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144 The One Where We Talk About Virtual Assistants

It is not uncommon for people to tell me they are impressed with the amount of work I can get done. This attribute has helped me get noticed over the years. As my years increased, so have my tasks. Like most of us, I had more to do, so I did more. Usually, this time came at the expense of taking personal time and time away from family activities. Eventually, when there was even less bandwidth, things were done subpar, or items were not getting done. To try to get above this scenario, I decided to be careful about what I said yes to do. But even that wasn’t enough, and I realized that I needed help.  

This suggestion came from a friend of mine who recommended that I get a personal assistant. More specifically, a virtual assistant. Join me as I interview one of my favorite people, my virtual assistant, Lauren Vonfeldt. In this episode, you will learn some of the behind the scenes tasks that need to get accomplished producing this podcast, but more importantly, you will learn how Lauren and I work together.  


The top ten things a virtual assistant can help with:  

  1. Research  
  2. Social media  
  3. Marketing and emails  
  4. Tracking expenses or invoicing  
  5. Calendar management  
  6. Email management   
  7. To-do lists   
  8. Project management  
  9. Events  
  10. Editing documents and publications  
  11. Bonus: Creating staff and client appreciation  



Lauren’s background [12:02]

What is a virtual assistant? [13:50]

How Trace and Lauren got connected [16:44]

What is the biggest payoff of having a virtual assistant? [22:02]

First steps when working with a virtual assistant [26:18]

The importance of regular meetings [32:13]

How to know if you need a virtual assistant? [34:45]

Top ten things a virtual assistant can help with [42:57]



“If you don’t have the margin in your life that you want, a virtual assistant might be right for you.”  

“A virtual assistant can help you get the right information out to the right people.”  

“I really believe I have was created to be behind the scenes. When your business succeeds, I know that I did a good job.” 


Connect with Lauren Vonfeldt:

LinkedIn: in/lauren-vonfeldt-a0537318b


Book a call with Lauren!


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