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156 The One with Tricia Molloy

If there has ever been a year we need more positive things in our lives, it is 2020. I spent a good part of 2020 focused on the things I couldn’t do because of COVID 19. I couldn’t go to AWT’s training seminar in March, and several of my other speaking and facilitating engagements got canceled. Our church stopped holding in-person services, and the two vacations we had planned got canceled. 2020 stinks, right?!  

Fortunately, not too long after all of my plans were getting canceled one after the other, I had a change in mindset. I decided that if I continued focusing on what I could not do, I would never be happy.  So, I stopped. I decided I would focus on the things I could do and make sure I did those things to my best ability.   

After focusing my efforts on things that were within my control, I started to feel better about our situation and more in control. All of the canceled items I mentioned above came back in a new fashion. I was still able to do them, just not as initially planned. Some of the new plans were better than the original plans. And all of them created an opportunity that permitted me to think differently, refining the event or action for the better. If we look for misery, we are going to find it. But why choose to look for that?   

My guest today is Tricia Molloy, an author, speaker, and coach. She has been a featured keynote speaker for many well-known companies like Home Depot, Kimberly Clark, GE, Marriott, and The America Red Cross, to name a few. I met Tricia when I was giving my Ted Talk at Tim Fulton’s Small Business Matters Conference. For those of you that haven’t heard that story, please listen to episode 92. 

Tricia has a simple approach that she guides people through called CRAVE. You will learn how to use CRAVE to start some great new habits, all designed to make you more focused on what brings you happiness. Because after all, that is what we should be looking to find. 



Introducing Tricia Molloy [09:30] 

Tricia’s background [12:30] 

The benefits of creating a vision board [15:35] 

C.R.A.V.E. your goals [18:40] 

Do the methods in C.R.A.V.E. really work? [41:16] 

What is the one message you’d like to pass on to the Scaling Up! Nation? [46:20] 

How to find out more about Tricia’s work [47:00]  



“What is one thing I can do today to bring me closer to this reality?” 

What we focus on expands and what we appreciate appreciates.”  


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