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welcome to scaling up h2o the podcast
where we’re scaling up on knowledge so
we don’t scale up our systems
my name is trace blackmore the host of
scaling up h2o and happy december
can you believe it 2020 is almost over
i know a lot of people are fine saying
goodbye to 2020 but i think we have to
give it to ourselves
we’ve learned a lot about a lot of
this year in 2020. now let’s face it
some have been good
some have been bad but the fact is
we have all gotten through it
and we’ve learned through it which i
believe has made us
all better it’s made us stronger it’s
going to make us better and stronger in
so all the things that we’ve had to
we are going to get the benefit of that
i know we are stronger as people our
companies are
stronger as companies all of those
things are going to play
forward when we get into 2021
but we’re still in 2020 and i want to
look back on
2020. and back in march the rising tide
mastermind in connection with this
podcast the scaling up h2o podcast
put on a 13-part webinar
series now many of you have watched
webinars if you haven’t you can go to
and you can navigate over to our
resources page and you can see
all of those webinars those webinars
were on items
like financial marketing hr health
conducting better zoom meetings we had a
of webinars and i want to let the
scaling up nation know
that all of these webinars came to be
on the rising tide mastermind calls
during february during march we were
asking each other
how do we weather this storm of a
how do we deal with lockdowns how do we
deal with customers not
wanting to see us how do we deal with
our people
working from home how do we deal with
not being able to see
new prospective customers folks nobody
knew the answers but what that forced
us to do was figure out what were all
the things that
we needed help with because none of us
had experienced a pandemic before
and then that allowed me to have a list
of topics
and go out and find market professionals
that understood all these different
areas and that we’re staying up to date
on a daily basis
how things were changing and how that
was going to impact the particular
that they were so versed in
so through the rising tide mastermind we
gathered that list i and the team at
scaling up h2o we found
experts to come on and deliver
those webinars and then we made those
to the entire scaling up nation because
we knew
if we had those questions you had those
questions and as you know
a rising tide raises all ships
so that allowed us to get that
information out there
and so many members of the scaling up
nation have written in to say
thank you for that that gave them
information to help them make better
well of course many of those people were
associations of water technologies
and the awt knew that we were doing this
in fact the awt
promoted this on some of their
listserv pages and jill cavano
a great friend of mine a vendor that we
she makes incredible water treatment
products she takes our recipes and makes
sure that
they make the best possible
version of our products well she
is a member of the rising tide
mastermind a member of awt
and jill and i were asked by the
association of water technologies
to do a webinar for the recent
on things that we learned during the
we talked about how we learned them what
we’re doing to continue
to learn new information
and just continuing to take what we know
knowing that nothing is in stone it’s
going to change tomorrow
but taking the best information that we
have and making
decisions with it so jill and i had the
privilege of doing a webinar
explaining those very things to the awt
audience and what you are going to hear
right now is that very webinar
so folks i hope you enjoy it i hope you
learned something
hello and welcome to the webinar
navigating the pandemic while
innovating for the future my name is
trace blackmore
i have a water treatment company
business i also host
a podcast called scaling up h2o and i’m
here with my good friend jill cavano of
scranton associates
uh jill this is going to be a great
webinar i think there’s a little bit of
something for everybody
i think everybody’s going to have a
handful of takeaways that
they can instantly start working on
their business whether they’re a
supplier whether they’re a water
treatment company owner
so i’m really excited to get started i
am too
well what’s our first topic that we’re
going to talk about
our first topic is company culture um
what company culture
means to me is the shared values the
attitudes and behaviors
of a company and its employees i have a
favorite quote about company culture
from simon sinek
my favorite quote is customers will
never love a company
until the employees love it first and i
think that especially during this
company culture is more important than
with all of the uncertainty just to
navigate through the pandemic
and keep your employees informed and
kind of have a cohesive unit is very
yeah i love that quote by simon sinek
and i love that we’re talking about
and culture’s a really big thing here at
company and i’ve even had the
opportunity to help other companies
develop their culture
and more often than not people think
when they hear the word culture they’re
thinking touchy-feely
and it really isn’t you know the
definition that i pulled up for it is
probably everything but touchy feely
the manifestation of human intellectual
regarding collectivity you know that
couldn’t be more scientific
i think my definition personally is it’s
the glue the cultural glue
that binds everybody together
and and when you look at why people
leave a company
you know sometimes people leave for
money but very seldom it’s a money issue
it’s because they lost connection with
that company
and that means culture when people feel
their they are being fulfilled
on many different levels because they
jive with that culture
people thrive in that community you know
another thing i like to think of when i
think of culture
is the tribe mentality you know when
we’re part of a tribe we feel that we
belong we feel like we can contribute
and when we’re a member of that tribe
you know we we know that we belong
and now we throw into the mix
we’ve got stay-at-home orders we’ve got
people working remotely
we’ve got this stuff called coveted 19.
and how do we deal with culture with all
other stuff that we’re now having to
deal with
trace i agree completely i think company
culture has changed i guess you could
pre-covered i guess mid-covered uh
i think now company culture you know
especially for us
is more important than ever there’s so
much information out there
it’s misinformation the times are
you don’t want people to become scared
you want to do everything that you can
to alleviate stress
um in your staff so what i’ve done to
kind of
foster a sense of you know company
culture even more so than we’ve done
is just made sure to communicate more
with my employees i find that we meet
more even if it’s not an official
meeting we just meet to talk about you
know the expectations
of how to keep ourselves safe at work
how to keep ourselves safe outside of
you know any new procedures that we’re
going to institute
we’ll touch more on that later you know
all of the things that we’ve had to
you know we can’t really work remote as
a manufacturer
so meeting with my employees and staff
and keeping them up to date
is really key and i find that that’s
kind of brought our
company closer together and made our
culture even stronger
i’ve tried to do things such as you know
have special luncheons
um because this is a stressful time for
everybody you know it is really kind of
the great unknown
we’ve all never navigated this before so
culture is so
important how do you know that you have
a good
strong company culture would you say you
know it’s a it’s a really
good question you know when i think of
if i were to look up my company filings
with the state of georgia
it lists me as the chief executive
officer and that’s how the state sees me
but i really look at myself that my job
is i’m the chief
cultural officer so i’m the i’m the
tribe leader
of this tribe if you will and my job is
to make sure that we have a
strong basis for culture that everybody
and everybody follows in fact we go as
far as to say
we hire fire reward and recognize
based on our culture so i think if you
do those four things based on how your
company is and specifically
i want to talk about core values next i
think that’s where you know
you’ve got a very strong basis in
your culture do you mind if we talk a
little bit about core values
sure i’d love it so i i truly feel
that core values is the foundation it is
the bedrock
of a good culture and there’s so many
companies out there
that they think they know what their
core values are but they’ve never
communicated like what you just said
across the entire company of what these
core values are
that we all agree to that we all are
going to work
in this fashion with each other and then
once you come up with your core values
communicate communicate communicate i
read something somewhere somebody has to
hear something
seven times in order for them to hear it
the first time
uh in fact you have chick-fil-a up in
we have a ton of chick-fil-a’s here in
atlanta when you go to the chick-fil-a
and you say thank you what do they say
in return
my pleasure my pleasure that was
something that truett kathy wanted to
start as part of their culture
one he stole it from ritz carlton he
stayed at the ritz carlton he loved it
and he said you know what this is so
better than no problem or whatever they
would say
and he goes it’s absolutely free so
we’re going to start using it
so every year they gather all of their
operators together
and they they talk about the state of
the company and hey this is what we’re
going to do this next year
well he released the fact that we’re not
going to say thank you anymore we’re
going to say my pleasure because that
just means so much
more when somebody hears that so he said
