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116 Pinks and Blues: System Volume

I am so grateful for the members of the Scaling UP! Nation! I have the best audience in all of podcasting. To get great content every week every episode, I beg the Nation! to help me by asking questions they would like for me to answer. The Nation! has responded to that call once again!  

Today, a friend of the show, Eric Russo, of episode 111, asks about the rules of thumb when it comes to determining volume in a closed-loop system. If you have ever heard me speak on this topic, you know I don’t trust rules of thumb. But I do accept math.  

WARNING: This episode contains MATH. Today’s episode is about how I use math to determine how much volume is in a closed-loop system. 

Below are the calculations I talk about on the show. 

Estimating System Volume: Πr2 x 7.48 x pipe’ 

      • Π = 3.14 
      • R = half the pipe diameter and then square that number (must be in feet) 
      • Pipe = 7.48 the conversion to get feet of pipe into gallons 

Titration Drop Manipulation: SDC / (NV / OV) = NDC 

      • SDC= Standard or Original drop count in ppm 
      • NDC = New drop count in ppm 
      • NV = New volume 
      • OV = Original volume

Volume Calculation: (120,000 x NaNO2) / Δ x (conversion) = Gallons in the system 

      • NaNO2 = the lbs. Of sodium nitrite added to the system 
      • Δ = the change in NaNO2 in the system from your addition 
      • Conversion = if you are using a nitrite test (not a sodium nitrite test), you will need to account for the fact you added sodium nitrite and only tested for nitrite.  The conversion will be 1.5 
      • 120,000 the conversion/axiom that 1 pound of anything in 1,000 gallons of water will yield 120 ppm 

Nitrite test procedure courtesy of Aquaphoenix: 

Test Species Conversion: What we add / what we test = conversion factor 



Rising Tide Mastermind [00:35]

Journaling [04:24]

Rules Of Thumb [08:38]

Calculating The System Volume [10:06]

Calculation For Pipe [12:32]

Compounded Addition [15:45]

Nitrite Test & Sodium Nitrite Test Procedure [23:11]

Get A Copy Of 5 Minutes Journal [32:55]



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