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353 Steam Boilers: Essential Checks, Part 1

“It’s my nature, I want to help people and solve their problems.” – Barry Higgins

Happy days! We’re excited to welcome industry expert Barry Higgins of AquaChem to Scaling UP! H2O for a special two-part series unraveling the complexities of boilers. In Part 1, Barry meticulously explores the essential checklist for professionals engaged in boiler treatment.

Gain profound insights into water treatment as Barry discusses pretreatment, feed water samples, condensate samples, and the crucial role played by steam traps. Delve into a comprehensive comparison of boiler standards between the US and the UK, offering a global perspective on industry best practices and regulations. Barry generously shares solutions for common issues like softener malfunctions, steam trap leaks, and optimal boiler maintenance during low periods and sudden demand spikes. This episode is an invaluable source of knowledge.

Join us on this enlightening journey into the world of boiler water management, where you’ll acquire practical insights to elevate your understanding of industrial water treatment. Barry’s expertise, shared generously, ensures that our listeners gain actionable takeaways applicable to their daily operations.

Prepare for an episode packed with knowledge, exploring the intricacies of boilers and delivering valuable lessons for water treaters and industry professionals. Happy days, indeed!


00:01 – Trace Blackmore reminds you to think about your next step and to follow your passion

04:00 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

10:00 – Interview with Barry Higgins, Boilers Part 1

53:00 – Drop by Drop With James McDonald 


Boiler Joke:
Q: How do you stop a runaway steam boiler?

A: With a steam trap 😄


“I love the variety of water treatment, the characters we serve, and that we get to go somewhere new and learn new things every day.” – Barry Higgins

“The point of doing tests is to get data points and improve things for your customers. You want to show your customers how they are wasting or saving money.” – Barry Higgins

“Customers see the value of you putting the extra effort in and going the extra mile for them and let them know why you’re doing it and how you’re saving them money.” – Barry Higgins

“It’s my nature, I want to help people and solve their problems.” – Barry Higgins

Connect with Barry Higgins

Phone: +353 87 987 8606



LinkedIn: in/barry-higgins-bagrsc-59030225


Read or Download Barry Higgins’ Press Release HERE

Download Steam Boiler Essential Checklist HERE


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