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welcome to scaling up h2o the podcast
where we scale up on our knowledge so we
don’t scale up our systems
i’m trace blackmore the host for scaling
up h2o
and happy friday october
30th everybody tomorrow is halloween
and i hope during all this pandemic
that you get to go out somewhere and
celebrate and do something i’ve just
loved halloween october is one of my
favorite months
how could it not be one of my favorite
months uh
we started october out with the awt
we had the after hour hangs each and
every day
after the awt convention and then the
following week we had industrial water
folks we celebrated this podcast by
celebrating industrial water week
we had a new episode each and every day
everybody became huge fans of detective
and doctor
h2o and we just had a tremendous time
with that and then of course that brings
us to tomorrow which is halloween i
just love the month of
october today’s show is going to
celebrate halloween it’s going to be a
little bit
different of a show maybe a little bit
haunted actually no
not really i just wanted to do my evil
laugh on
the podcast well maybe a little haunted
here’s what i’m trying to say with all
this i
know that you being in this business
you have serviced a boiler room that
someone told you
was haunted i think is it impossible to
boiler after boiler after boiler with
not hearing a story
about one of those being haunted
boiler rooms are always haunted right at
least that’s how the story goes
disney is even in on it for those of you
that have been on the tower of terror
one of my favorite rides
in hollywood studios where does that
start well it starts in the boiler room
of course the
haunted boiler room of course hollywood
in on this nightmare on elm street
freddy krueger who haunts the minds of
in their dreams but where does freddy
that’s right he lives in the haunted
boiler room well then i started looking
haunted boiler rooms online folks there
are dozens of dozens of dozens of
haunted boiler rooms
on line some of the most famous ones
that i saw
is there’s a boiler room in the rogers
which is in waxahachie texas
and they say if you go down into the
boiler room there are mysterious
orbs that can’t be explained there is a
middle school called dwyer
middle school in california in
huntington beach
and they say a former vice principal
haunts the boiler room that school was
built in the 1930s and
students to this day say that they have
that former vice principal in the boiler
and then there’s a historic hotel in
bethlehem pennsylvania
it’s the hotel bethlehem and
one of the original townspeople haunts
the boiler room
there and again as i started this
i know that you have had a story
about a haunted boiler room i think if
an operator is
at a boiler long enough they’re bound by
operator code to come up with some sort
ghost story about the boiler room
if they don’t i think they take their
operator card away
well i was raised in richmond virginia
and i remember
servicing a boiler right across from the
edgar allen poe museum
and i don’t remember if there was a
story about that particular boiler being
haunted i’m sure if i asked enough
people there probably was but i don’t
remember that
but i do remember it being right across
the street from the edgar allen poe
museum and that got me
thinking about his famous poem
the raven and let’s face it there is no
better poem to read on halloween
than the raven so folks here it is
the raven
once upon a midnight dreary while i
pondered weak
and weary over many a quaint and curious
volume of forgotten lore
while i nodded nearly napping suddenly
there came a tapping as someone
gently rapping rapping at my chamber
tis some visitor i muttered tapping at
my chamber door
only this and nothing more
ah distinctly i remember it was in the
bleak december and each separate
dying ember wrought its ghost upon the
eagerly i wished the morrow vainly
i had sought to borrow from my book
surcease of
sorrow sorrow for the lost lenore
for the rare and radiant maiden who the
angels named lenore
nameless here forevermore
and the silk and sad uncertain wrestling
of each purple curtain
thrilled me filled me with fantastic
terrors never felt before
so that now to still the beating of my
heart i stood repeating
tis some visitor entreating entrance at
my chamber door
some late visitor entreating entrance at
my chamber door
this it is and nothing more
presently my soul grew stronger
hesitating then no longer
sir said i or madam truly your
forgiveness i
implore but the fact is i was
napping and so gently you came rapping
and so faintly you came tapping tapping
at my chamber door
that i scarce was sure i heard you here
i opened
wide the door darkness there
and nothing more deep into the darkness
long i stood there wondering fearing
doubting dreaming dreams no mortal ever
dared to dream before but the silence
