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162 #IWW20 Wastewater Thursday

Hello, and welcome back to our special series for Industrial Water Week. Today’s episode is all about wastewater! Test your water treatment knowledge with Industrial Water Treatment Jeopardy and find out what Detective H2O has been up to since we last talked

In regards to wastewater we will discuss filtration, coagulants, flocculants, microbiological treatment, filter presses, oxidation, gray water, recycling, equalization basins, dissolved air filtration, induced air filtration, settling tanks, mixing tanks, water analysis, recycling, reuse, polymers, and much more! Thank you so much for joining us as we celebrate the best week of the year! 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IWW20 and post a picture or video to celebrate Industrial Water Week.

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Kevin Cope on wastewater treatment [03:05] 

Scaling Up! H2O Shop [07:45] 

Industrial Water Treatment Jeopardy [08:26] 

Detective H2O [10:09] 

Challenge to use #IWW20 [18:50] 


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