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177 The One Where Disney Meets Water Treatment

What creates excellent customer service experiences resulting in clients becoming passionate fans of your company? What if some simple steps could change a client’s experience with your company from mediocre to magical; would you take them?  

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Today my lab partner on Scaling UP! H2O is Dennis Snow. Dennis honed over 20 years of customer service skills with the Walt Disney World Company. Today Dennis is a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant who helps organizations achieve customer service, employee development, and leadership goals. Dennis launched a Disney Institute division responsible for consulting with some of the world’s largest companies. This division quickly became the fastest-growing venture of the Disney Institute and experienced nearly 100% repeat business. He also spent several years with Disney University, teaching corporate philosophy and business practices to cast members and the leadership team. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis’ leadership performance ranked in the top 3% of its leadership team.  

Scaling UP! Nation, join us today as we learn from Dennis’s tried and true methods to turn your business from unimpressive to the most impressive in the industry when it comes to excellent customer service.  My challenge to you is this: “Do a little something that pushes you to become better at whatever it is that you deem you need to become better with” [57:17]  



How a 3-month job at Disney became a 20-year career [05:55]  

Turning a “Tragic Moment into a Magic Moment” [09:50]  

Empowered Employees and Coachable Moments [11:29]  

What Is the Customer Asking [13:05]  

What Is Backstage Vs. On Stage [16:10]  

How To Create Moments of “WOW” For The Customer [20:50]  

Seeing And Solving The Potential Points of Pain [25:58]  

Communicating The Right Message Throughout The Company [30:18]  

What Is Your Book, “Lessons From The Mouse” About? [39:33]  

What’s The Bottomline [42:28]  

Lightning Round Questions [44:15]  

James’ Challenge: “Clean, Organize, and Update Your Water Testing Kit And Equipment” [56:13]  



“From the moment you express interest in a job, to the moment you leave, everything in between is training.” -Dennis Snow 

 “Maintaining your guest or client’s dignity is critical.” – Dennis Snow  

 “Take what is important to you as an organization and build it into every process that impacts your employees.” -Dennis Snow 

 “Don’t generate tasks, create experiences.” -Dennis Snow 


Connect with Dennis Snow:


LinkedIn: in/dennissnow

Phone: (407) 294-1855 


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