was unbroken and the stillness
gave no token and the only word there
spoken was the whispered word
lenore this eye whispered and an echo
murmured back the word
lenore merely this and nothing more
back into the chamber turning all my
soul within me
burning soon again i heard a tapping
louder than before surely
said i surely that is someone at my
window lattice
let me see then what they’re at is and
mystery explorer let my heart be still a
moment and this
mystery explore tis the wind
and nothing more open here i flung the
when with many a flirt and flutter in
their stepped a stately
raven of the saintly days of yore
not the least obeisance made he not a
stopped or stayed he but with mane of
lord and lady
perched above my chamber door
perched above a bust of palace just
my chamber door perched sat
and nothing more then this ebony bird
beguiling my sad
fancy into smiling by the grave and
stern decorum of the countenance it wore
thou that crest be shone and shaven thou
said art sure no craven ghastly grim
and ancient raven wandering from the
nightly shore
tell me what thy lordly name is on this
night’s plutonian shore quoth the raven
nevermore much i marveled this ungainly
foul to
hear discourse so plainly though its
answer little meaning little relevancy
for we cannot help agreeing that no
living human being ever yet was blessed
with seeing
bird above his chambered door bird our
beast above the sculptured bust above
his chamber
door with such a name as nevermore
but the raven sitting lonely on the
placid bus spoke
only that one word as if his soul
in that one word he did outpour
nothing farther than he uttered not a
feather than he fluttered till i
scarcely more than muttered other
friends have flown before
on the morrow he will leave me as my
hopes have flown before
then the bird said nevermore.
startled at the stillness broken by
reply so
aptly spoken doubtness said i what it
utters is its only
stock in store caught from some unhappy
master whom unmerciful disaster followed
fast and followed faster
till his song one burden bore
to the dirges of his hope that
melancholy burden
bore of never never more
but the raven still beguiling all my
into smiling straight i wheeled a
cushioned seat in front of
bird and bust and door then upon the
velvet sinking
i betook myself to linking fancy
unto fancy thinking what this ominous
bird of yore
what this grim ungainly ghastly gaunt
ominous bird of yore
meant in croaking nevermore
this i sat engaged in guessing but no
expressing to the fowl whose fiery eyes
burned into my bosom’s core this and
more i
sat divining with my head at ease
on the cushions velvet lining that the
lamplight gloated
ore but whose velvet violet
lining with the lamplight gloating ore
she shall pass here ah nevermore
then me thought the air grew denser
perfume from an
unseen sensor swung by seraphin whose
tinkled on the tufted floor wretched
cried thou
goth had lengthy by the angels he had
sent the respite respite and nepenthe
from thy memories of lenore
quaffo quaff this kind of pinty and
forget this lost lenore
quoth the raven nevermore
prophet said i thing of evil prophet
still if
bird or devil whether tempter sent or
whether tempest
tossed thee here ashore desolate yet all
on this desert land enchanted on this
home by horror haunted tell me truly i
implore is there is there bomb in gilead
tell me tell me i implore quoth the
nevermore prophet said i
thing of evil prophet still if bird or
by that heaven that bends above us by
the god we
both adore tell this soul with sorrow
if within the distant aiden it shall
clast a satan maiden who the angel’s
name lenore
clasped a rare and radiant maiden who
angel’s name lenore quoth the raven
nevermore be that word our sign of
parting bird or fiend i
shrieked up starting get thee back into
the tempest
and the knights plutonian shore
leave no black plume as a token of that
lie thou shall have spoken leave my
loneliness unbroken quit thy bust above
my door
take thy beak from out my heart and take
thy form from
off my door quoth the raven
nevermore and the raven
never flitting still is sitting still is
on the palate bust of palace just above
my chamber door
and his eyes have all the seeming of a
demon’s that is dreaming
and the amp light ored him streaming
throws his shadow
on the floor and my soul from out that
shadow that lies floating
on the floor shall be lifted
you might be wondering what the heck is
trace doing reading
the raven well folks there are a bunch
of reasons
why i’m reading the raven one i think
it’s fun i really
really like that poem in fact it is my
wife’s favorite poem one of my first
gifts i gave to my wife when we were
was the complete works of edgar allan
poems and she still has that so
uh stacy that reading was dedicated to
you uh i hope i’m still married after
that so
another reason is it’s it just speaks
halloween so many people
read the raven on halloween it’s not
