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365 AI Essentials: Beth Ziesenis Shares Must-Know Tips

AI won’t take your job but knowing how to use it will give you an edge over others who don’t.  – Beth Ziesenis

Hello Scaling UP! H2O community!

We have a treat for you in this episode! Our favorite nerdy friend, Beth Ziesenis (a.k.a. Your Nerdy Best Friend), is back on the podcast to sprinkle her magic tech dust on all things AI! 🎉

You might have spent hours Googling tech tips or demoing tools to find the perfect solution for your needs—but now you can skip the headache and just ask Beth! She’s here to break down complex AI concepts into bite-sized tips that can help you personally and professionally.

AI in Action:

In this episode, Beth shares:

    • Her favorite AI tools for work and personal use.
    • How to harness AI for meeting summaries and transcriptions 
    • Insights into AI integration in office software 
    • The magic of AI for data analysis in water treatment and scientific research.

Tips for Building AI Guardrails:

Beth knows AI can seem daunting, so she provides guidance on creating a strong AI policy for your workplace. She touches on essential training, data usage guidelines, and the importance of checks and balances to ensure AI serves you effectively and ethically.

Beth’s Takeaway:

AI isn’t here to take your job; it’s here to give you an edge over those who don’t adapt. Whether you’re an AI skeptic or an enthusiastic early adopter, understanding how AI can enhance your work will give you a leg up!

Ready to Scale UP your AI knowledge? Tune in to this lively episode and let Beth guide you through the exciting world of AI with humor and insight.

Don’t miss out—your AI journey starts here!


The Scaling UP! H2O Team



01:00 – Trace Blackmore extends his gratitude to you, our listeners, for helping us reach the top 2.5% of all podcasts worldwide

06:30 – Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

10:00 – Interview with Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Ziesenis

1:00:00 – Drop by Drop with James McDonald 



“On November 30, 2022, a company called Open AI released ChatGPT. It was the fastest growing platform and sometimes it lies and breaks down because y’all broke it.” – Beth Ziesenis


Connect with Beth Ziesenis  

Phone: 619.231.9225




Your Nerdy Best Friend Blog

Read or Download Beth Ziesenis’ Press Release HERE


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Books Mentioned

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Drop By Drop with James 

In today’s segment, we are thinking, “What if?” What if you sneak into your customer account, quietly do your service, and sneak out without seeing anyone? What if? You were quick, efficient, got the job done, and got out so you can rush off to your next account. What could be wrong with that? Hmmm. Think about that for just a moment. First, what about safety? If no one knew you were there, what if something happened in the facility. Would they know to look for you? What if you got hurt? Second, does the customer see value in NOT seeing you? I hope not. How does the customer know you actually performed the service instead of just making the report up out of thin air? There are so many positives that come from making your face seen and showing the value of you being there. Visit with the operators and buying influencers. Show that you care and are invested in the success of their water treatment program. 


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