that and then he was so excited
a week or so later he got in his car he
went through a drive-through he said
thank you
and the lady said no problem and he was
like oh it’s not working do you know
how long it took chick-fil-a to say
my pleasure i can only imagine probably
a lot longer than he thought
it was a lot longer than he thought it
was seven years wow
seven years of staying the course
repeating the exact same message and
making sure that he gave people
opportunity to fail
but allowed them to get picked back up
as well
and now you can’t go to a chick-fil-a
and they won’t say anything
but my pleasure in fact i find myself
doing it now
so it just goes to show that you have to
communicate that but also
core values is more than just a piece of
paper or
maybe even a plaque that we had made
that’s all dusty hanging on a wall it
has to be embedded
in everything that we do like i said
we hire on it we fire on it we reward
and we recognize on it
so the exercise i like to ask people to
do with core values
is one you can’t do it on your own so so
i would recommend you and i as the
leaders of our company we’re part of
that team
but we get the head of the departments
to come in
and allow us to have a discussion with
them so that’s we have to be a little
bit vulnerable
as a leader and then being vulnerable
we need to ask them what is the ideal
employee what is what does that look
if we hire somebody who do we want with
certain traits
that’s coming through the door another
way to ask that
is who will we not allow to work here
so what is the opposite of the core
values and i find that that’s normally
a better way to get some answers out of
people if they’re if they’re not able to
figure out what they really want
they can definitely tell you what they
don’t want and there’s a lot of value
with that
and by the way i’m just doing this on a
whiteboard as people are talking so
very casual and then i asked them okay
now if we’re going to take it as far as
to hire fire reward and
recognize do the traits that we just
do they match that and then people say
well that one not so much or maybe
maybe that’s the sentiment but it’s not
the right word and then you can go
around and you can word smith
and this isn’t a 10-minute conversation
this is a meeting and then maybe a
follow-up meeting and then once you
on what the words are i encourage
somebody to go through
and then define which each one of those
words are
so one of our core values is integrity
now we can define that totally different
and that’s fine but we have a very
specific way
that we define that here in the company
and because
everybody was hired based on that
knows what that means we can without a
doubt hire fire reward
and recognize but when you have a
culture like that
now you can bring that in to any
and it just makes it so much easier to
have conversations
that are hard to have i agree completely
trace i think that having a strong
company culture
and having core values and your
employees must know what your core
values are
i think that’s very important especially
if you’re talking about
attracting retaining and training new
without a strong company culture you
know what kind of employee as you just
reference are you going to get
how do they know what their expectations
are and
you know employees like you said never
leave for the money
they leave because they’re unhappy so i
think especially during this time of the
having a strong company culture as it
pertains to your staff
is very important during this pandemic
we have not needed to lay anybody off
but we also haven’t needed to hire
anybody either
but a lot of my supplier colleagues that
i’ve talked to they’re struggling
so even if you have a strong company
culture and you know core values for
your company
during the pandemic you know what is a
safe way to train new hires and do
that’s one of the struggles of the
pandemic because it seems like the way
that we do things now
is so new um it’s out of the box you
know everybody’s coming up with virtual
ways to do it
um but company culture as it pertains to
your employees
is key that’s why they’re going to want
to work there and that’s why they’re
going to want to stay
totally agree with that i think now more
than ever we have to bring
culture into our meetings we’re going to
talk later about remote work and
the people that are not seeing people on
a regular basis
they feel like they’re disconnected from
that tribe that we mentioned to earlier
and we have to make sure that we’re
including them
more now than ever and tying it back
to our core values and our culture
and then you know i think everybody’s
probably zoomed out
we’ve used zoom so much during the
pandemic but again how cool is it that
we can do so much
with a platform like that i’ve done it
myself i know some other members of our
mastermind have
done some of the things i’m getting
ready to mention but in addition to just
company meetings
they have games and we’ve done
wheel of fortune over zoom if you
remember the tv show
press your luck we did that we did who
wants to be a millionaire
and our questions we’re centered around
our culture
you know not only defining our core
values but we list specific examples
where people got awards for
doing a specific behavior with culture
so we we had that on there we had trivia
with the company
you know things that if you worked in
the company for a while that you would
and just just really had fun with it and
you know we talk about all the things we
can’t do during covid
that’s something you can do and it’s
probably something we wouldn’t have done
if things were as normal and to this day
we probably started doing that back in
april people talk about how much fun it
is and when are we going to do the next
i agree i’ve been on a zoom call where
we had a best background contest
i would have never ever done any of
these things i think that you know even
though you can’t
you know do the personal touches and the
meetings um i’ve had a lot of uh
you know friends and colleagues say that
you know sales channels are changing
but i do find that you have to look for
the positive and that the virtual
world that we’re in right now does allow
you to do
things a different way but there is some
benefit to it so i always try to focus
on that
i think that’s great i want to make sure
as we go through this webinar
that we give people handles that they
can pick up and take something with them
and whenever i’m looking at core values
if you ever listen to the podcast one of
my favorite books is the seven habits of
highly effective people
i think that does a really good job of
helping you build core values it’s
speaking more of a personal sense but
there’s no
there’s no reason you can’t translate
that to the business
and then of course the book that we just
finished reading
in the rising tide mastermind geno
traction and eos stands for the
entrepreneurial operating system and i
borrowed those words
hire fire reward and recognize from that
but in that book it also talks about how
to come up
with your core values but also how to
embed them in your company
so if you’re looking for a how-to to
start um
you know just making the core values of
bedrock of your organization
i would say either of those books or
both of those books would be
a great start ppp
eidl loan social security deferment oh
our next topic i’m sure is one of the
major things people are going to be
curious about
and have questions about is economic
and best practices during this uncertain
i know for myself at scranton associates
we did apply and receive the ppp
loan but like a lot of people our bank
is not
accepting the forgiveness applications
yet so we’ve done a fabulous job of
keeping all of our records and getting
everything ready to submit
but we’ve had nowhere to submit it to
for the last couple months
so we’re still in a holding pattern as
far as our
eidl loan which is the disaster loan
from the small business administration
we didn’t need it
but in conferencing with my cpa he said
well you don’t need it
but he’s like you know it’s called a
disaster loan for a reason
so he’s like there’s no harm in taking
it you might as well go ahead and take
it and if you need it you have it
and if you don’t you can send it back um
because there’s no payments for a year
although interest does accrue i guess
september 1st
there’s also the social security
my accountant and i have just started
talking about that
so we haven’t come to a decision on it
we’re still gathering information
um but it seems like it it may be
something that’s not a good fit for us
because like i said we have not had to
lay anybody off or change anybody’s
so i’m not quite sure what the benefit
would be but it’s very important i think
and i’m very lucky that i have you know
a fabulous cpa
where we meet all the time you know i
have my dashboards we meet once a month
and go over everything
because all of these rules are
constantly changing
and record keeping is paramount so you
don’t want to go ahead and take
advantage of these
and find that things that could be
forgiven or not because your record
keeping wasn’t up to par
i’ll be working with my cpa more as we
head into the end of the year
to make sure that any kind of tax
credits or
anything that’s available to me as a
business owner from this pandemic that
i’m able to take advantage of
i think why we are talking about you
know economics and financials
awt sent out a business owners survey
a week or so ago the water treatment
industry financial outlook survey
and i think that if you haven’t already
taken a look at the results of that
i think that they’re very interesting
and i think it shows that awt members as
a whole
have weathered the pandemic very well
and i think that just goes to show
that you know we all have a lot of good
information available to us
and are taking advantage of it and trace
and i hope that this webinar
can be yet one more tool along with the
speakers that we’ve brought to you today
that can help all of us navigate this
yeah joe i really agree with what you
