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079 The One with The Waste Water Guy (Part 2)

Nation!  you ask for it, so here it is!  An Episode series on Waste Water. 

Every year the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) offers a training seminar on waste water.  The trainers that donate their time are top notch.  They explain everything a beginner would need to know to begin a career in waste water treatment.  Unfortunately, not everyone can attend these seminars.  So, in an attempt to deliver to the Scaling UP! Nation! a piece of what you get at the that training, my friend Kevin Cope of was gracious enough to come on Scaling UP! H2O and take us through a complete survey of a water plant. 

I know this episode will be one of your favorites.  So, buckle up!  Your about to be transported into a water plant though the expertise and experience of Kevin Cope. 



Waste Water Treatment Survey [01:11] 

Collecting Data and more [02:03] 

Getting to know your operators [03:15] 

Samples and Test [05:12] 

Competing from yourself [15:13] 

Feed Systems [15:46] 

AWT App (Wastewater Calculations [17:34] 

Know the numbers [20:19] 

Things to consider when doing field trials [23:40] 

Waste Water vs Boiler Cooling Water [31:08]



“Find your own way of doing it, and stick with it for as long as it’s correct.” – Kevin Cope

“Know and understand what your plan is when going to a plant. Don’t just jar test the jar test!” – Kevin Cope

“Understanding all aspects of our markets, not just the Wastewater Industry but ALL.”- Kevin Cope

“Make sure you always follow those procedures and make sure you get it right before you move on to the next step.” – Trace Blackmore  

“I hope that you use today to make whatever you’re doing 1% better. If you can just get 1% better each and every day, imagine where you’re going to be at the end of the week, month or year.” – Trace Blackmore  

“What are you going to do today that was better than you did yesterday?” – Trace Blackmore  


Connect with Kevin Cope:


LinkedIn: in/kevin-cope-5b50651b


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