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344 Toasting Triumphs: Reflecting on A Year of Water Wisdom

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s come together for a joyful celebration on the Scaling UP! H2O podcast with your host, Trace Blackmore, in this special year-end episode, “Toasting Triumphs.” Take a deep dive into the ocean of water treatment wisdom and growth that characterized the past year.

In this episode, we unravel the highlights, explore your favorite episodes, the invaluable lessons learned, and extend heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional listeners, the generous podcast guests, the CWT graduates thirsting for growth, and every remarkable personal milestone achieved throughout 2023 – a year truly worth celebrating.

Embark on this journey of reflection, appreciation, and insight, delving into the fascinating world of water treatment! Join us as we clink glasses to the triumphs and lessons of the past year, paving the way for an even more enriching 2024. Cheers to the shared passion for knowledge and growth in the best industry in the world, water treatment!



1:00 – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

3:00 – Thank you to Mike Standish, our Sponsors, and James McDonald

7:50 – Sneak peek of James McDonald’s 2023 podcast episodes

9:00 – Celebrating our most popular episodes

15:00 – Submit a show idea for Legionella Month

18:30 – Launching the Scaling UP! H2O Academy and the CWT Prep Course

23:00 – Thank you to new CWTs in 2023

24:00 – Take advantage of our Events page

27:00 – Trace’s Personal Achievements and Milestones

42:00 – Encounters with Influential Individuals: Jane Kucera, Andy Stanley, Kathleen Edelman

52:00 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals

57:21 – Periodic Water Table With James McDonald


Periodic Water Table With James McDonald # 51

Why and how is cobalt used in industry water treatment? What products do you use with cobalt in them? Can cobalt ever precipitate out of solution and cause problems? Under what conditions can this happen? Can cobalt in a product become a foulant or degradation catalyst for an RO membrane if used? 


Periodic Water Table With James McDonald # 52

With everything happening during Industrial Water Week on the podcast, we didn’t have room for that week’s edition, but don’t worry, because the 52nd and last Periodic Water Table with James topic is none other than… 

Water or H2O or dihydrogen monoxide or even oxidane, the IUPAC-compliant name for water. There are many names for water. It has inspired art, poetry, music, architecture, comics, inventions, love, and more. It has helped both create and destroy civilizations. It is at the very heart of what you and I do every day as we practice the noble profession of industrial water treatment. It is water. How much do you know about water though? Why is water a liquid at room temperature when other molecules of similar or even heavier molecular weights are gasses? How does its density change with temperature? How conductive is pure water? Is water a stable molecule or does it ever disassociate? Have you taken out a steam table lately and looked at the trends as pressures and temperatures change? Take this opportunity to dig in and learn more about water…drop by drop.


Our listener’s favorite 2023 episodes: 

Ep 300 with Chris Yee – Building the Best Multigenerational Workforce, Part 1 

Ep 319 Pinks and Blues: Legionella Month Kick Off  

Ep 320 with Dr. Janet Stout – Legionella Prevention: Insights, Updates, and Actionable Advice 

Ep 321 with Dr. Alberto Comazzi – The Pros and Cons of Legionella Disinfectant Options 

Ep 336 Swati Sharma – Innovations in Sunflower Oil Wastewater Solutions


Links Mentioned

Legionella Resources Page 

CWT Practice Course

IWC Conference

The Rising Tide Mastermind

World Vision Global 6K

North Point Community Church

Andy Stanley – the best motivational speaker of our generation

Alton Brown –  influencer in my style of podcast shows

Kathleen Edelman – using kind words

Scaling UP! H2O Academy video courses

Submit a Show Idea

AWT (Association of Water Technologies)

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – Texas

Diving in Bonaire – Southern Caribbean

Take Special Pathogen’s Lab 3-day training and get certified to the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI 12080 Standard: Professional Qualifications Standard for Legionella Water Safety and Management Personnel 


Episodes Mentioned

Ep 014 Mike Standish

Ep 117 Kathleen Edelman – The One With Temperament Expert

Ep 179 with Kathleen Edelman – Communicate Better with Others

Ep 281 with Kathleen Edelman – Power of Kindness

Ep 292 Scott Wozniak  – Customer Experience Engine

Ep 295 with Jeff Garratt, part 1 – Keep Employees Happy

Ep 296 with Jeff Garratt, part 2 – Lead a Successful Multigenerational Company

Ep 310 with Louis Godbout and Simina Alungulesa – Carryover

Ep 322 with Brent Baird – Flow Meters

Ep 324 with Chelsea Farmer – Career Possibilities in Industrial Water Treatment

Ep 328 Pretreatment Monday 2023

Ep 329 Boiler Tuesday 2023

Ep 330 Cooling Wednesday 2023

Ep 331 Wastewater Thursday 2023

Ep 332 Careers Friday 2023

Ep 335 Pinks and Blues: Enhanced Chiller Tubes  

Ep 325 The Rising Tide Mastermind Live Event

Ep 339 with Jane Kuchera – Reverse Osmosis


Books Mentioned

Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters by Dick Winters

Band of Brothers – 2001 Miniseries

I Said This, You Heard That by Kathleen Edelman

I Said This, You Heard That (2nd Edition) – Kathleen Edelman


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