said about the different loans the
different programs that are out there
we still have questions now but how much
know about those things now versus back
march and april and the thing that
i think helped us so much is you and i
are a member of a group called the
rising tide mastermind
and it wasn’t just you and i that had
questions the other 12 numbers within
our group we all had questions and we
were able
to bounce ideas off of each other we
were able to
bring in subject matter experts to help
answer our questions
and and let’s face it they’re learning
right along with us
but they at least know their industry so
they can be better prepared to answer
those questions
so i think it is a victory what we do
know now
i remember during one of the webinars
that we had with the mastermind
somebody recommended that any expense
that we had over and above a normal
due to covid categorize that because
that’s going to come in handy later on
your taxes
and i know we all did that in the
mastermind now we don’t know what we’re
going to do
with that later but we have that there
so if we can’t take advantage of it we
don’t have to do any extra work
it was already done so i guess the point
i’m trying to make
is in times of uncertainty you know
there’s information out there whether we
have access to it or not
i think isn’t the thing to focus on but
it’s who do you have access to
and then you’re not an island so awt is
such a great resource or we have so many
businesses so what are other people
how can we learn from each other’s
mistakes and victories
and then we don’t have to go through
this alone and the other thing that i
think we all learned and you mentioned
through your cpa
is we need good trustworthy
knowledgeable people that we can trust
that can help us navigate our company
where it needs to go of course the
gentleman that spoke to us on the rising
tide mastermind
and our cfo his name is mike iverson he
owns a company called trillium financial
i know a lot of people think they can’t
afford a cfo
but you don’t have to have somebody full
time in the office right next to yours
i know we both enjoy somebody coming in
on a part-time basis
every so often that all they know is
and they can look at the same numbers
that you and i have been looking at
day after day and just find material
that we didn’t even know existed
so we’ve asked mike some of the
questions that we have
we’ve polled some of the awt members to
see what questions they’ve had
so let’s go ahead and listen to mike
iverson as he answers some of those
hello i’m mike iverson with trillium
and i’m here to today to give you an
update on a few areas
that as applies to the ppp loan
so we’ll get started with the ppp loan
originally when this was issued back in
under the carers act the ppp loan
for companies to apply and
the idea being is for about an eight
week period it would help cover for
and non-payroll costs there’s talk about
any loans under 150 000
they’re anticipating potentially to just
have automatic forgiveness
the idea is there are so many loans well
more than 50
of the loans or for an amount less than
and all the applications the hundreds
and thousands and millions of
applications that would come
through would just be a huge bottleneck
for the sba and
for their system to be able to process
it so they’re considering
doing some automatic forgiveness so
we’ll see
so stay tuned with that so i hope these
updates have been helpful
and thank you for your time and best for
the rest of 20
and into 2021 thank you thank you mike i
really appreciate you being part of our
what i’d like to talk about next is what
we’ve learned what has worked well
during the pandemic
and what we’d like to change going
forward taking all of the information
that we now have trace and i would like
to kind of
phrase this as a on the supplier side
versus the water treater side
surprisingly i think that there was a
lot of synergy
but there’s also some differences so
myself being a supplier
what i’ve learned what’s worked well and
what i need to change going forward
is being a manufacturer i think the
biggest thing is
is that we didn’t have a choice in
working remote
you can’t blend chemicals from home so
we were pretty much
forced as an essential business to you
i don’t want to use this term but i will
to pivot very quickly
which led to you know a lot of increased
time and demand on me
because we had to be in the building
every day
we are very fortunate that we can space
out but it meant that
you know very quickly i had to you know
what i felt was the best information to
my employees
i had to make sure that they were all
spaced out i had to source you know ppe
you know masks and gloves and as i’m
sure everybody can attest to
those types of things are were in short
and are still in short supply one thing
that we did
is that we had a couple of employees
that were in
a different age group that were maybe a
little bit higher risk
and those employees did work remote but
for the most part
you know that really wasn’t an option
for us what i’ve learned
like i referenced before is that
communication is key
you know i need to let my people know
what i expect from them
and i also need to keep on them so that
as the days and weeks go by
they don’t become relaxed i needed to
figure out what happened if somebody
in my staff was exposed to covid or had
coveted you know what do i do
you know we had to come up with a plan
you know you can’t tell my customers
you know we’re gonna shut down for two
weeks you know that that is not an
so we have learned a lot we’ve come
really far
and i feel like we’re kind of practicing
the best practices going forward
we know what works for us we’ve got you
know the spacing which we’re fortunate
we’ve got the the ppe that we need we
can keep certain people home remote if
we have to
i’ve even gone as far as when the
drivers come into
the building to pick up the loads each
day that have had my staff
only use the facilities in the office
that way the drivers
are the only ones using the facilities
in the back so i’ve completely
and tried to minimize as much contact as
so pretty much we’re not letting any
visitors in the building
we’re not letting anyone call on us so
it’s pretty much
just us everybody takes their
temperature every day before they come
into the office and i’ve instructed my
that no matter what if you are sick
we will deal with how we count your time
off later
do not worry about it but if you are
sick or you think that you’ve been
do not come in that is paramount we can
deal with everything else later
and you know everybody has been so
receptive to it
we’ve had zero problems everybody has
been very safe
you know we’re only around each other
all day you know
six feet away from each other so we’ve
had to change really quickly
and it’s went really well and we’ve had
no problems
from a supplier perspective it was
stressful in the beginning because my
customers i have to ease their fears
because they’re afraid we’re going to
run out of materials and as a supplier
i need to make sure i have materials for
my customers
so we just like i think all of my
suppliers echoed
and all of my colleagues that are
suppliers echoed that everybody went and
stocked up
you know because of ports closing you
know just uncertain times
so we’re all kind of heavy on inventory
but i feel it’s a necessity
because how else are you gonna you know
tell your customers don’t worry we’ve
got material
we’re not gonna run out communication is
communications with my customers i spent
uh quite a bit of time
just you know calling and making sure
you know we’re here we’re open we’re
operating we have plenty of product
you know everything for us is going to
be business as usual
i’ve learned that that is a lot of time
i’ve learned that everybody was very
receptive to just being transparent
and you know being contacted and just
having a conversation with people
you know this is what i’m doing you know
how are you doing
once i reached out to everybody i think
it it’s just nice to even have an excuse
to just
talk to people like how are you doing
what’s going on
everybody was very receptive to that now
of course you know increasing your
inventory and stocking up
takes away from your cash but like we
just talked about
in our last section you know with mike
and with myself and my cpa
you know we made sure that we’re cash
to go through this you know stocking up
on inventory or not
you know no matter what happens we’re in
a really
great position with our employees with
our customers with our suppliers
with our financial situation with our
financial people
it helps so much talking to my my member
you know co-members of the rising tide
and just bouncing ideas off each other
you know it’s a lot of work on my end
and that’s what i’ve learned this is a
lot of work and communication is key
but i think to be honest with the
pandemic we are
in a better situation now i think than
we’ve ever been
it was hard one to get there and kind of
you know all of a sudden
you know ohio says okay we’re shutting
down and okay well we’re an essential
business nobody worry we’re not shutting
i’ve learned a lot and i think i can say
that i formulated
through trial and error the best
practices to move forward
and i feel very confident about the
future i think as
you know the water treatment industry
and the country as a whole
moves towards economic recovery what
that looks like
right now i don’t know i don’t think
that this is
anywhere near over but i i feel
that the work that i’ve put in and the
knowledge that i’ve gained
i feel that we’re in a better position
than ever to move forward
and of course that’s the whole goal that
we don’t just get through this
we get through it stronger on the other
you know i think there are a lot of
similarities with how
the water treatment company has dealt
the the same things that you mentioned i
i can’t think of in the very beginning
didn’t know what was going on and of
course that brings
maybe some some bad thoughts to people
