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161 #IWW20 Cooling Wednesday

Hello, and welcome back to our special series for Industrial Water Week. Today’s episode is all about cooling! We will celebrate everything cooling in today’s episode! From Trace’s favorite cooling tower stories to finding out what Detective H2O is up to next, this episode has something for everyone! 

  • open-recirculating cooling towers 
  • evaporative condensers 
  • chillers 
  • closed loops 
  • cooling chemistry 
  • cycles of concentration 
  • energy efficiency 
  • water efficiency 
  • microbiological control 
  • biocide 
  • corrosion minimization 
  • scale/deposit minimization 
  • safety 
  • water analysis 
  • blowdown control 
  • calculations 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IWW20 to share with the Nation! what you are doing to you celebrate this week!  

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Industrial Water Treatment Jeopardy [02:50] 

Detective H2O [04:43] 

One of Trace’s favorite cooling tower stories [14:30] 

Brett Alexander’s episodes on cooling towers [20:10] 


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