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114 The One Where We Talk Masterminds

This week we are getting ready for our 2020 goals.  But before we get started on the next year, we are going to analyze the current year.   

– What have you accomplished this year? 
– Why did these items get accomplished? 
– What did you not get accomplished this year? 
– Why didn’t these items get accomplished? 

On today’s show, we welcome returning guest, Tim Fulton.  Tim is my business coach.  Over the years that I have known him, he has given me a wealth of advice.  One of these nuggets of advice, he gave me was to join a Mastermind Group.  Now you are probably asking yourself, what’s a Mastermind Group?  And because we anticipated you asking that question, Tim is going to help explain exactly what a Mastermind Group is on this episode.

Please welcome Tim Fulton.



Radical Polymers [00:25]

Tim Fulton [04:11]

Think And Grow Rich [07:45]

Group of Friends [11:40]

Five People To Spend The Most Time With [15:12]

Group Diversity [18:47]

Accountability [23:40]

Growth [27:06]

Type Of Commitment [31:14]

Rising Tide Mastermind [34:44]



“In your life, have you had a group of people that you enjoy being around, that you learn from, and that hold you accountable? That’s the basics of a Mastermind group.”

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

“The more I give to the group, the more I get back.”

“When you engage with others, they can give feedback and ask more questions to allow you to examine issues in a way you never thought of.”

“We are definitely not built to do life by ourselves. There’s something that happens when two or more people get together.

“A rising tide raises all boats.” – JFK


Connect with Tim Fulton

LinkedIn: in/timcfulton

Twitter: @tf_sbm


Links Mentioned

Tim Fulton – “Small Business Matters”  

Vistage Worldwide, Inc.


Books Mentioned

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Water Treatment education

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