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034 The Other One With Mark Lewis, CWT

The most 2nd requested guest in Scaling UP! History! (Mark was the one doing all the requesting this time too).

Today on Scaling UP! we re-welcome Mark Lewis, CWT.  On this episode, Mark takes the interviewer position and asked me questions.  As different as this experience was, I found it very interesting to be on the other side of the mic.

Mark also joins me for a Pinks and Blues session, that I’m sure will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Please enjoy my interview with Mark Mark’s interview with me…



 0:09 – Introduction

1:46 – Begin interview with Mark

2:30 – Mark’s opinion of Scaling Up

6:25 – Where does Trace find the time for Scaling Up? / The inspiration for Scaling Up

14:43 – What has been the one comment about Scaling Up has made you the proudest?

17:11 – Mark’s opinion of the benefits of CWT Certification

19:59 – What topics would Trace like to cover on future episodes?

23:05 – Closed loops

26:06 – Filters on closed loop systems

29:41 – How do you determine the proper treatment program?

35:21 – Inspection tools

42:05 – pH and alkalinity

43:07 – Lightning Round with Trace!

43:15 – What are the last 3 books that you have read?

45:41 – If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

46:19 – What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to your first day as a water treater?

47:42 – if you could have a conversation with any person in history, who would it be?

48:21 – Pinks and Blues

48:49 – How do I know if my chiller is scaled?

52:28 – How would you know if your boiler is starting to get fouled?

54:51 – How do you know if you’ve had a softener upset?

56:58 – How can someone detect hardness leakage before the regeneration period?

1:00:06 – What is the difference between a sand filter and a separator?

1:04:56 – Is a sock filter/pleated filter better on a closed loop system?

1:07:56 – Closing statements



 18:00 – Are you a water treater with 15 years of experience, or are you a water treater that has been in the industry doing the same thing for 15 years? – Mark

 24:21 – Closed loops are the most neglected system in the water treatment portfolio. – Trace

47:19 – Write books, take notes, do whatever you need to do. Get all of the knowledge out of this man’s head. – Trace on his father

52:16 – We’ve got to address all of our chemical issues chemically, and our mechanical issues mechanically.

53:36 – Your service doesn’t start when you walk in. Your service starts as you’re driving up, looking around.


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