Scaling UP! H2O

007 Uncle John Stops By

On episode 7, I introduce a new segment called “The Boiling Point.”  This new section is therapy for me and hopefully a learning opportunity for you.  Frankly, The Boiler Point is for things I see some water treaters do that water treaters shouldn’t do.  SO STOP!

After my rant, John Zibrita of Zibex stops by to talk about his time in the water treatment industry and his involvement with AWT.

We then answer a few of your questions in “Pinks and Blues.”

I dare you to prove me wrong!  AWT is something that you get out of more than you put in to.  So how do you start getting more out of the AWT?  Volunteer! AWT needs your help, and you need to knowledge.


Links Mentioned:

The 2017 AWT Annual Convention and Exposition

Log into the “Member’s Only” section to get a copy of the Al Boiler paper that John talks about.

Volunteer in AWT


Water Treatment education

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