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145 The One About Positive Mental Attitude

Today’s episode might feel a little different than usual. However, we could all use a positive mental attitude boost during these challenging times. I know you’ve heard me talk about my favorite book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, before on this show. Habit 1 is about being proactive. It’s a choice not to react when something happens to you. Instead, we should pause and choose our response to what we should do. I wanted to share with you about the two circles that portray this habit.   

circle of influenceLooking at these two circles, if we are not careful, we will gravitate towards spending our time in the sphere of concern. In other words, we tend to focus on the things we have no influence over instead of the things we directly can affect. In turn, we are unable to gain much traction. When we choose to spend our time and energy on the things we can directly influence our circle grows larger and we find movement.   

Today’s message from Holly Duckworth is no different. She offers a few practical tips to help you slow down, be present with those around you, and find success in a more meaningful way. Holly teaches mindful leadership to stressed-out CEOs worldwide to create profits, peace, and presence. Our world has become mindless and stressed to unhealthy levels. Thru mindfulness practices, Holly works with leaders to release beliefs that no longer serve. What is mindful leadership you ask? Well, join us today to find out precisely what mindful leadership means and how you can implement it in your career for the positive! Holly Duckworth, success through positive thinking expert

Key Points
6:59 – Holly’s background
9:00 – defining leadership and mindfulness
12:54 – affirmations and intentions
14:14 – positive mindset tips
19:58 – mindfulness and sales
29:59 – learn more from holly

Key Quotes
“Your presence is your greatest present”
“What you visualize you actualize”

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