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356 Unlocking the Future: Collaborative Water Management

Collaborate strategically, embrace AI innovations, and champion data access, and scale up your knowledge to conquer industry challenges. – Dragan Savić FREng

On this episode of Scaling UP! H2O, we’re diving into the future of water management with our distinguished guest, Dragan Savić FREng, the CEO of and Professor of Hydroinformatics at the  KWR Water Research Institute. With over 30 years of experience in numerical optimization and AI tools, Dragan Savić has been a driving force in reshaping the water sector. As an engineer and the leader of KWR, he’s at the forefront of collaborative efforts, bringing together computer scientists, water technologists, and PhD students to tackle real-world water challenges.


What you’ll learn:

Collaborative Mastery:
In this episode, learn the first secret of successful water professionals – collaboration. Dragan Savić shares how collaborating with diverse experts, including computer scientists and environmentalists, can unleash your collaborative superpower. Be the hero who bridges gaps and solves water industry challenges through the strength of working on challenging problems together.

AI Innovations:
Explore how numerical optimization and AI tools like evolutionary computing and genetic algorithms can be your allies in designing resilient water systems for the future. As a Professor of Hydroinformatics, Dragan unveils his in-depth knowledge of AI tools, including numerical optimization, evolutionary computing, and genetic algorithms. Learn how these technologies have been harnessed to solve real-world challenges, offering practical insights for professionals navigating the complexities of water infrastructure.

Championing Data Access:
Having access to all the data, not part of it, leads to better decisions. It’s time to advance data democratization, and remove data silos that so frequently exist within water utilities. Gain insights into the digital transformation of data, empowering professionals to access and utilize information efficiently. The future of water is data platforms to house all the data to make things better and avoid duplication which decreases costs and gives everyone involved with the water the  ability to analyze and utilize the data.


Tune in to Scaling UP! H2O and embark on a transformative adventure with Dragan Savić. Remember, water heroes collaborate strategically, embrace AI innovations, and champion data access and scale up your knowledge to conquer industry challenges.



01:00 – Trace Blackmore invites you to submit a show idea

03:45 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

14:30 – Drop by Drop With James McDonald

19:00 – Interview with Dragan Savić FREng



“Data needs to be accessible and understandable to everyone in the same company. With data platforms to host, the data you avoid duplication, doing the same work or collecting the same data, so you get cost efficiency and also the ability to analyze and utilize more of that data.” – Dragan Savić

“The water industry is conscious about cyber security. Water engineers are looking at what could go wrong.” – Dragan Savić

“We have to work with younger generations because those are the ones that will grow through the ranks and become the next experts, professors, or people who are implementing the new scheme.” Dragan Savić


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Read or Download Dragan Savić FREng’s Press Release HERE

7 Ways to Empower the Next Generation of Water Professionals


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AWT (Association of Water Technologies)


Drop By Drop with James 

In this week’s episode, I offer up another challenge to you. This week’s challenge is…to send handwritten notes to those who have helped you. I mean truly handwritten notes. In this digital world we live in with emails, voicemails, text messages, social media posts, and so forth, actually taking the time and effort to handwrite a sincere note to someone takes on a lot of meaning. 

I’m a note writer. I’ve handwritten notes to my employees telling them how much I appreciate them. I’ve handwritten notes to mentors and those who have influenced my professional and personal development over the years. I’ve handwritten notes to operators for doing a good job or taking the extra time to help me. I’ve handwritten notes of condolences to those who have lost loved ones and congratulations to those who have brought new life into the world. I’ve handwritten notes on Christmas cards so it’s more than just a pretty card with a signature. I once had a customer pull me into his office and gesture at all the tins and boxes of cookies and treats he had been sent at Christmas from various vendors. He sincerely told me that all of that didn’t mean as much to him as my handwritten Christmas card hanging on his wall. I was once on assignment in Puerto Rico for three months and sent a handwritten postcard back to one of my customers. That postcard hung on their bulletin board above their testing area for 15 years. 

Even better, I’ve gotten handwritten notes back. I still have many of them because they remind me of that person, that event, those times, or all of the above. You never know when your kind, sincere words may be just what that person needs to get through that particular day or week. Words mean things. Actions mean things. Handwriting a note to those who have mattered to you combines both words and actions. 


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