Scaling UP! H2O

178 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation!

This is one of my favorite shows because I always look forward to answering questions from you! My team and I love digging in to gather the BEST answers for you. Thank you for always making these shows such a success by submitting your questions!    

Trace Blackmore is Answering Your Questions, Good Habits, Money, Financial Advice, Trust Your Sample, Service Report, Rocketbook, Boiler Sight Glass, Favorite Things, James’ Challenge, Elution Study, #JC21 and #ScalingUP!H2O, Legionella Awareness MonthToday we’re going to dive into how do you ensure you have the best result from your sample; what makes a complete service report, what to do if you don’t have any other choice than to take a sample from the boiler sight glass; and what are some of my favorite tools?  

Please join me to hear the answers to your questions, and after listening, if you have a show idea or want to ask me a question, please go to and click the “Submit a Show Idea” at the top of the page. I look forward to hearing from you. 



Time Management [1:40] 

Upcoming 2021 Events [3:30] 

How Do You Ensure You Have The Best Result From Your Sample? /How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Sample? [13:50] 

Understanding What Your Test Is Doing [23:50] 

What Should Be On A Good Service Report? /What Makes A Complete Service Report? [25:02] 

How Do You Produce A Podcast? [31:47]  

What If You Don’t Have Any Other Choice but To Sample from The Boiler Sight Glass? [33:14] 

What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Things? [35:30] 

Can You Give Us More Financial Advice? [45:15] 

 James’ Challenge: “Conduct an elution study on a water softener” [50:42] 



“Get in the habit of scheduling time for yourself.” -Trace Blackmore 

“Try to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the tests you run.” -Trace Blackmore   

“The 4 things you need to stay organized: emails, contacts, tasks, and notes from the day.” – Trace Blackmore 

“Money is a tool; it is never the destination.” -Trace Blackmore   

“You need to look at the money you get in 3 buckets:  How much do you need to live on? How much do you need to save? What is the money you are going to give to?” – Trace Blackmore   


Links/Products Mentioned: 

175 The First One of 2021 

150 The One Where We Talk Legionella Basics

151 The One Where We Talk About Legionella

152 The One Where We Talk More About Legionella

153 The One Where We Answer Your Questions About Legionella

167 The One With John Fenton

092 The One About My TED Talk Experience

LED Rechargeable Light Kit   

006 Service Reports

111 The One With Eric Russo 


Erlenmeyer Flask 


Digital Titrator  

Leatherman Multi Tool     

Backup Charger  

Sous Vide Cooker  

Sense Device  

Oculus VR  

Keep Talking And No One Explodes Game  

130 How IRA Works  

Rising Tide Mastermind   


Books Mentioned: 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  – Stephen R. Covey


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