really a scary poem it’s a poem about
loss of a loved one
but a lot of people read it on halloween
so so there you go and
for those of you that are wondering no
i have not been trained as a
thespian i was trained in chemistry
matter of fact i think i put all doubt
of that to rest by reading that poem
but i hope you enjoyed that uh but again
i told you there are several reasons why
i read the raven i just listed a couple
also john zabrida uncle john of episode
7 he and i were at an awt event in
baltimore maryland and we were a couple
hours early for our flight
and we decided to go to the po house
there in baltimore
so that was another connection and then
i was thinking do i really want to read
this poem
on the air and a good friend of mine
called eric medlin in fact he is my
oldest friend
eric and i have been friends since we
were 14 years old
he is a contractor he does amazing
work on the historic houses around
richmond virginia
and he told me that he was working on
the sawyers
mansion and for those of you that don’t
know the sawyer family is the spices
that you buy in the store
well that’s a richmond virginia-based
company uh family
lived there i guess they still do i’m
not sure if they’re still in the mansion
but there’s this this beautiful old
sawyers mansion facility building and he
was doing structural work there
well we continued our conversation and i
said hey eric what do you think about me
edgar allan poes the raven on the
and eric said that’s so weird that you
asked me that i was like well why is
that weird
and eric said well i was just talking to
some of the people that are there and
they said that was the last documented
that edgar allan poe read the raven
before his death and i thought
all of those things i couldn’t challenge
i was going to read the raven so i hope
you enjoyed that
i enjoyed reading it and again i don’t
know how much that’s going to keep your
systems from scaling up but i hope it
entertain you and i don’t know maybe
you’ll go read something else
about edgar allan poe maybe another one
of his poems
well i started the show talking about
after hours hangs that we did during the
first week of october
folks those were awesome i know we’re in
a pandemic we weren’t able to get
in person and the convention was a
little bit different it was online this
year but the hangs
allowed us to see each other
virtually through zoom well i talked to
the fine people
at awt and they said that was so
successful they really want me and the
scaling up team
to continue that so we’re going to do
that very thing so please mark your
calendars for december 10th
at 6 p.m eastern standard time we are
going to do
another virtual hangout we’re gonna have
more information
on the website for you to check that out
i’ll have more information for you on
other episodes
we’re gonna try to do that each and
every month so
you the professional water treater know
that you are not alone and you can meet
other water treaters you can meet other
vendors in the industry
you can still have that community that i
know you are so
desperate for right now because we are
in this pandemic and we can’t get
together like we normally do
at other functions again we’ll have more
on that you can go to our webpage at
and find out everything that you need to
know about
those future hangs folks next friday you
will have a brand new episode of scaling
h2o i hope that you have a
great halloween tomorrow i hope you have
a great next week
and i’ll talk to you next week folks
scale up nation the rising tide
mastermind has
many members in it and each one of those
gets something a little bit different
out of the group
they also bring something different into
the group
well here’s connor parrish telling you a
little bit about what he gets out of the
rising tide
mastermind the benefits of being in the
rising tide mastermind
are the peer group that is formed with
all the the members
the relationships that you build the
people that you’re able to reach out to
when you have
issues whether it’s work related or not
even personal
it’s really nice to have others in the
that think the way you do that have some
of the same problems that you do
i always feel like water treatment’s
kind of a unique unique industry
so to be able to have others that really
where i’m coming from has been has been
really helpful the other thing is
it’s i feel like it’s good to have a
routine or to have a weekly practice and
so it gives me something every week on
the calendar that i schedule my week
and that also gives me tools and tactics
within that group to make my week
better as well connor thanks for sharing
folks i hope that you already have a
where you can get some of the benefits
that connor just mentioned
but if you don’t that is why i created
the rising tide
mastermind go to scaling up
forward slash
mastermind to find out more and to see
if this is the right group for you