058 The One with the Sales Energizer

058 The One with the Sales Energizer

Episode 58: Show Notes

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, you are a sales person.  Now granted, some are better that it than others, but we are all in sales no matter what we do.  I like to look at sales as something we do to help solve a problem for someone else.  Many look at it as I need to make this person do this, so I can make some money.  To those who say this, I say that if you motive is to help, the money will come, and you will have a lot more fun in the process. Continue Reading

049 The One with James McDonald, Again

049 The One with James McDonald, Again

Episode 49: Show Notes

Scaling UP! Nation!, you know that I believe you get out of our industry what you put into our industry.  This is my normal response to when someone asks me why I train others, why I volunteer for trade organizations and especially why I do this podcast. I truly believe that you should teach what you know. Educate yourself and you get smarter, teach what you know, and you get even smarter (because a teacher needs to know content better than a student) and the person you are teaching gets smarter. Did you see what just happened in that scenario? The industry of that particular topic just got better. Continue Reading

046 The One About Phosphate Testing

046 The One About Phosphate Testing

Episode 46: Show Notes

If you have ever listened to my show, you know I am totally dependent on your suggestions on what I should be talking about. Today’s show is straight from the “Scaling UP! Mailbag!”  You ask for it, so here it is… Phosphate…  (Tap…Tap) Is this thing on? Continue Reading

044 The One With The Chick Fil A Guy

044 The One with The Chick Fil A Guy 

Episode 44: Show Notes   

If you’ve listened to the show for any length of time, you know I love business!  Due my love of business, I study businesses in how they conduct regular transactions and issues. This can sometimes get on my wife’s nerves since I’m always turning every customer service experience into a learning opportunity, just ask her…  In my observations, I have noticed that successful businesses seem to rally around a core set of values that you can see throughout their entire company. I’ve also noticed the opposite is true when companies lack a set of values that are followed by all. Just think back to when you had an issue with something at a place of business, it’s impossible not to see how core values are applied if you look for it. Observing this is one of my favorite things to do.  Continue Reading

043 The One with the WaterCycle Guy

043 The One with the WaterCycle Guy

Episode 43: Show Notes  

Did you know we all have something in common?  Well, I’m willing to bet that we have many things in common but the one I want to focus in on is we all start something new as someone new to starting that something. I know that is not very profound, but it’s true. In my career I have been concerned about how someone would view my presentation or recommendation because I was: too new, too young, too…  Continue Reading

042 The One That Helps Us Understand Our Test Kits

The One That Helps Us Understand Our Test Kits 

Episode 42: Show Notes  

The topic that surrounds most of the question I receive are about tests kits and testing in general.  Ever since I shared with the Scaling UP! Nation what was in my personal test kit, these types of questions keep coming.   So, I thought rather than me answer these questions, I will ask a guest to answer them for us.   Continue Reading

Ep 14: The One with Mike Standish

Our guest today is Mike Standish, co-founder of Radical Polymers. Mike has over 28 years experience in polymer additive design and development. Prior to forming Radical Polymers, Mike served in technical and business leadership roles within global, publicly traded chemical companies and is responsible for the development and patenting of industry leading polymers for use in the water treatment, oilfield and detergent industries.

In this episode Mike will be talking about what we need to know about polymers and also how we can take all of those categories and lump them into three simple categories so we know what they do based on functional groups.

And we talk about Stack Temperatures on boilers. Continue Reading

Ep13 The One with Bruce Ketrick Jr.

Our guest today is Bruce T. Ketrick Jr., president of the Association of Water Technologies. Bruce began his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales representative and later a technical trainer. Bruce’s career in water technologies started 13 years ago with Guardian CSC. During his employment with Guardian CSC he has held various positions including Field Service Representative, Sales Management, and Business Manager. Bruce has been involved in the creation and management of new companies and divisions including: EnvoGuard an environmental products company, KTS (Ketrick Technical Services) a custom blending, specialty products, technical support and consulting company, and the Equipment Division of Guardian CSC offering design, installation and support of industrial water technologies equipment with a focus on controls, reverse osmosis, pretreatment and filters.

We also talk about water softeners and answer some listener questions in “Pinks and Blues.”

Episode 14: Show Notes Continue Reading