am i going to get fired is the company
going to get open
and attitude start to shift and i
noticed that very
very quickly not that people had bad
attitudes at our company but that could
and people were uncertain and we’ve
talked all through this webinar about
communicating over communicating you
know i really i was letting people know
that i do not know the answer right now
but i am just as curious about finding
the answer
as you are and i promise you will know
as soon as that i know
that helped also we we met with our team
quite a bit during this time
and uh it was always about stuff we
couldn’t do
you know we can’t do this because of
code we can’t do this so we changed the
meaning we said no this has to be
a covid can meeting and what can we do
from that we were able to get so many
ideas from the same people
that were saying that we couldn’t do
something before
one of the ideas was uh we do a lot with
commercial buildings
in order for the commercial buildings to
reopen here in georgia
they need hand sanitizer they couldn’t
get it at the time of course now the
market’s flooded with it
it’s everywhere that you look but at the
time nobody could get it
we didn’t sell hand sanitizer so we
actually worked with a supplier who was
making it we could get it a lot quicker
than our customers could
we put a very modest markup on it and
then all of a sudden
we were in the hand sanitizer business
nothing that we planned
during uh our quarterly planning the the
quarter before
but what that did it allowed us
one to to ensure if we did have a longer
time period
which we are for people paying us our
accounts receivable
is higher than it’s ever been that gave
us a little bit of buffer because we
only allowed for cash or credit card
for the hand sanitizer so that
ensured that our employees were secure
here what it did for our customers
was we actually told them the story
matter of fact i wrote a little letter
thanking them for buying the hand
sanitizer and letting them know where
that idea came from it came from a
based on one of our customers saying
they didn’t know how they were going to
reopen because they couldn’t find it
so i wanted the customer to know that we
talked about that and we found a
solution and that’s why they have hand
in their possession right now we got
thank you cards back
because we sold hand sanitizer
so we started thinking okay well besides
that what are some other ways
that we can help ourselves at the same
time help our customers
and we came up with a handful of ideas
occasionally that we can’t do that
because of covid would creep back in and
we had to change our our minds around
but you know something that we like to
do and i know all water treaters
want to do it is a customer review
if our customers don’t understand the
value that we’re providing
then when somebody else walks in the
door and they’re a dollar cheaper well
why shouldn’t they go with that person
if we’re not telling them our value
nobody else is well people aren’t
meeting with us
so how do we have these customer reviews
and i’m sure if your company is like
mine you’re probably backed up on the
reviews that you probably
should have already done before kovid so
we started scheduling them over zoom
and people were appreciative i think to
see people outside of their company on
on zoom on the video conferencing but we
we picked up so much new business
because we were reviewing where we’ve
where we need to go and then the pieces
that were missing
that the customer needed to approve in
order for us to take their water
treatment program to the next level
you know we had one-on-one contact
they were less disturbed they had we had
their undivided attention because
we do have the this pandemic going on
and again it looks like we are slated to
have one of our best years
ever and it’s because you know we can’t
do a lot of things
but when we look at what we can do and
we ask
our people to help us think that way you
never know
what the customer’s going to approve i
think that was
key with that of course you know we’re
calling this lessons learned
i think it’s really lessons learned and
we learn something new about what’s
going on each and every day
you know you and i share things quite a
bit because we’re in the same mastermind
so i don’t have to worry if you learn
something you’re not going to share it
with me
so it’s my hope that other members out
there in awt
you know have some sort of forum that
they can get that information because i
got to tell you with all the stuff that
comes out
every single day you just don’t have
time to keep up with all of that
another thing i’ll mention is you
mentioned having like a coveted plan
and companies are doing that now and it
used to be you had to write them and
hope that they were the best well now
you can find
templates all over online for free so if
you haven’t gone
and searched for some sort of covid plan
for your building i encourage you to do
that allows your people to know that
you’re serious if there ever were an
you know you’re not going to stop covid
but at least
just like legionella you can take
liability off the table you can say hey
we’ve got a plan
this is the items that we’re going to do
if something were to happen
well in addition to all of us doing that
our customers are doing that as well
and if you’re like me you’ve probably
this course of outside of new york
you’ve talked to your customers
about doing something about legionella
due diligence
and they may or may not have done
well folks they are putting money in
their budget
right now to write these coded plans
it is extremely easy to talk to people
about putting something for legionella
as well doing a water management plan
because now they’re open to that they
see what can
happen when the world gets sick when
somebody gets sick with their building
so we have had tremendous success
of during these customer reviews talking
about legionella
and also some of the experiences that
we’ve had in developing our own
covid plan so if you haven’t talked to
your customers about that
they need to hear that and they’re
probably not going to think about that
on their own
nation i know today’s episode is a bit
longer but i wanted to get all this
information out to you so you could do
with it
what you needed to do and let’s face it
it’s a podcast you can pause it you can
pick it up any time
that you like so i wanted to make sure
you had the information
and now it’s up to you to figure out how
you are going to devour
that information that being said this is
a good time to
to take a break if you need to take a
break maybe check
out some of the webinars that we’ve been
mentioning on this podcast
i do want to say again that all of these
ideas came from
conversations that we had within the
rising tide
mastermind the simple fact is we don’t
what we don’t know however when we align
ourselves with a group
of professionals a group of like-minded
that group will demand that we
collectively as a group and as
become more successful
we learn from each other what we don’t
we don’t know quite frankly others
can help uncover the blind spots that we
all have
that we don’t know that we have
as a member i can wholeheartedly say
that i am better able to weather
this pandemic because of the rising tide
mastermind because of all the questions
that were asked because of all the
that people were coming to me for saying
i need
more information all of those things
helped me directly it helped the members
of the mastermind directly
and i can say that we
did the best effort that we knew how to
because of all the information that we
were gathering
because of the rising tide mastermind
and because of all of this the group
decided that we needed to know all of
this stuff in order to make
better decisions how awesome is that we
have the support of the group
we get the group trying to figure out
what we don’t know
we don’t know that we need to know and
my question to you
is are you in a group like this and if
the answer is yes
that is awesome if the answer is no
i want you to consider joining the
rising tide
mastermind at the very least go to
scaling up h2o.com
forward slash mastermind read about it
and see if that’s something that
sounds intriguing to you if it does
i would love for you and i to connect
so we can see if the group makes sense
for you
and if you make sense for the group
now if the rising tide mastermind is not
right for you
i urge you to find a group
that is right for you there are just so
many things that
come to fruition when you
join a group like this and folks
life’s too short to do it alone it’s too
complicated to do it alone
and when it comes to things like this
pandemic there is no way i
could have done it alone so i urge you
find a group so please
find a group figure out why i am
so excited about masterminds
and see if it’s something that you
should consider joining
well folks here is part two of our
webinar with jill myself and our invited
i know myself as a custom chemical
manufacturer i’m an expert in blending
whereas trace as the owner of a water
treatment company
you’re an expert in water treatment i
think the pandemic has forced
both of us as business owners to become
experts in hr
i know that i have a lot of questions my
employees have a lot of questions
and i’m sure everyone watching this
video has a lot of questions
so now that we’re being asked more hr
questions that are pressing
more than ever the question is how do we
get these questions answered
how do we make sure that they’re
answered in a timely manner
and in an accurate manner so we’re
fortunate enough to have helene grossman
from hrtg atlanta with us today and
helene is going to answer
what we found were some of our own
questions some of what we felt were the
most common questions
and then helene is going to let us know
what she thinks that we need to know
pertaining to hr right now
hi everyone and thanks again to trace
and jill for inviting me to talk with
you today
again i am helene grossman i am
president of hrtg atlanta
