10% happier by Dan Harris
illusions by Richard Bach that’s it
that’s a few of them I have going right
now for sure
so when Hollywood makes a movie about
Holly who plays you that’s a silly
question especially for an audio podcast
just people aren’t getting the visual on
me everywhere I go and I actually used
to have a slide in my in my slides deck
its Zooey Deschanel is the woman and
people say that I but I look like her
and she had a show called bones see if I
talk long enough that comes back to the
show called bones and I actually have my
picture mocked up with her as the lead
character and the show bones because
Zooey Deschanel I look very alike and
she seems pretty edgy and and so Zooey
Deschanel would would play me and I joke
the movie would be called trip fall and
pick yourself up because that’s what we
do in life and this pandemic is just
another opportunity for us to to trip
fall and pick ourselves up so there you
go there’s a fun answer for you there
you go there you go so my last question
for you you now have the ability to
speak with anybody throughout history
who to be with and why I’m in history
I’m gonna go with Abraham Lincoln my
birth date is 9 1776 two hundred years
after the Constitution so I’ve always
had a special place in my heart for
Americana and and in history and
government and I lied I have one more
question for you so we’re getting ready
to sign off one quick tip that you can
give our listeners that’s so easy that
will get them just a little bit further
just a little bit more positive just
a little bit more mindful that they can
do right now what would that be well
trace because you said this is the last
question I’m gonna gonna invite your
listeners to just put their feet on the
ground and I have here at my desk my
singing bowl and I’m just gonna ring it
you know three short times and just
invite people as we as we wrap up
today’s show you know we talk here on
the show about scaling up you know one
one moment one moment so just just allow
yourself to breathe in and out and just
you know think about that how are you
gonna be just a little bit better every
there’s just a power and a present in
this in this time and the more we can be
here now cast our eyes to the sky and
look look up and know that good things
are coming our way I think that’s just
one simple simple strategy breathe in
breathe out look up and know no good is
coming your way
scaling-up nation I truly believe
everything we do is about mindset so
what is your mind set on with all the
things that are going on in the world
today I think what we focus on is what
we’re going to get out of whatever
project that we are working on if we are
focused on being negative well there’s
no other reason to think that whatever
we produce from whatever we’re working
on is going to have a negative tone to
it so I’m going to ask you just as I did
in the beginning of this episode think
of those two circles this circle of
influence the circle of concern by
default we all focus on things that
concern us but when we make a conscious
choice to shift what we are doing what
our tasks are what our efforts are into
what we have direct influence over that
circle gets bigger and bigger and bigger
and I truly believe that that’s where
positive thinking lives and folks even
if you feel that you work for a boss
that you do not have any influence over
because they don’t value what you think
and I hope that’s not your situation but
if it is if you can focus on the circle
of influence I promise that circle will
get bigger and bigger and bigger folks
stay safe out there try to share a
positive message with somebody else it
could be talking about the scaling up
h2o podcast and something I’m going to
ask for all the listeners out there I
know you enjoy this podcast and we’re
trying to make sure that we get promoted
it on iTunes and all the things that we
need to do so more people can find out
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podcast the more comments we get the
more iTunes puts us in front of other
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30 seconds to do but it is immeasurable
how much that would help us folks I hope
you have a great and safe week and I’ll
bring you another new episode next week
of scaling up h2o on episode 136 we gave
you an inside look at what happens in
the rising tide mastermind friend of
show mark Lewis was asked why he joined
the rising tide mastermind and here is
his reply when the mastermind group was
introduced I said let me get in on this
thing only be a part of this I want to
learn how to be more productive and make
my days to where I can enjoy my family
time and separated from my work time and
so I’d like what Trace does and so I
said I want to be I want to do things a
lot like Trace so let me let me figure
out what he’s doing so that’s why I
chose mark thanks so much for your
comment and I really appreciate that you
like how I handle things and get things
done but I have to fess up here’s the
secret I’ve had a lot of help being able
to negotiate all of the different tasks
that I’m asked to do and make sure that
they get done and that wasn’t all me
that was because I decided years ago
almost ten years ago to join a
mastermind group and I’ve been meeting
with that group on a regular basis since
that time now what we do on that group
is the same thing we’re doing in the
rising tide map
you’re mine we are helping each other
get further faster we’re helping each
other with our issues we’re giving each
other tools that maybe the other person
doesn’t have and we’re letting each
other ask each other for help and we’re
giving help folks that’s what a
mastermind is all about and I truly feel
that we are not built to do life alone
and the secret to being successful is
getting with people that can help you to
that success I urge you to see if the
rising tide mastermind is right for you
go to scaling-up h2o com ford slash
mastermind to learn more and if this
group is right for you please schedule
an appointment with me if this group is
not right for you please find one that
is again we are not built to do life