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Unlock the power of Corrosion Coupons for better water treatment with this Pinks and Blues episode! Get precise insights on setting up metals, sending coupons for testing, analyzing data, and adhering to standards. Plus, a deep dive into the Galvanic Series – the key to understanding metal erosion. 

Learn the right order for setting up metals, from aluminum to stainless steel, and how adhering to guidelines is crucial for meaningful data. Scale up your Corrosion Coupon knowledge to become the best water treater and provide top-notch support to your clients. Don’t miss out – listen now! 

Bottom line: Using Corrosion Coupons will make you a better water treater.  



Trace Blackmore shares what the Rising Tide Mastermind members will experience at this year’s Mastermind Live Event [01:00]

Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals [7:00]

Answering listener questions about Corrosion Coupons [12:30] 

Periodic Water Table With James McDonald [53:30]



“Corrosion Coupons are the most economical way to monitor corrosion in a system.” – Trace Blackmore

“There are thousands of alloys you can get Corrosion Coupons made out of. You’ll want to mimic the metal to get accurate corrosion rates.” – Trace Blackmore

“If we (the lab) don’t have the starting date, starting weight, and date out, then it’s useless. We need that data.” – Trace Blackmore

“Wear your gloves! When you handle it, the small amount of oils from your finger will change, for it will interface with water in the lab.” – Trace Blackmore

“Pitting is never good. Pitting is never acceptable. A pit is always a fail.” – Trace Blackmore


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Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

Is bromine an oxidizing or non-oxidizing antimicrobial?  What is its chemical formula and how does it differ from bromide?  What are typical usage concentrations of bromine?  How does it interact with microbes?  How do you test for it?  How quickly should you test for bromine after sampling?  Should you test for free bromine, total bromine, or both?  What is the impact of pH on bromine?  Is bromine more effective than chlorine at higher pHs or is the story a little more complex than the dissociation curves would indicate?  How quickly does bromine act on unwanted microbiological activity?  What methods are there for getting bromine chemistry into the water?  Can bromine be over stabilized at times with some of these methods?  If so, how likely is this to happen and how would the system recover?  How does ammonia interact with bromine and is this a concern?  What is bromine’s impact upon corrosion?   


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