we are an hr consulting company that
helps businesses like yours
deal with hr questions and challenges
that you may be facing
today trace and jill have asked me to
provide some best practices
concerning some pressing hr questions
that you are probably
facing right now so these are the three
um and best practices that i will be
the first one is you know as we come up
into the fall season
is it flu sick or is it coveted sick and
how do i deal with that in the office
we have employees coming back to the
office after being remote what are some
of the best practices for that
as well as how do we accommodate or help
with school-aged children and the remote
learning aspect
so before we get started on all of that
i just want to review
the five steps of an employee who tests
positive for coven 19 in your workplace
um the reason i’m doing this
is this will obviously impact um as
people are either coming back
to the workplace as we talk about covet
flu or covet or flu
so i just want to remind you of the five
steps around
employee testing positive number one
obviously send the employee home number
two make sure that you’re cleaning
and vacating any working area that that
employee may have been
in number three it is your obligation to
notify potentially exposed employees
those would be anyone who was within six
feet of that person for more than 15
a big one is determining when the
employee returns and it’s not by testing
negative alone these are cdc guidelines
so if you
if an employee has tested positive and
there’s no symptoms you can end that
isolation 10 days after testing positive
if it’s moderate to mild symptoms you
can end the isolation after 10 days
if at least 24 hours have passed without
a fever
and other symptoms have been improved
and then obviously if it
is severe symptoms um
the employee needs to continue isolation
for the full 14 days or longer
you may need to record if the infection
is work related and report it to
osha i mentioned that because obviously
that needs to be done
in the state of california if you are a
business in california
however there may be other states that
also have that requirement
so i just wanted to make sure that you
look into those
state regulations as well so the big
for the fall is you know the flu looks
like covet
in many aspects what do we do and how do
we handle that in the workplace
so the first thing i’ll tell you as a
best practice is to have a team meeting
and be totally transparent
it is hard to tell the difference both
of them have similar symptoms we all
know that
so let’s just put that up front in terms
of a flu sick or a covet sick
there are some differences but you’re
not a doctor so
what you’re going to do as a team
obviously is
talk about what the plan is going to be
and you and your team should develop a
and this is an example of a plan a plan
would be
to tell your entire team that no one
should come to the office that is
any of those symptoms and this is just
to be on the safe side
i would recommend that they talk with
their own doctor
about whether or not they should be
taking a flu shot this year
i would treat each situation as if the
employee has
coveted if they get tested and it comes
negative then just make sure they’re
sitting out for 24 hours free of
before they come back into the office
obviously you do not want an employee
to bring the flu into the into the
workplace and infect anyone else
if it is coveted and they are out then
in terms of
paying them you have the family first
response care act which is two weeks of
sick leave um that will be paid
if it is the flu just like normally
anyone being sick
then you need to look at your pto your
sick days and your unpaid leave
plan okay that is a best practice it’s
really getting together and determining
what the plan is going to be but i would
tell you
the big one here is treat it as if it
coded the second
best practice that we’re going to talk
about is bringing employees back to the
after being remote
one of the best practices here is that
you can’t
come up with all the items that you need
to cover
by yourself and so one of the best
practices is really to create a task
of various individuals mainly from
different departments if possible or
different levels to help with designing
the back to office plan and again
a plan okay that plan
should be communicated and forthcoming
before employees return back to work
and the plan should include these couple
of items
at a minimum the safety procedures
are we wearing masks where’s the
sanitizer how are we going to be
cleaning the office
are we doing temperature checks the next
how will they return is it by choice
are we going to be phasing in are we
going to have some people working monday
wednesday friday
are we going to have some people working
tuesday and thursday
if you say that you’re a high risk can
we just let you work at home
are the business hours the same is the
layout of the office
different are we going to have space in
between the desks
um and then again you need to reinforce
um what the expectations will be if
you’re coming to the office
or whether you’re working from home
and then finally check in as often as
okay and find out how is it working in
the office
what changes do we need to make put this
back on your task force
you know once they come up with a plan
the plan should be the task force is
checking in
after people get back to the office but
again the big thing here
the big takeaway is create a plan
and make sure you’re over communicating
that plan
the third area is what we call
accommodating and helping employees with
children with their remote learning
and i will tell you that for the most
part um
you’ve got to be flexible you just have
to be flexible this is just
such a difficult time for many
and so i tell you as a business owner to
look at your schedules
look at your start times look at your
end times can people come in later
maybe they can work you know starting
from 11 o’clock
you know later because they need to be
with their kids in the morning
if there’s ways that you can be flexible
and still get the work done and work
with the employees
then definitely explore that possibility
i’m going to tell you that a lot of
businesses are being creative
they’re working with compressed work
weeks some of them are giving
day care stipends if they can afford it
to those employees with school-aged
children some are working from home
working from the office they’re
adjusting their days or being flexible
but again as long as they are
communicating and it is working for you
in the short term um again i tell you be
and then the last thing i will tell you
is be consistent
you know don’t pick and choose employees
with children have different
situations and even though it may be
very individualized
we also need to be consistent in how we
treat them so if you’re allowing
employees with children some to stay
or to work then you should allow all
employees with children to be able to do
that as well
and then remember the family first
response cares act
again is still in effect on december the
31st and this
act for 12 weeks
allows an employee to stay at home with
their child if they cannot
work in the office and cannot work at
this is two-thirds of their pay for
those 12 weeks
some of them may have used that up back
in the march or
april time frame so again you’ll just
need to keep track
of all of that we are going through a
very difficult time
and i know that it is very trying on
but i will leave you with this quote
which i love from maya angelou
and that is people will forget what you
said people will forget what you did
but people will never forget how you
make them feel
and i will tell you that this rings
especially true
in the workplace so remember that as
you’re dealing with your employees
everyone is going through a very
stressful time so
so please please remember take care of
and take care of your employees and stay
thank you very much joe you got it right
we’ve got to do so much more as company
owners we have to know
so much about hr so i’m so glad helene
was able to come on and share some of
the valuable information
with us and the people watching this
the next topic we’re going to talk about
is how do we move on from this what’s
long-term plan we’ve got so many
about what’s the new normal nobody knows
what that is and then if they think
something’s normal today we’ll watch out
it’s going to change tomorrow so
this is our section where we’re going to
talk about what ifs
this pandemic has really brought up the
question as trey said what if
there’s a whole lot of what-ifs myself
and some of my supplier colleagues and
friends that i’ve spoken to
they’ve mentioned you know sales
channels are changing so for me
what if nobody’s able to call on me in
person anymore
for some of my other suppliers and
colleagues what if
they’re not able to call on people in
person anymore
what if the people that they’re calling
on don’t want to see them in person
you know it’s a whole new virtual world
out there and while there is
definitely some limitations and you
don’t get that personal contact
which i don’t think will ever go away i
think people are always hungry for that
but at least for right now i think
has or should be taking full advantage
of the the virtual world i think
sometimes even though you can’t get that
personal contact
you may be able to get more information
in front of somebody
through a virtual presentation what if
we don’t have in-person
conferences anymore well as awt members
we’re finding that out right now
you know i think everybody was
disappointed that the live event for
this year got cancelled
and that we’re having the virtual event
but i think
now that we are in the midst of the
virtual event and looking forward to it
is that this is very positive it’s
something we’ve never done before
which allows us i think almost more
creativity in a way
and a whole new different way of doing
i kind of think from my perspective that
i’m able to get more
information out in front of people it
might be to
