049 The One with James McDonald, Again

049 The One with James McDonald, Again

Episode 49: Show Notes

Scaling UP! Nation!, you know that I believe you get out of our industry what you put into our industry.  This is my normal response to when someone asks me why I train others, why I volunteer for trade organizations and especially why I do this podcast. I truly believe that you should teach what you know. Educate yourself and you get smarter, teach what you know, and you get even smarter (because a teacher needs to know content better than a student) and the person you are teaching gets smarter. Did you see what just happened in that scenario? The industry of that particular topic just got better. Continue Reading

046 The One About Phosphate Testing

046 The One About Phosphate Testing

Episode 46: Show Notes

If you have ever listened to my show, you know I am totally dependent on your suggestions on what I should be talking about. Today’s show is straight from the “Scaling UP! Mailbag!”  You ask for it, so here it is… Phosphate…  (Tap…Tap) Is this thing on? Continue Reading