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110 Pinks and Blues: Boiler Surging

Pinks and Blues: Questions From the Nation!, Boiler Surging 

Nation! Once again, we have a show because one of the members of The Scaling UP! Nation! gave us a topic to talk about.  Adam Sites, CWT sent us a voicemail about boiler surging.  His frustration was that the water treater always gets blamed.  And he’s right, we do.    

When in doubt, blame the water treater is a phrase that rings true to most of us.  However, as much fun as it is to joke about this.  I do think we share in the problem of our customers not understanding what it is that we do.  As a group, water treaters don’t explain what it is that they do.  That leaves our talents to be explained as mystic voodoo and that leads to customers making bad choices when we are not onsite. 

Join me as I try to answer Adam’s inquiry to the best of my ability.  There is no substitution for being there.  Since I am not there, I share with you some of my experiences that I have had in dealing with this issue. 

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2019 Last Quarter [01:20]

Conferences And Seminars [03:21]

Low Water In Boiler [06:45]

Water Boiling [10:05]

Bottom Blowdown [13:59]

2 Types Of Valves [15:32]

Surging [21:00]

Freebies [26:16]



“The solution to pollution is dilution.” – Trace Blackmore

“If we don’t understand the equipment that we are treating, we could not do our job to the best of our ability.” – Jay Farmerie


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