maybe a smaller audience hopefully not
but i do believe that the content can be
and i think in some regards it can even
be better so i think there’s definitely
positive aspects for that
you know going back to the what if we
can’t see people it’s not just calling
on customers or
suppliers calling on us i think it is
the lack of in-person meetings and
i think that this time more than ever
it’s more important to reach out and not
isolating i think small business owners
especially can feel that
i think it’s important to have a trusted
network of people
i think it’s important to have good
advisors people to ask advice to
i know that i’m fortunate to have that
with my legal team
and my cpa and my financial team
but also with the rising tide mastermind
with my colleagues
with my awt colleagues i think what i’m
lacking right now in seeing people in
i’m more than making up for virtually
but i think you need to be open with
that you need to be able to change with
that and take advantage of that
i’ve also found that traditional methods
of marketing
that we’ve done in the past have really
needed to change during this pandemic
so i’ve been spending a great deal of
kind of figuring out how do i network
and how do i market
and i think that i have not only
i think that we have really surpassed my
goals in terms of
you know how do we market how do we
network how do we stay in contact
what new things can we try you know not
works but i’ve been pleasantly surprised
that most things that we’ve tried
have worked better than i’ve anticipated
trace what have you found your what ifs
are during this time
well i will definitely say the what ifs
grow with each and every passing day
i think the biggest what if people ask
in our company and other water treaters
is what if we can’t get back to normal
with how we
sell our water treatment wares and
i know we’ve we’ve had a webinar on
selling during a pandemic
with the rising tide mastermind i know i
learned a lot about that
but what i want to convey to people that
are watching this webinar
is you know we might be doing things
differently but the foundation
of how we did those things doesn’t need
to change
now maybe somebody’s not going to see
you in person but
they can see you over zoom and as i
mentioned earlier
you have somebody’s undivided tension
normally on
zoom so if you’ve got a very well
planned out
agenda so you’re very cognizant of their
time you’re not wasting their time
you make sure that you ask them what do
they feel
they’re going to get out of this meeting
or how will this meeting be most
productive to them to make sure
you can adjust the meeting to hit their
i think you’ll be surprised of what you
can get done
virtually there are a lot of people out
there that just say well if i can’t do
it the way i’m used to i can’t do it at
all and folks if that’s your attitude
you are not going to survive this
as jill mentioned there’s going to be
some form of this
even after all of this finishes
people are very heightenly aware and
we’re eventually going to change so if
you haven’t
changed now is the best time it reminds
me of a chinese proverb the best time to
plant a tree is 10 years ago the second
best time is today
so go ahead and plant your tree with
some of the new things that you can do
taking care of the virtual community i
also have to think you know
trainings you know i go to several
trainings to get certification credit
for several certifications that i hold
how are we going to do that
now that we’re not going in person well
i’m sure you’ve seen that people are
virtual trainings and those are getting
a lot better
again thinking about what we can’t do in
covid now thinking about what we can do
just like your fees with this conference
you are able to probably send more
people because you’re not having to pay
for their travel
you’re not having to pay for their
lodging so don’t always look for the
negative things that are there there are
some positive things and i will be the
first to admit that there is
a lot taken away when you can’t get face
to face
in front of somebody but if you can’t
you can’t don’t focus on that
focus on the things that you can do and
see how you can do that to the best or
at least
better than anybody else and then when
you’re talking to your customers
they’re really going to appreciate that
thank you trace we’ve both done a lot of
work with long-term planning and goal
and i know that you have a lot of
expertise in that area
could you talk to us a little bit about
goal setting and long-term planning
and what are your thoughts on how it
works during the pandemic
yeah great question well first off
long-term planning i feel is key to
any business i feel it’s key to any
family if you’re going to drive
you want to know where that destination
is otherwise you don’t know what route
to take well life is the same way
with the company i always recommend that
mentally go three years into the future
and see
what do we want to accomplish in those
three years so we’re actually sitting
three years into the future
who are the people that are around us
what equipment do we need
what facility are we in uh what are the
different positions that people are
holding in the company
all of those things and you’ve got your
trusted leadership team there with you
so you’re now able to all see that image
and then you think well how am i ever
going to get this three
year image to come to a reality well the
answer is one day at a time
and what i like to then ask people to do
is to go back
to one year planning so you know what
three years looks like so what’s a
slice of that long-term plan
and that’s your annual planning you’re
thinking what do i have to do
that’s going to get us one-third to that
three-year plan and then cut it down
even further
into quarters these are the bite-sized
pieces that we can do
during the quarter so we can accomplish
these goals so
we call these 90 day rocks in the
mastermind group
and that comes from one stephen covey
seven habit book
and then they also use that in one of
the books we read called 12
week year which is one of i think the
best planning books
ever written because it everybody tells
you how to plan
but very few tell you how to execute
12-week year does a great job of doing
now when we get together as a company
that 90 days we know what the three year
supposed to look like
we know what that year is supposed to
look like and we know what we should
have accomplished over the last 90 days
now we have the benefit of life
to our plan so how well did we do with
all of the things that happened to us
during that 90 days and what did we
from that 90 days and now we can
over the next 90 days and get it even
better every time we go through this
process as a company we learn something
we get better at it so that’s how i’ve
done long-term planning it allows us to
have a vision of where we’re going
it allows us to use the past to learn
how we’re going to get better
as we’re going forward in fact if you
listen to
a scaling up h2o podcast it was episode
it’s actually where i share the story of
uh how we do long-term planning here at
the company
and the podcast is about me preparing
for my ted talk but you can hear how we
actually do that here at the company
on episode 92 and i actually
refer to back to the future when we do
long-term planning so we get into our
delorean we go three years into the
future so if that interests you
you can listen to episode 92 but your
jill is how does that change now that we
a pandemic now that we have cobit around
my my short answer is i don’t think it
i think we all know where we need to go
but now just like we were loading the
and we were going to disney world well
we’ve got a road closed
and it doesn’t mean we can’t get to
disney world but it means we can’t take
the road that we were going to take
we now have to take a detour doesn’t
mean we can’t get there we just have to
figure out how we’re going to do that
so within all the things we’ve learned
in the last couple of months
we actually know how to navigate this
pandemic so much better than when it
first started
using that knowledge we can now apply
that to see which road we are going to
take to hit that
now that being said some of our goals
might have to be adjusted a little bit
just because we’re not able to do them
in the same way
so an example that i have of that is
a lot of times we all have revenue goals
i mean who doesn’t right we all want to
put more money on the top line well now
that we’re not able to sell the way
we’re used to
and we’re learning new ways to sell
having that same revenue goal might not
be realistic this quarter maybe it will
be more realistic next quarter
so change the goal a little bit you can
you think to yourself
what am i able to do that will impact
that goal
although it’s not really going to
complete that goal this year
and the example that i can come up with
that we did
is we didn’t reflect on dollar revenue
we reflect on company touches so
how many times did one of us from our
reach out and touch another member
of our clients companies and we were
able to do that
very easily over zoom we got compliments
for that
i shared on part one that we got
business from that
and that is leading towards that
ultimate metric that we had of putting
money on the top line
thank you trace i have to echo like you
the 12-week yearbook that we read in the
mastermind i’ve taken full advantage of
that this year
i believe that goals are important
during the pandemic now more than ever
they just have to be adjusted maybe
you’re not looking at the same metrics
maybe those have had to be adjusted
but i find that my goals are important i
find that i
have kept them i’ve revised them i’ve
actually crushed them this year
which i’m happy to say but i have also
noticed that it takes a lot more time
this year
i have worked harder than ever in the
just because of all the adjustments that
need to be made
in my personal life i have goals and
some of those goals because we’re not
able to do
certain things or go certain places
