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040 The One That Teaches You The Qualities of Great Leaders

On today’s episode, we welcome Pat Williams. Pat was the keynote speaker at the 2016 AWT Convention, as well as,  a basketball Hall-of-Famer and co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. As one of America’s top motivational speakers, he has addressed thousands of executives in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies and national associations to universities and nonprofits. Pat is also the author of over 100 books, his most recent title being Success Intersection: What Happens When Your Talent Meets Your Passion. Pat is an expert on the topic of leadership, building teams and dreaming big.

In this episode, he shares his wisdom and insight into what makes a great leader and why we should all be living in our sweet spot! We hope this episode will inspire you to be a better water treater, a better leader in the industry and an avid chaser of your own dreams.



Why Pat moved to Orlando and wrote a biography about Walt Disney. [0:02:20.0]

Dreaming big dreams and applying Walt Disney’s lessons to your own life. [0:04:50.0]

Why Pat believes the most important thing as a leader is to ask questions. [0:07:40.0]

Find out more about Pat’s most recent book, Success Intersection. [0:09:24.0]

Living in the sweet spot: Where your talent meets your biggest passion. [0:09:40.0]

How do you know when you have or haven’t found the sweet spot? [0:10:50.0]

Why adults need to be investing in children’s talents and passions. [0:11:30.0]

Pat’s advice for adults who haven’t found their sweet spot yet. [0:12:52.0]

Discover the seven key characteristics that great leaders have. [0:14:35.0]

Can we develop leadership qualities and learn how to lead? [0:16:45.0]

The last three books that Pat has read and how he’s written over 100 of his own. [0:20:15.0]

The advice Pat would have given to himself on his first day in professional sports. [0:22:15.0]



“If you can dream it you can do it.” – Pat Williams

“The most important thing as a leader is to ask questions… and above all listen.” – Pat Williams

“The best leaders are the greatest servants.” – Pat Williams


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