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160 #IWW20 Boiler Tuesday

We are continuing our special series of episodes for Industrial Water Week and today’s episode is all about boilers! Boiler Tuesday is about celebrating: 

  • boiler chemistry 
  • cycles of concentration 
  • energy efficiency 
  • water efficiency, safety 
  • boiler water analysis 
  • blowdown control 
  • calculations 
  • corrosion minimization 
  • scale/deposit minimization 
  • water analysis 
  • Much more! 

If these topics excite you, you do not want to miss today’s episode! Detective H2O will make an appearance. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Industrial Water Week. Use the hashtag #IWW20 and let everyone know how you celebrate the most important week of the year. Gather the family and give our water cake recipe a try to celebrate #BoilerTuesday. (Can we link the water cake recipe here – I uploaded a PDF to the file)  

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Water cake recipe [02:00] 

Introduction to boilers [03:02] 

Industrial Water Treatment Jeopardy [03:45] 

Difference between steam boiler and hot loop boiler [06:20] 

Detective H2O [07:06] 

Trace’s boiler story [13:50] 


Links Mentioned: 

Industrial Water Week 

Scaling Up! Shop 



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