those are put on hold
but in my personal life i have really
found that i’m
am struggling to maintain a work-life
because of all of the extra time that
i’ve been putting in at work
to keep us safe keep us stocked up keep
us up to date on the newest information
you know change our goals you know just
kind of
changing with the times and with the
information that i’m given
and making sure that you know anytime
anything that’s uncertain
that i’m getting the best information
and making the best decisions going
i think going into our next topic that
it is really more important than ever
to maintain or try to maintain a good
work-life balance
but also to kind of avoid burnout to
take care of ourselves
now more than ever because this is such
a stressful and uncertain time
and if you’re not careful you know it
can really take a toll on you
and we are very fortunate to have
somebody with us today
who trace will introduce that i think
his message is very important
and really a good way to close on i i
definitely agree jill
and before we move topics you know
thinking about personal goals
a lot of times you know we kind of get
depressed that we weren’t able to meet
those personal goals because of the
circumstances that we have right now
i think when you really take account of
all the things that you have that are
going well in your life
you’ll realize that it’s not as bad as
maybe you once thought it was
but let’s face it if you’re watching the
news that’s not the mindset that you’re
going to be in
that does not sell people turning on the
news stations
so something that i have found that’s
been very helpful i know we’re using
this on the rising tide mastermind
is a book called the five minute journal
it’s not really a book
it’s called the five minute journal if
it takes you five minutes to do it
that’s probably a long time
but what it does it asks you certain
questions in the morning and then it
asks you certain questions at night
and it gets you thinking about all the
things you really do have
going for you jill i know you and i have
been using this book for for this
journal for quite a while
um it does help you get in that positive
and see positive things instead of what
the world kind of gravitates us to
with all the negative things going
around so uh
if you have not stopped by our booth the
scaling up h2o booth in the exhibit hall
we have a starter kit for the five
minute journal
in fact i even have a video showing you
how to use it
so please stop by watch the video
start doing the journal and i promise it
will help you with some of those areas
if you want to buy the journal
you can go to scaling up h2o.com forward
slash journal
that just takes you to an affiliate link
straight to amazon if you want to go on
amazon and find it yourself you can do
that as well
but i just felt if i didn’t share that
with everybody
knowing how much that that’s helped us
through this personally and then also as
business owners i just would be leaving
something on the table that
that somebody could use but i think that
does tease up
perfectly for our next speaker
our next speaker has two main roles and
he’s going to tell you about those roles
but he’s going to talk to us about you
know navigating the pandemic
and making sure not only we get through
it but we stay positive
as we do this so our speaker is austin
causey so please welcome him
are you drinking enough water during
this season
now i imagine that’s probably not the
first question you thought that i was
gonna ask especially to a group like you
amazing water treatment professionals
it’s an important question and it’s one
that i hope that you will remember as
you leave
our time together today is are you
drinking enough water
during this season now my name is austin
i love the work that i get to do in a
couple different roles the two most
important that i want to talk to you
about today
are my role as a travel agent
specifically the vice president of a
agency based out of fort lauderdale
florida and the second my role as a
so let me start with the travel industry
world because i’m guessing
like a lot of you your industries our
industry was wrecked during the past
six months during this coveted season as
you can imagine
the travel industry exploded and not in
a good way right
not only were all of our trips cancelled
but we had to walk through that with
every single client do they want to move
did they have trip insurance did they
not have trip insurance
did they want to wait it out and see if
they were going to get canceled which
countries are shutting down which
countries are open
it was chaos and here’s what i want to
tell you it’s not
over yet but i do see a line on the
horizon and i think that we’re starting
to approach that line and it’s why i
think this topic for today
is so important is are you drinking
enough water
during this season you see there’s
something that i noticed about two
months in
to the covid19 season and that’s this
bottom line here
is that i think that the companies that
respond best
and not just the companies but the
leaders the companies and the leaders
that respond best to this season will
have a shot at becoming the best
after this season is over let me say
that again the companies and the leaders
that respond
best to this season will end up having a
shot at becoming the
best companies and the best leaders out
after this season is over and here’s why
i think that that is so important
for me and for you while i would never
wish anything
negative to happen to my competition i
don’t believe in that
i do think that there will be
opportunities to leverage
especially in our world in the travel
industry world and probably in your
world as well
competition is thinning out as agencies
and as
industries and as companies that weren’t
prepared for this coveted season or that
aren’t responding to it well
are dying out that’s an opportunity for
and for your company to leverage and i
want to make sure
that you do that incredibly well because
here’s what i know
here’s actually it’s a theory but i
think there’s a lot of ground here
i think this is true the end of the
coven season
will actually be the starting line for
the next season
to come and i think the next season is
even more important
and here’s what i want you to think
about as you approach
that starting line of the next season i
want you to think about it like a
and i’ve run a couple marathons and
there’s one thing that i will tell you
is incredibly
important as you prepare for the
starting line day for race day
it’s that you come not only trained
but you come hydrated you come with
energy you don’t show up exhausted
you don’t show up burn out and you don’t
show up
unprepared that’s a way to drop out of a
and i don’t want that for you and that
takes me back to our original question
from the beginning of this talk
is are you drinking enough water during
this season
and i know that question sounds obvious
you’re like oh i see you want me to be
hydrated because the starting line’s
yes that’s true but i want to unpack
what i think
being hydrated in this season as we look
towards the starting line
actually looks like and i think that
there are three things that i want to
unpack with you
but before we go there let me tell you
about my second role so like i said i’m
the vice president of this travel
agency that’s over here but i also
worked full time as a pastor
at when at church and i love being a
not only because i love jesus and i love
everything that he represents
and here’s what i know i know that for
some of you when you heard that i’m a
that may have some negative connotations
for you and so if that’s true
i apologize for whatever your bad church
experience might have looked like
but here’s why i think it’s important to
tell people about what following jesus
looks like
because in life i think that when you
know jesus
it not only makes you better at life but
it makes your life better
and i will unpack that for anyone who
wants to talk about it at another time
but today here’s why i’m talking about
that for you
it’s because i don’t just care about you
and i don’t just care that you’re at
this summit today because of your work
your role
in the business world i care about you
as husbands
as wives as parents as grandparents as
spouses those roles are just as
important as the roles that you play
in your business community and i think
if you lose sight of your life
you might be winning at business and
failing with your relationships and so
that’s why i want to unpack
these three things that i think will
help you stay hydrated
not just for your business life although
that will make it better
but these three things that will help
you stay hydrated holistically
in your life in this season as you
approach the starting line
of the post covet season
so here’s the first tip here’s the first
i want you to do to stay hydrated in
this season
tip number one is this is that you need
to be
filling up not only on work time
but filling up on your relationships
up on family time with those people that
most to you and here’s why i don’t want
to sacrifice your family to succeed at
here’s why if you do that you may win at
business you may have a lot of money
but countless people will tell you that
isn’t enough
and showing up at the finish line with a
great business or even showing up at
that starting line with a great business
is not in the same realm as showing up
prepared but also with family and
friends beside you
so don’t sacrifice your relationships
to prioritize your work life and here’s
something really practical
because i know that pretty much sounds
obvious and a lot of the things i’m
going to say today
may sound obvious but it’s more
to remember them and to apply them than
it is to hear them for the first time
and here’s why i think that’s true
because if you don’t prioritize these
relationships if you don’t prioritize
that quality time like i said you’re
going to end up at the starting line of
the post-coven season
alone and i don’t want that for you so
