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331 Industrial Water Week 2023: Wastewater Thursday

Welcome to a special episode of Wastewater Thursday, part of this year’s Industrial Water Week celebration. I’m your host, Trace Blackmore, and today, we’re revisiting an enlightening conversation from earlier this year with the distinguished Dr. Rakesh Govind.

In this episode, Dr. Govind delves into the pressing issues and the future of wastewater treatment. He highlights the challenge of our current centralized wastewater treatment systems, where vast networks of sewer lines transport water to centralized plants. Unfortunately, most of these plants discharge their treated water into rivers that ultimately lead to the ocean, resulting in a loss of precious groundwater resources. The consequences of this unsustainable practice are far-reaching and could have severe repercussions for future generations.

Dr. Govind advocates for a paradigm shift towards decentralized wastewater treatment. By treating water locally and returning it to the ground where it originates, we can restore and regenerate groundwater tables. This proactive approach is not just an environmental necessity; it’s vital for our survival. Without a sustainable water supply, we jeopardize not only our environment but also our economies and societies.

But what about the return on investment (ROI) for transitioning to decentralized systems? Dr. Govind asserts that the ROI is compelling. Decentralized treatment offers a more resilient and reliable solution, especially in the face of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, or rising sea levels. Unlike centralized systems that can leave entire communities without wastewater treatment during such events, decentralized systems provide a more robust safety net for everyone.

As Dr. Govind emphasizes, the technology and water sensing capabilities for effective wastewater treatment exist today. It’s time for industries and individuals to seriously consider reducing their net water consumption. Freshwater is a finite resource, and its scarcity threatens our way of life. The responsibility falls on all of us to safeguard our water resources for the generations to come.

Join us in exploring these crucial topics and more as we unlock the potential of wastewater, an often overlooked resource. Be sure to check out our Industrial Water Week Resources page for additional insights into Pretreatment, Boilers, Cooling, Wastewater, and Careers.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow as we wrap up this year’s Industrial Water Week with Careers Friday.

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0:01- Trace Blackmore welcomes you to Industrial Water Week’s Wastewater Thursday

7:45 – Dr. Rakesh Govind on The Future of Wastewater

13:30 – Detective H2O in The Case of Seeing the Dead 



“I want to leave the listeners with the idea: that the technology of wastewater treatment is advanced enough today and the technology of water sensing is advanced enough today to be able to do a very good job on a local level, thereby reducing the net water consumption. They should seriously look at reducing their net water consumption because freshwater on the planet is running out. If freshwater runs out at the location where they have their plant, their company cannot operate as they are operating right now; their existence is at stake.” – Dr. Rakesh Govind


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