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362 Navigating 97-005: Insights and Impacts on Potable Water

“Achieving a well with reliable water quality and supply requires a significant amount of effort and work” – Mike Taraszki

In this engaging episode of Scaling UP! H2O, hydrogeologist Mike Taraszki delves into California’s Process Memo 97-005, a key resource for direct potable water use from extremely impaired sources. If you’re eager to learn about the criteria and steps outlined in Process Memo 97-005 and how to keep your water permits current, this episode provides all the details you need.

Mike examines the nationwide impact of 97-005 on potable water and shares his expertise in hydrogeologic principles for environmental investigation and remediation projects. He also highlights trends in potable groundwater, including managing PFAS, water recycling, desalination, and the removal of contaminants and microplastics.

Offering practical guidance on the evolving landscape of water treatment technologies, Mike emphasizes the importance of consistent monitoring and adapting treatment trends to address emerging contaminants. His insights equip listeners with a comprehensive understanding of today’s water challenges.

“Putting a well in the ground and getting as much water as you want anywhere is just not reasonable, whether it’s from a water supply or quality standpoint,” Mike notes. He stresses, “We keep discovering new contaminants, and our water supply options are becoming more limited and constrained.”

Join Trace and Mike for a captivating discussion that will deepen your understanding of the complexities and potential of groundwater management. Don’t miss this chance to expand your knowledge and stay ahead in the dynamic world of water treatment in under an hour!



01:00 – Trace Blackmore invites you to solve the Global Water Crisis by joining the Global 6K for Water this year. Learn more at

04:10 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

10:00 – Interview with Mike Taraszki, passionate hydrogeologist about Process Memo 97-005

45:00 – You never know the ripple effect when you share about your water career with others

52:00- Drop by Drop With James McDonald 


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Phone: 510.368.4549





Proces Memo 97-005 Policy Resources

Process Memo 97-005-R2020

Process Memo 97-005-R2020 User Guide

Applicability of Process Memorandum 97-005 Examples of Checklists


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Drop By Drop with James 

In today’s segment, I have a “what if” for you. What if the cooling tower’s blowdown stopped flowing? There is no more blowdown going down the drain. Period. First, what could cause this to happen? What could cause a valve to fail closed? What could block the blowdown line? What setting could have been changed in the controller? Second, what would be the impact upon the cooling tower system next? Would the impact be quick or slow? What would the water start to look like? What data in the cooling water system would start to change and in what direction? How could you have detected this problem early and been alerted that action was required?   


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