practically speaking here’s one
really easy thing you can do and this is
something that i did personally because
like i said my world has been
chaos for the last six months but as i
thought about this idea of filling up on
my relationship
time here’s one simple thing that i did
and i’m going to specifically talk about
my relationship with my wife
so i went to her and i said hey you know
how crazy things are right now
bringing her into my world you know how
crazy things are
you know that there are fires going left
and right in the business world that we
work in
but i want you to know that you are the
most important part of my life
and i want you to help hold myself
accountable because if i don’t
and if you don’t help me with that i
will run a hundred miles an hour
towards the business community and
forget about the things that are most
important to me so will you help me stay
to our relationship will you help me
prioritize date nights
will you help me prioritize our quality
time together
that is one simple way that you can fill
up on your relationship time
during this season so that you can show
up at the starting line
of postcobid hydrated on your
now for tip two here’s the second thing
i want you to fill up on
is i want you to fill up on positive
mental nutrition i know that sounds so
weird it sounds so ethereal
but here’s what i mean by that is
typically in our lives
when work gets really busy we start to
you know crowd out the things
that really help us grow and help us
learn and i call that positive
mental nutrition for you that might be a
really good book it might be a
it might be a podcast that you love to
learn and grow in
it might even be conferences like this
so way to go on showing up
that shows that you prioritize things
like this
don’t lose sight of that as you continue
to fill up and hydrate on your positive
mental nutrition
because here’s what we do is we actually
to the things that are bad for us we
think oh man i’m exhausted
i just need to go binge watch a series
on netflix
that is a way to rest but i’m telling
you it’s not the same
as hydrating on the things that are
actually quality
positive mental nutrition and so it’s
just one really practical step as you’re
walking through this
is just to continue to set aside even if
it’s 30 minutes even if it’s just
a chapter a day don’t lose sight of
learning and growing or you’ll come to
the starting line of the postcode season
exactly in the same place as you were at
the beginning
so maybe that’s reflecting for you maybe
it’s journaling and taking notes of what
you’re learning in this season
so that you can apply it to your next
season that’s another thing i want you
to fill up on
during this season now the last thing i
want you to fill up on
and this is one that i think is so so
important especially
for all of us who live in such a great
like the us and that is to fill up
on gratitude over comparison
that’s right i know it sounds super
churchy it sounds super weird but i
promise it applies to all of us
filling up on comparison will fuel you
for a little bit but here’s the analogy
i want to give you and i know you guys
will understand this
because you’re water treatment
professionals filling up on comparison
to fuel you and to look at your
competition and have that be what
inspires you
to work harder and grow more that’s the
same thing
as filling up on untreated water it may
quench your thirst for a little bit
but a couple hours later you’re going to
get sick and if
if you show up to the starting line of a
race like the post coveted season
you’re not only going to not be able to
finish that race you’re going to end up
worse off than you were before you
started that race so instead of filling
on the untreated water of comparison i
want you to fill
up with gratitude and on a daily
basis look at the things in your life
that you’re grateful for
no matter what you’ve lost no matter how
hard this season has been for you
there have been things that have gone
right or there are things in your life
that are still
on the upswing and so i want you to
on those things there’s actually been
research done on this
idea and doctors have said time and time
again but the people that do this
gratitude exercise
may be picking three things a day at the
start of your day that you’re grateful
people that do this have happier lives
and that’s a pastor doesn’t even matter
whether you’re a follower of jesus or
i want you to have a happier more
life a life of peace and joy and so if
you can do that if you can
fill up daily with gratitude that is
going to help you
show up to the starting line of the post
coveted season
hydrated ready not burnt out
not exhausted ready to take on
what comes next so those are the three
i know they sound simple but i know that
they will help you
stay hydrated now you can come to me and
you can say
alston what about work you didn’t say
anything about filling up on work
well that’s because i think that’s where
you’re already putting a lot of your
and yes working is like running it is
part of training for the marathon
however if you only run to train for
your marathon and you don’t
hydrate along the way you may be ready
to go
as a runner but you’re not going to be
ready your body’s not going to be ready
for what that race is going to take so
yes work
is a piece of it but i know that you as
high-capacity leaders
have no problem prioritizing the work
that needs to be done
i think we actually need to pull back
the reins a little bit
and to hydrate on these three things
that i said
that are the most important to make sure
we can sustain
this next season that’s coming at us so
from my heart to yours i want you to
think about these three things
do i need to fill up on my relationships
and my quality time
do i need to be filling up on positive
mental nutrition have i pushed that
to the wayside in this season and do i
need to be filling up on gratitude
over comparison one of those three
is going to ring true with you today and
i want you to set aside some time
i want you to even write it down right
now to prioritize
filling up on that in the weeks or maybe
even months to come
we don’t know but i do know that this
season will end
and i do know that the next one is going
to be better
and you have an opportunity just like i
said at the beginning
those that respond to this season best
will have a shot at becoming the best
after this season’s over and that’s what
i want for you
so i’m so grateful you came to this
conference i’m so grateful
you prioritized this time today and i
really do hope
and wish you the best in the race to
austin thank you so much for that and
ladies and gentlemen members of awt
i hope you found a handful of things
that you could
take back to your companies to your
personal life
during the webinar that we just
i’m pretty sure you can you can share
some of those items with people
in your company you can act on them
almost immediately
and you’re probably frantically taking
notes on some of the books that we’ve
mentioned some of the resources that we
well i’m here to say you don’t have to
do that we have a pdf
that you can download that has all of
those resources
on them again hope you learned something
and jill i want to thank you for helping
all the people that i think learned
something today that feel maybe a little
bit better
about this crazy thing called the
and the ever-changing world that we live
thank you trace the only thing certain
about the pandemic is
nothing is certain during a pandemic
things change sometimes on an hourly
basis and what we knew in march
changed in april it changed in may it
has changed
today i hope that this episode has
helped you
get up to date on some of the items you
most likely had questions about i hope
it got you
thinking about some of the new things
that you
can try some of the new things that you
should be
doing within your territory within your
and above all else i hope it allowed you
celebrate all of the successes
that you have accomplished in the year
2020 sure you probably learned some new
things on today’s episode
but i am certain that you have also
confirmed a lot of the things that you
have already been doing
please commend yourselves for all of
success folks i will be the first to
admit one of the tougher things to do
in 2020 has been networking
it is very hard if not
impossible to get together and network
during this year but you can
still do it and we have a
joint function planned with the
association of water technologies on
december 10th
at 6 00 pm eastern time
it is a virtual hang now many of you
enjoyed the virtual hangs we did
each night of the awt
convention last month well it was so
successful we decided to work with awt
to make it a regular thing that we can
look forward to so if you want to learn
about the hang very easy go to scaling
up h2o.com forward slash
hang you can register there and then
on december 10th at 6 pm eastern time
log on the zoom room and i will guide
you through a
fun process that will lead you to
new people in your community
folks last time we did the hang it was
wildly successful
we all started out in a large room
i had a couple of anecdotal facts and
different things that i shared with the
group and then i quickly got you
into a smaller perhaps
five or six person breakout room
where you had certain questions you were
going to ask each other but the bottom
line was
you were meeting people you did not know
if you did for some chance get into a
room with somebody you did know
you learned more about them and more
they learned from you and what you’re
doing is creating
a network so when you have a
question about something when you need
something you are now collecting that
network of people that can help you
through those situations so i urge you
on december 10th
join us at 6 pm eastern time and of
course you can do that
by going to scaling up h2o.com forward
slash hang
i hope to see you there and i also look
forward to bringing you
a brand new episode next friday
of scaling up h2o have a great week