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341 Guarding Against Legionella: The Hidden Dangers of Dead Legs in Water Systems

Tune in as lab partner Richard Philip Beckett, Global OEM Relationship Manager at Global Water Solutions,  delves into the critical realm of water treatment, focusing on the often-overlooked yet potentially perilous components of water systems: Dead Legs and Legionella. As the overseer of large OEM customers at Global Water Solutions, Richard sheds light on the risks associated with these factors and underscores the importance of understanding and addressing them to ensure water safety.

Richard challenges our conventional thinking, urging us to consider the entire water system rather than just its components. Thermal expansion tanks, often neglected in our surveys, take center stage as Richard guides us through their significance in maintaining water flow and preventing stagnant pockets within the system.

Our gratitude goes out to Richard for compelling us to broaden our perspective and rethink our approach to water systems. This episode serves as a call to action for listeners to better educate themselves, viewing water systems holistically. From abandoned sinks to capped-off systems, every inch without water flow becomes a potential breeding ground for Legionella.

Join us as we explore the urgency of eliminating Dead Legs, whether by removing abandoned pipes entirely or introducing innovative solutions like the Flow-Thru device. In safeguarding against Legionella, we are not merely addressing water components but fortifying our communities against hidden dangers lurking within our water systems. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and let’s collectively drive water safety to the forefront of our consciousness.



01:00 – Trace Blackmore welcomes you to the National Handwashing Week 

07:30 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

10:20 – Interview with Richard Philip Beckett of Global Water Solutions about Guarding Against Legionella: The Hidden Dangers of Dead Legs in Water Systems

41:05 – Detective H2O in “The Case of Seeing the Dead”

54:15 – Periodic Water Table With James McDonald 



“A Dead Leg is basically anywhere on a water system where the water is not flowing… What happens in there if the temperature is correct, you will get microbial growth and legionella bacteria growing where a Dead Leg is.” – Richard Philip Beckett

“Flow-Thrus are essential to prevent micro bacterial growth in Dead Legs in thermal expansions.” – Richard Philip Beckett

“There is no reason whatsoever why everybody in the world should not be fitting Flow-Thrus on every single hot water system to prevent Legionella.” – Richard Philip Beckett


Connect with Richard Beckett

Phone: +44 7775 510330



Flow-Thru Technology

LinkedIn: in/richard-beckett-3714a916/


Read or Download Richard Beckett’s Press Release HERE


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Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

What should we do with all my chemistry jokes? Barium. How could barium cause issues in a water system? Does barium combine with carbonates, sulfates, or other groups to cause potential problems? How do you test for barium in water? Have you analyzed a water sample for barium? At what concentrations could barium cause issues? If barium is an issue, what tools do you have available to control it? 


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